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 Ukraine Application

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PostSubject: Ukraine Application   Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:54 pm


Full Name: Kateryna Braginskaya
Age: 26
Birthday: July 16th
Gender: Female
Hometown: Sumy, Ukraine

Appearance: Kateryna has short, straight, ashy-blonde hair that's most often held back with a hairband and a few hairpins. Her eyes are a very clear blue color with just a few tints of green or violet under the right lighting conditions. Although the feature of which she's always recognized and noticed by is her, put frankly, enormous breast size.
There's a warm and gentle aura eminating from Kateryna, making her seem very motherly in the eyes of others despite her somewhat clumsy and even ditzy tendencies. Also because of those same tendencies, she at least tries to be aware of her posture to make her patients at ease that she really is reliable and capable as a nurse.
There's also an Ukrainian accent lingering and that only makes itself noticable whenever she gets stressed out or flustered.

Personality: Kateryna is in essense a very friendly, hard-working and considerate person that's always interested in what's best for everyone around her. She is however also somewhat of a cry-baby and will start tearing up easily when faced with, well.. anything really that she doesn't know how to handle immideately. And as she's unable to express herself verbally while tearing up in front of you - either one of two things will happen depending on circumstances.
1. Kateryna runs off crying.
2. She smolders you with her chest as she hugs the breath out of you while crying.
Although since she's prone to crying she also recovers quickly with absolutely no recollection as to why she got upset in the first place... unless you make the mistake of reminding her of course and the same scenario will repeat itself once more.
When it comes to her enormous breasts there's only two things she recognizes to be related to them. Those are the constant back ache she has and the more than occational button literally jumping off of her clothes, thus she's taken on the habit of always having several sewing kits available for emergency button sewing anywhere and everywhere. Anything else she's totally oblivious to, naive even, wether it be reactions and attention from others, comments, jokes or actually knocking down items with them.
She's also very ignorant to any romantic interest there might be towards her, interpreting any interaction with other people as just friendly at the most, thus unless you're straight forward with what you think, feel and want there will be lots of misunderstandings and misplaced signals going on.
Kateryna has the unwanted habit of getting dragged into messes of just about any kind. Mostly caused by that she's a bit of a pushover and can quite easily be talked into doing things with sugarcoated arguments or tugging at her good will to help out patients and fellow staff.

Position: Nurse
Experience: A 1 year residency at a different hospital. Only just transferred and has been working at Axis Memorial Hospital for no more than a week.
Expertise: Anestethics (and some surgery), will however do regular nurse duties, mostly in the adult ward, when there's no surgery scheduled.
Other Notes: As she's freshly transferred she has decided to really make an effort in appearing proffessional in her new surroundings. Work hard as always and try not to be such a clutz no matter if it's around patients or other staff members. (We'll see how long this lasts XD)

History: For as long as she can remember there was never a clear image of any parents involved in her life. Or there might have been... to be honest the memories and mental images from her childhood are rather fuzzy in that area but it's never been anything she put a lot of thought into either. Kateryna does however have a very clear image of her beloved and precious younger siblings, a sister and a brother which she took care of like the older sister should do, and that she wanted to do of course since absolutely nothing made her as happy as seeing them smile at whatever she was able to provide for them. Also having pushed aside much of their living arrangements and other circumstances from her memories, wether on purpose or not she doesn't recall, she's still certain of that their lives had it share of hardships as well. But as long as they were happy and together that didn't matter.

However growing up with almost only these relations, Kateryna started feeling as if it would be hurtful if all they knew was the security and comfort of one another, and thus decided to say goodbye to her siblings sincerily thinking it was in the best interest for all of them.
At first she didn't know what to do after separating herself from her family. She felt empty and lonely, as if her purpose of being had been taken from her as well once she left those who she had always cared for and loved behind. At one time she found herself heading back to join her family but was distracted by a little girl who fell and scraped her knee on the road right in front of her. Kateryna with her motherly nature of course comforted the girl and helped her home to have the wound cleaned and properly cared for. Then as she helped the girls mother rince out the dirt and gravel from the wound, Kateryna realized that the emptiness throbbing in her chest had dulled down a bit, and she decided to go educate herself to be a nurse to help the people in need.

She began her education in Ukraine, but feeling that she needed to widen the physical distance to her family even further, she decided to move to America and continued her education as well as her specialization in Anesthethics there instead. After graduating she got offered a residency at the same hospital at which she had spent some time of the education plan, however even if she loved it there she felt that she could've done so much more for the patients that got discharged as soon as they could barely stand after successful treatments. Hearing about Axis Memorial's policy to the discharge of patients, she felt she had found the perfect place to work and thus applied to a job opening they happened to have.

Other Important Info: Nothing right now at least.

Roleplay Sample: ((I have issues keeping it short when given free reigns >.<))

Kateryna stood up and stretched out, the long train ride really had her stiffened up and sitting down for so long rarely helped her back ache to begin with. As she relaxed a bit a button flew off from her white blouse and hit the senior ladys forehead sitting across from her in the cabin. "Ah!! I'm so sorry!", panicking between the feeling of sewing on a new button and that she should offer the older lady something like a handkerchief, even if it was of no use as a red button mark started to make itself present in the very center of her forehead. The older lady put a hand in front of her mouth and only gestured to Kateryna with the other that she was fine and didn't need to worry. She mustered another apology as she turned around and reached for her big suitcase being kept at the overhead compartment of the cabin. Of course since Kateryna had struggled to get it in there it was almost even more troublesome for her to get it out of there, and with her stop approaching rapidly, she got more and more anxious, tugging, pulling and tweaking the suitcase in every possible way and direction to get it out in time. Out it came and Kateryna stumbled back, landing half on the floor and half on the seat next to the lady with her suitcase on top of herself. Increasingly stressed out the tears came welling up as she muttered her dissappointment at the suitcase not being able to at least land beside her instead of on top of her, getting a glance of the old lady putting the other hand infront of her mouth as well and turning herself away from what must've been an unsightly view in her opinion. But Kateryna kept herself together to get the suitcase down beside her and onto the floor so she could get up and apologize again for the trouble she's causing the poor woman.

At this point she had forgotten about the missing button, and with the callout that they were soon approaching the next stop she quickly grabbed her coat, faced the lady and let out a hasty "S..Sorry!! Please excuse me!!", before she grabbed the suitcase and began the struggle of getting it, not only out of the cabin, but through the narrow passage to the nearest exit. When Kateryna had just managed to trick the oversized suitcase into actually fitting through the narrow door, she quickly scurried along and made it to the exit just as they came to a full halt at her station. Sighing with relief as she had successfully made it off of the train, she put down the heavy suitcase, took a look around at the few people that were actually there at this hour and smiled, excited about the realization that she had finally arrived at her new hometown. As Kateryna felt her back ache making itself reminded she placed her hands at her lower back and leaned back to ease some of the pain and tension. Upon which of course another button jumped off of her shirt and she suddenly got reminded of that she needed to fix the previous escaped one as well. Reaching for her handbag to get out a sewing kit, she froze, only her hand feeling the left side hip franticly where it should've been. "N...No.. it's gone!", Kateryna exclaimed quietly as a big lump was gathering in her throath and her eyes tearing up. The conductor had already made the last call for boarding as she in disbelief patted her right hip for the missing handbag as well, just in case she had just placed it there as she had hurried to get off before. Deep down she already knew though... the bag was still lodged closely next to the armrest next to the window of where she had been sitting.. still on board of the train that was slowly gaining speed as she turned her head to watch it.

Only thinking about that she absolutely had to get her handbag back she started running after it, trying to call the attention of anyone able to stop the train but without success. Unable to follow it any further, and with all of her most important things going along with the train quickly disappearing in the distance, Kateryna slumped down onto her knees and cried loudly. Now she didn't have the keys to her new apartment, she didn't have any money, she didn't even have the directions she had written down to find her new home and work place. Although as she was wiping off the stream of tears out of habit more than anything, there was a light tap on her shoulder and the sound of someone clearing their throath to gain attention. Kateryna turned around only to be surprised as she's faced with an embedded, red mark of a button as the first thing she sees. She wipes her eyes more thoroughly and recognizes the older lady of which she had shared the train cabin, holding out Kateryna's forgotten handbag in front of her. "Now don't cry. You forgot this right?", the lady said with a smile before continuing. "I'm sorry to say but, I couldn't call out to you when I saw that you left this. I will admit I was having a rather difficult time to keep myself from laughing at your escapades. Of course I realize that such a thing is nothing other than rude and for that I apologize. So how about we say we're even now?", she winked at Kateryna, proving to be a rather playful old woman despite her proper exterior and speech. Kateryna took the handbag and threw herself on the lady, hugging her tight while crying possibly much more than before.


Name: Marie..... although if I get accepted, anything related to my character is probably what I'll be on the lookout for in the forums XD
*has a bad habit of neglecting any name reference to herself when it's not a character name while RPing*

Timezone: GMT: +1 (Sweden, w00t :3)
MSN/AIM;etc: mjaumarie@hotmail.com (if you add me do mention Hospitalia, I'm notorious in blocking any friending attempts of ppl i don't recognize >.>)
You read the rules, right?: Light blue, although purple is nice too ^^
Anything else?: This is the first time I'm attempting any sort of Hetalia RP, meaning of course I've never attempted this character either.
I have no direct knowledge about Ukraine as a country either, anything mentioned of it might've been researched at some point or just a figment of my imagination XD.

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PostSubject: Re: Ukraine Application   Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:59 pm

Aww, I like the picture you used! You are accepted! I really liked your application, especially the personality section! You sound like you will be an adorable Ukraine, and a fun nurse to have around. Only thing is, in your roleplay sample, as awesome as it is, my advice would be to break up your paragraphs a bit more. I love your application though~! Please make an account with the name Kateryna Braginsky. Feel free to start posting, introduce yourself, and maybe even play in the chatbox!
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PostSubject: Re: Ukraine Application   Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:55 am

Whoopie!! Thank you! ^^
Glad it was well liked in general although it did flow out rather easily..
actually spent almost one whole day on it just rechecking and tweaking it over and over XD

But yes, more paragraphs are needed *makes mental note*

edit: thinking about it, after the submission of course, and being asked by Gilbert about it..
I asked to have Gilbo's creepy admin powers change the last name of the character ^^
it sounds better and is more accurate regarding real ukrainian names (yes i did research those)
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PostSubject: Re: Ukraine Application   

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Ukraine Application
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