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 Wang Yao's Application

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PostSubject: Wang Yao's Application   Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:49 pm


Full Name: Wang Yao
Age: 30
Birthday: October 10, 1980
Gender: Male
Hometown: Beijing, China

Appearance: Though he looks 20, he's really 30. His tendency of tying his hair back into a ponytail make him look even more like a girl than he already does. Which is also why he has so many propositions from the male population.

He has black hair, black eyes, and is unmistakably Asian. And if mistaken as Japanese, he will kung fu kick the person painfully [s]in their vital regions[/s]. He is small-sized as well—short and slim—which is no surprise for an Asian.

Personality: He is a friendly and cheerful person, who carries around candies and snacks to secretly distribute to his patients (unless they are unable to take them).

He cares very much about his patients, and would do whatever it takes to help them, even taking time out to simply interact with them and cheer them up.

He is also very protective of his charges, and refuses to let anything happen to them while they are in his care. He also does his best to cure them of their ailments, and gets too involved in trying to help them, resulting with him getting upset when he does not manage to do so.

He also enjoys being in charge. If someone does not do things according to how he says so, he would get annoyed, and would tend to snap at them.

Though cheerful and upbeat most of the time, Yao does have moments when he feels down. Especially when reminded of his home country and his parents, he would be struck by melancholy and guilt.

When out of work, he tends to laze around at home, sleeping and eating all day.

Position: Doctor
Experience: Six years (as a doctor).
Expertise: Pulmonology specialist.
Other Notes: N/A.

History: Born in China to a poor family, Yao felt the need to do his parents proud, as they worked hard to support his education. This motivated him to do extremely well in school, and he became known as a studious student who scored straight As, and often received compliments from his teachers.

Unfortunately, in high school, his father, who worked in a coal mine, contracted chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Yao felt as though it was his fault his father contracted the disease, as his father worked very hard just to support him, and focused his efforts on his studies, aiming to become a doctor specialising in pulmonology, so that he would be able to cure his father. However, while Yao was studying in medical school, his father died from complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

He worked as a doctor specialising in pulmonology for five years, and lived with his mother. But fate dealt Yao a cruel hand, and his mother died in a car accident recently. Unable to continue working in his country, full of memories of his parents, he moved to the USA, where he began work at Axis Memorial Hospital.

Other Important Info: N/A

Roleplay Sample: It was a normal day for Yao—he'd waken up as he usually did, and went through with his daily morning routine, before heading to the kitchen, where his mother usually prepared breakfast for him. However, that day, the table was left untouched, with no sight of his mother. That's odd, aru, he mused to himself. Mama is usually awake at this time. But I suppose she overslept. She hasn't been looking very healthy these few days, I hope she hasn't come down with anything, aru.

He grabbed a piece of toast and made his way to the hospital where he worked. The day continued as usual, with Yao caring—and sneaking in treats—for his patients. It was only in the evening, where Yao's world seemed to come crashing down upon him.

The news that his mother was involved in a fatal car crash—and that she was the fatality—devastated him. His beloved parent, the only parent he had left, was dead. It was unbelievable. Incomprehensible. It was only at her funeral—as they lowered her coffin into the ground—that it registered in his mind. His mother was never coming back.

The next few days were quiet for Yao. He'd requested leave—he was in no condition to work, in any case—and stayed at home, unable to find it in himself to do anything. Everything reminded him of his parents. With his mother, his father's passing was at least bearable, as there were the two of them. But now, he was alone, and without any family left to comfort him.

A week passed, and he finally managed to get out of the house to see his hospital's CEO. He'd received an offer, days before his mother's passing, to transfer to a prestigious hospital overseas. He'd been planning to turn it down—there was no way that he'd leave his mother. But after his mother's death, everything had changed. He needed to get away. The house he lived in held too many memories of his family. The country that he belonged to reminded him too much of his loss.

“Mr Lee? I've decided to accept the offer.”

He was going to Axis Memorial Hospital.


Name: finisque
Timezone: GMT +8
MSN/AIM;etc: eesy_roks@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: BLACK FTW.
Anything else?: I'm sorry if this application seems incoherent in any way. ;A; And I'm also sorry that this was so late. ><;;
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Wang Yao's Application   Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:16 pm

Don't worry, it wasn't late! You had until the 23rd, silly. You are accepted! It is nice to have another China around here, and another older person. I really liked your RP sample! Please make an account with the name Wang Yao, and introduce yourself in the introductions forum! Also, please start posting. Maybe even join us in the chatbox, and add our new MSN group? Welcome to the forums!

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Wang Yao's Application
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