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 Ludwig Application

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PostSubject: Ludwig Application   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:13 pm

Ludwig Application

Full Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt
Age: 23
Birthday: October 3rd, 1987
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ostheim, Germany

Ludwig always tries to look his best, no matter the situation. His hair is always perfectly combed and kept back with gel, his clothes are always perfectly clean, and he always manages to make it seem as though he gets enough sleep, even though he usually doesn’t due to night shifts/emergency calls/surgeries/etc. He has blonde hair and sharp cerulean eyes. His build is more muscular than that of his brother, but not excessively so. Coupled with his intense stare and usual disapproving frown, however, it makes him look even more intimidating. He hardly ever smiles, and when he does, it never quite reaches his eyes.

At first glance, most people find Ludwig unapproachable and downright scary. They see him as the most perfect example of a stoic and sometimes wonder if he even has emotions (apart from the occasional bout of anger). But that’s only because they don’t know the whole story.

It’s true that Ludwig is something of an introvert. He relishes the few moments he has to himself and can often be seen hidden away his apartment with only a book and a beer for company. And, honestly, he never had a problem with it. He was always comfortable with himself and who he is, and he doesn’t really care what others think of him. And he seems to be even colder to his patients, but he has a reason: he’s trying very hard not to become emotionally attached. He believes that he will not perform to the best of his abilities if he cares personally for his patients, that he will let his emotions cloud his judgment. So Ludwig tries not to show emotion, or feel it, on the job.

But that isn’t his only side. With the proper coaxing and lots of alcohol, it’s possible to bring out Ludwig’s wild side. But he tries not to slip up in that respect too often. After all, he would rather be in control of his own actions, thank you. However, he doesn’t always require alcohol to have fun, considering that his idea of fun is not getting completely drunk and vandalizing his workplace or other nearby objects. Another downside is that he can’t perform surgery if he drinks, so he tries not to drink often.

Ludwig always seeks to perform to his full potential, so he always tries his best to do well in his work, especially when he was just starting out and didn’t know much. He is also easily irritated when he feels others are not performing to their full potentials, and that often leads to the unnecessary conflicts he so hates. His tendencies as a perfectionist are also applied to other aspects of his life, sometimes to a fault. He always tries to “protect the order,” which often leads to others fearing him when he does.

He is also very protective of those few he cares about. If anyone even thinks of hurting someone under his care, well, let’s just say he has the muscle power to back up any threats he might make. He tries to avoid unnecessary conflict, but he will not allow harm to come to the people he loves.

The ‘people he loves.’ They’re the only thing holding back the loneliness from Ludwig. After all, who wouldn’t become lonely if they had to be as detached as Ludwig? Still, even with those few he truly cares for, he always felt as though there was a hole in his heart, a hole that he is now allowing those close to him to fill, because they’re good people, and they care. So Ludwig cares, too.

Position: Doctor
Experience: Three years, nine months, and twenty-two days (yes, he’s that precise)
Expertise: Cardiology, but he has also studied pulmonology because he felt it might be beneficial. He is most often called upon for cardiology, however, especially cardiac surgery.
Other Notes: n/a

Ludwig grew up in Ostheim, Germany, with his parents and his older brother. His parents were nice enough to him, but it troubled him that they didn’t seem to love Gilbert simply because of his appearance. It didn’t seem fair, and so he became even closer to his brother in an attempt to compensate for his parents. It seemed to work, and he was happy for a while… And then it all fell apart.

His parents never told him exactly why Gilbert had left; all they’d said was that Gilbert had decided to live with a relative in the United States. But Ludwig knew it was no decision of Gilbert’s. He had learned the truth from his brother, but had never let on that he knew. Gilbert was happier with Fritz, anyway.

Ludwig then turned his attention to his own future. He had always been interested in medicine, and so he left Germany for America to pursue his chosen career. He took a job at the hospital and has been there ever since.

Other Important Info:
Ludwig has mixed feelings about his brother’s status as a patient. He is glad to be able to see his brother again, but at the same time, his brother’s illness pains him. He spends as much time as possible with Gilbert, the excuse being his experience in pulmonology.

When Feliciano was admitted, the irregular heartbeat and chest pains necessitated Ludwig’s involvement. He had trained himself to never care about a patient personally, but for some reason, he found himself wishing for Feliciano to get well, and so he has made it his personal mission to find out exactly what is wrong with the Italian…and cure him of it.

Roleplay Sample:
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Bruder,” he promised, stepping out of his brother’s room and shutting the door behind him. His shoes clicked loudly against the floor as he strolled down the empty hall, checking his watch. Five-thirty. He had nothing else to do that day; he might just go home early for some well-needed rest. He had a surgery early the next morning, so he definitely needed to get some sleep.

He was so absorbed in thought that he didn’t notice where his feet were carrying him until he was standing at the door of Feliciano’s room. Feliciano… Ludwig stared at the door and sighed. No matter how many times he saw the young Italian, his situation never failed to make his heart clench (which he was certain couldn’t be healthy). First Gilbert, and now Feliciano… Why did bad things happen to good people?

In his entire career, Ludwig had only truly cared for two of his patients: his brother (who technically wasn’t his patient) and now Feliciano. And he couldn’t imagine why. Feliciano wasn’t related to him, so why did he care so much?

It was Feliciano’s personality, Ludwig decided. The Italian was always so bright and happy, so carefree, and yet he was so helpless. Whatever Feliciano had was taking its toll and hurting him, and for some unfathomable reason, Ludwig couldn’t stand to watch. He would help Feliciano, because for the first time in his life, he’d cared enough to make a promise.

He forced himself to smile as he pushed open the door and greeted the man inside. “Good evening, Mr. Vargas. How are you feeling?” Surely a quick visit wouldn’t hurt?

OOC Information:
Name: I can’t/won’t give out my real name, so just call me Ludwig or any variation of it.
Timezone: GMT-5
MSN/AIM;etc: PM me, please~
You read the rules, right?: Oh, it’s so hard to decide… Red, I think. Or green.
Anything else?: Nothing really, but I hope we all have a great time together!
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Application   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:32 pm

Awww, this was really fun to read! You are accepted! He's pretty smart to do all that at such a young age. I really like your Ludwig, and your roleplay sample made me smile, d'aww. Looks like we will be seeing lots of each other, no? Welcome to the roleplay! Feel free to introduce yourself and start posting, or come join us in the chatbox. I look forward to seeing you around.
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Ludwig Application
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