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 Vash Zwingli Application

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PostSubject: Vash Zwingli Application   Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:20 am

The Character

Full Name:
Vash Zwingli
23th September
Nyon, Switzerland

Vash is a stern young blond. His blond hair is cut in a chin-length bob cut. He has a pale skin and green eyes. He is short and skinny. But don't let that fool you, he is stronger and faster than he looks. He has good reflexes. So I suggest you better watch out.

Vash is a stern young man and easily to piss off. When one does something that the Swiss doesn’t like, or you don’t do things according to plan. Though most of the time he’s more serious and stay out of other people’s business. He doesn’t like meddling into other affairs and is more concerned about his own. He’s almost never unarmed, he even sleeps with a riffle under his pillow. Weapons, however, aren’t allowed at the hospital, so that was taken away.

Despite his appearance, Vash also has a soft side, but he rarely shows it to you, unless you’re his younger sister. Much to everyones surprise, the Swiss can cook the best sweets. He’s an expert when it comes to chocolate. Besides being a sweet tooth, he also has a soft spot for cute things. Also animals for that fact, he couldn't bear eating such cute bunny, so he became a vegetarian. Real men eat veggies, ja?!

Vash has some kind of OCD. Everything has to be put in order, be neat, clean and proper and all done in time. Also he can act somewhat paranoid at times. When his bandages are change too late, he can think he would get an infection and it would kill him. And he'd rather be not touched by anyone. Just in case he will catch a disease.

-Broken arm
-Small wounds
- concussion

Incident: It's quite a story, you see Vash was happily cleaning the crime scene. He slipped out over the floor that was wet from the blood, making him fall down through the window.

History: Vash was born on 23th september. The first day of fall, the season he hates the most. Everything gets wet, dirty and a total mess. He lived in the lovely city Nyon in Switzerland with his sister and parents till his 18th year. There he moved to America to study there. He started studying law, wanting to become a judge. Though soon he found it wasn't something for him to do.

He quit his study and he's now learning to become a police man. To pay for this, he cleans up crime scenes together with two other friends. They have started a cleaning company specialisized in crime scenes and places where people have died, so to say. During this job, the Swiss spazzes a lot due to his OCD'ness. Though he always manages to finish it no matter what.

Other Important Info: This is not really important but Vash wears gloves which he changes every 4 hours and a mouth cap. He has extreme OCD and has some kind of paranoia but he wasn't sent for that to the hospital obviously.

Roleplay Sample:
Tic, tic. He watched the clock reach the 8am. He waited. And waited. 8.05 am. They were late. They were always late, the nurses that is. 8.10 am. This was unbelievable. Vash started to nervously scratch his right arm. His bandaid needed to be changed now!

Everything was late. Besides that, everything seemed out of order. He climbed out of his bed and neatly folded his blanket. Perfect. He didn't want to lie in bed all day. He couldn't stand doing nothing every day over and over again. And it had only be 3 days. He wanted to do something. Clean, put things in order, train, just anything. The lazying around and resting was killing him.

Then the door was opened. Finally. He glanced over at the clock. 8.15 am. Couldn't they be in time, for at least once?! A few more minutes later and it would've caught an infection and then?! Then he would've died. Yeah! Way to go nurses.

OoC Information

Name: Swiss
Timezone: GMT + 1
MSN/AIM;etc: Ask me for this
You read the rules, right?: Off course I read them dumkoff! My favourite colour is Grün, ja!
Anything else?: Ja! I want my gun back, bitte!
P.s. sorry if I kind of over did this, I can fix things if you want.
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Vash Zwingli Application   Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:28 pm

Vash in a hospital...I am glad we have a no weapons policy or I would be worried about never being able to leave! You gave Vash a really awesome job, in the department that I am a total dork for, so I love you. You are accepted! Please change your username to Vash's name, and feel free to start posting whenever you'd like!
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Vash Zwingli Application
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