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 Romulus Vargas - Application

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PostSubject: Romulus Vargas - Application    Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:20 am


Full Name:Romulus Remus Vargas
Age: 57 (but looks no where near his age)
Birthday: July 12, 1953
Gender: Male
Hometown: Rome, Italy


Romulus is getting on in years but he hasn’t let it show physically. He takes vitamin supplements and goes to great length to keep him looking young and very fit. He’s also a rather large man, both in stature and height, towering above most at 6’ 2” and a healthy 175lbs. His musculature is defined but not overly-so, just enough for ‘the ladies’ as Romu often comments.

His hair is a warm chocolate colour, accented by curls that won’t seem to respond to any hair products on the market and he often just calls it ‘bed head’ even though he does try to comb it for about ten minutes before he leaves from his home.


Mr. Vargas is a very business like man and he takes things very seriously.


Alright, just kidding. Romu is perhaps the most laid back adult you will ever meet. He’s constantly cracking jokes and grinning ear to ear even though his advisors tell him more often than not to ‘act more professional’. He attributes his success in life to his upbeat personality and the good luck his two grandsons have brought him over the years.

Speaking of his grandsons, he absolutely adores them both. There is nothing more important to him in life than Feliciano and Lovino and he would do anything within his power to make them happy and give them a good life. One of the major reasons he is so doting on them is because of their parents- his son and daughter and law had been very close and when they passed respectively it was very hard on him.

Another important contributor to his love of his grandchildren is his overwhelming protective father instinct that has been around since Romulus became a father. He’s often found himself doting over children he doesn’t even know, often accused of having ulterior motives but honestly wanting nothing more than the child’s happiness.

Romulus is also a bit of a… player. He’s never been one to settle down and the few times he has attempted marriage (he’s been married four times in total) he always strays away and seeks new beds to occupy. Women have always been somewhat of ‘conquests’ of his, and to settle down with one (or even perhaps a man) doesn’t interest him anymore seeing as he’s getting on in years.

Though, that’s one thing he will get rather miffed about. He is 32 and not a day older.

Position: Hospital CEO
Experience: Spent most of his life working his way up business
Expertise: Business and marketing
Other Notes: N/A


Romulus has seen a lot in his life, born in a small town in Italy and moving to Rome before he could even walk. He remembers his childhood being hard, having to work at a young age and not having much time to play, his parents never very attentive or caring towards him. Even through hardship though, he always was smiling- never giving into the life that battered him at a young age.

He worked at ten, joined his first gang at the age of twelve, and only through the grace of God managed to survive the roads of Rome. When he turned sixteen, he wound up getting a girl a few years older than him pregnant- a girl by the name of Siena- and immediately took responsibility- declaring that he would quit his childish ways and become the best father he could be.

Of course, that didn’t last very long. Siena gave birth to a single son, whom he named Remus and soon after he married her- a little odd given his young age, seeing as men usually didn’t marry until they were well into their later years.

The small family unit functioned for a small period of time, Romulus working hard and eking out a meager living for the three of them, though things weren’t exactly pleasant between his wife and him. He had a bad habit of flirting with every girl on the street- and it wasn’t uncommon that he would come home smelling a bit like perfume. But they agreed to stay together for their son and they manage to preserve their relationship until Remus turned six.

Romulus refused to let Siena take the child and insisted on raising him by himself. A feat that he managed surprisingly well, between finding nannies and dealing with the boy’s peculiar behavior (at times he seemed a little oblivious- others he would be terribly moody). The Roman’s attitude through all of this only became more upbeat, the pride he felt towards his son swelling his now-trademark grin even more.

The years passed and Romulus watched his son marry and grow up in front of him- giving him a beautiful grandson at the young age of eighteen- which he doted on constantly. His hard work ethic had earned him a spot high in business, and he helped his family constantly, making sure they always had enough to get by and never had to struggle- even though it proved a little difficult, with his daughter-in-laws health problems. (He would later recall more hospital visits than he quite knew what to do with, giving him a healthy respect for medicine and a slight interest in the business behind it.)

Until tragedy hit the small family- his son’s wife expecting again, the whole family seemed to be aglow, Romulus’ pride of his family seeming to grow with everyday. But when his dear precious Feliciano was born and the family lost her- they were all completely devastated.

Romulus tried to support the small family, finding he was struggling financially and personally with another failed marriage to a Greek woman. He was forced to move to America for work, even though he kept in close contact with his son and grandsons, demanding pictures and updates almost every month.

He missed them, terribly, but he had to make sure that he could support them- even if Remus had a steady job it was still hard to support two young boys in Italy. It was then when he finally started to move up, landing a management job that he quickly moved up the ranks to CEO of a small company, slowly gaining recognition (and two more failed marriages back to back- one to an Egyptian woman that lasted about a year and one to a French woman that lasted only a few months).

When he was about to celebrate his 47th birthday (even though he had stopped counting at 32, really, who needed anymore birthdays?) – He received word that his son was killed, caught in the middle of a gang fight. Romulus literally dropped everything and flew back to Italy, taking his two grandsons and taking them under his care back to America.

The years with his grandchildren were some of the best of his life, according to him. He watched them grow up with pride, supporting them however he could throughout their school career.

It of course, came the time for him to move again- his work demanding he move to New York and away from his grandsons. He almost thought to retire then and there- but when Lovino moved out suddenly and he was told the job was only temporary- he bid a sad farewell to both his grandchildren and packed up for his move.

The three years in New York made him somewhat of a crude businessman, another small fling- this time with a man with long, blond hair and braids- leaving him fed up with trying to finally settle down. At the news of Feliciano’s condition, he immediately headed back to California- having invested enough money and prestige to end up buying the hospital that his sons were in and becoming CEO.

Other Important Info:

N-no. OTL.

Roleplay Sample:

The halls were a starch white, the air was chilly and it seemed to even smell different from normal air- Romulus vaugely contemplated painting all of the walls a nice purple colour. But that probably wouldn't be very 'professional' would it? He smirked slightly and wondered if he could do it anyway- mentally making a note to ask his advisors when he was done with his visit.

He walked up to the information booth, already dressed in his doctor apparel and a wide grin plastered on his face. "Ah, hello miss," he greeted the woman behind the counter, allowing his eyes to wander. "Could you point me in the direction of a Mr. Vargas' room? I'm still a bit... ah, new here~"

It was almost hard to hold back the chuckle at her blush and stutter as she told him the room number, explaining how to navigate the halls and elevator- She probably would've given him directions to her bedroom as well, if he had asked. But there were much more important things to deal with right now.

He sent her a wink, giving her a small wave as he started off towards the elevator.

Romulus definately had made a good investment.


Name: Luciole or Lucy
Timezone: -8 GMT
MSN/AIM;etc: already posted
You read the rules, right?: mhmmm. Favourite colour still green
Anything else?: Nope
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PostSubject: Re: Romulus Vargas - Application    Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:39 pm

Awww! This is awesome, nice job. I guess me and Lovino are the only ones in our family that didn't do the whole teen pregnancy thing haha. I really like your history and stuff, and you will be a great Rome~! You are accepted. Welcome to the forums, grandpa. I am sure you know how things work here~
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Romulus Vargas - Application
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