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 Lili Zwingli Application

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PostSubject: Lili Zwingli Application    Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:18 am


Full Name: Leonie 'Lili' Zwingli
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: January 23rd
Gender: Female
Hometown: Eschen, Liechtenstein

Appearance: Lili is a very frail appearing girl, standing at four foot eleven, looking as if she could just float away in a small breeze. When she is not bed-bound, she stands on her tiptoes slightly, leaning forward, all together giving the impression she is about to take flight.
Even in the hospital, she tries very hard to keep herself presentable, as her mother would have wished her to. Her blond hair is kept cut above her shoulders, brushed neatly, and often has blue or purple ribbons tied into her hair. Unfortunately, when is unkempt, it takes on a mind of its own, looking fluffy and very bedhead-ish. Very embarrassing, indeed.
Like her brother, she has bright green eyes, shining with curiosity. Her eyes give her the impression of perpetual surprise, eyes widened and eyebrows slightly raised, questioning anything she happens to look at without meaning to.

Personality: Being a very quiet girl, Lili can often slip under the radar and stay unnoticed. She keeps to herself, being more of an observer rather than one to partake in events and such. She tries very hard to see the best in people, and will have patience with people who have.. Less than desirable qualities.

She rather likes cute things, and wishes dearly she could draw them, unfortunately she's not that good of an artist. Her brother, having more talent than she, would often draw her pictures when they were younger, and she still keeps one of a rabbit pressed into her journal.

Though, her brother also terrified her with stories of strangers, so even now that she is older, she is very shy around strangers, the gruesome details her brother took so much care into creating reminding her of how horrible strangers are. Now she knows not everyone should be feared, but she still is a little afraid. Only a little..

However, once you've passed the stranger phase, she will trust you more than her brother would probably be happy with. As long as you're kind enough, she will add you to her prayers for her loved ones.

Lili also retains one of her mother's troublesome traits, living under the belief one day her own knight in shining armor will sweep her off her feet. Despite witnessing that doesn't work out how anyone plans, she still hopes things will be different for her, and she will avoid her mother's path and forge out her own.

Diagnosis: Aortic insufficiency
¤ Irregular pulse
¤ Weakness, particularly with activity
¤ Shortness of breath, normally with activity or when she gets overly excited
¤ Fainting and fatigue

Incident: At the 'End of the school year' summer party, things got a little.. exciting. Lili got to dance with a rather attractive boy she had been crushing on for months, and her heart got out of control.
She woke up at the hospital, a bruise on her head from falling to the concrete in front of half of the school.

Other Notes: N/A

History: Once upon a time, in a land called Liechtenstein, there was a girl. This girl, Anika, was so fascinated with the idea of a knight in shining armor, that when the first handsome man stumbled along, she “fell in love.”

Only this man was not a knight in shining armor.

The not-knight and Anika were married for a year, when they gained two things that would effect their lives forever. Anika was blessed with a daughter, her little princess in her fairytale. Her king, however, gained a drinking problem.

Leonie, although her mother often called her Lili, not being very fond of the name her husband gave her daughter, never understood why her father acted how he did. Never did he lay a hand on her, but her mother was never as fortunate. Sometimes Anika would scream so loud Lili was afraid the windows would shatter. Her mother always wanted to be a singer..

At one point, Lili came home from school when she was seven, and found blood on the walls. She was terrified, so terrified she couldn't stop herself from investigating. Her father, we'll call him Esel from now on, had shattered the tank that contained her goldfish, slicing his knuckles and inevitably the fish. She never got goldfish again, after that.

Oh, never laid a hand on her, but that didn't stop Esel from repeatedly saying he would've rather had the black boy down the street than the girl he had been given.

After nine years, Esel was gone. Gone, as in, during a drunken brawl, someone pulled a knife on him, ending him.

Anika was too confused to deal with his death, she and Lili packed up and moved to Switzerland, believing that a new country would mean a new start, and a new life. It was very hard to adjust, the language wasn't extremely different, just small differences, even learned some French.

When she was eleven, her mother met her.. new knight. One who could actually be compared to a knight. A very pleasant man with a nice smile, who had been raised on the same money troubles Anika and Lili were so accustommed to, Anika was cautious and it took her months to realize she had really fallen in love this time. Lili was given a wonderful step-brother, Vash.
And although they never had much money, they all lived happily ever after.

Until Vash moved to America.

Lili soon became very restless, missing her brother too dearly to stay in Europe. Her grades slipped, her parents worried, and Anika decided it was time her princess left her kingdom.

The fifteen year old girl was given as much money they could muster, as many kisses they were allowed to give, and a ticket to California, in America, where they believed their son to still reside. She was to go and live with him until she could afford a nice American college to learn nice American knowledge. That future was delayed by her newly discovered sickness, and once again she is left restless.

Other Important Info: She's semi fluent in English, but she'll often make mistakes in grammar and pronunciation. German is her native language, so she carries the accent with her. It's not as thick as it used to be, but it can still be hard to understand her sometimes, especially when she's stressed. When she can't think of the English word for something, she'll use the German one and think nothing of it, usually causing confusion.

Roleplay Sample:

"Lili, mein liebchen, komm, setz dich mit mir."
Lili raised her head from her paper, pausing in mid crayon-scribble to look at her mother. Taking a moment to put away her picture, the small five year old scurried to her mother's lap, quickly being wrapped in a warm embrace.
"Mein Herzlein, please pretend to be sleeping when your father arrives." The toeheaded girl looked up at her mother, confusion written across her face. The woman sighed, tightening her hold on the small child and adjusting her body into a laying position. "Mama, warum?" Lili questioned, placing a small hand on her mother's face, trying to make sure she wouldn't fall asleep and leave her brimming with questions. "Bitte," Anika sighed, brushing away a scraggly hair from her daughter's face, "frage mich nicht".

Almost ten minutes later, the small girl flinched as she heard the door slam. Frightened, she shut her eyes and relaxed, hoping she looked like she was fast asleep.

"..Das schwein kanacken.." She heard Esel mutter, stumbling into the living room where she and her mother 'slept'. Well, her mother had fallen asleep, but she wasn't as lucky.
His heavy boots sounding like drums, marching near where she judged was where she had been drawing only a moment ago. He paused, ceasing the threatening sound of his shoes.
Feeling a leather gloved hand brush a lock of hair away from her face, she resisted the urge to jump up and flee as her father left and went to his bedroom.
Once again, her mother had used her as a shield against the violent king and his fist.


"Oh, days pass, years fly, but there isn't a man that stays as handsome as I~," Esel sung, running a hand through his dark hair in front of the mirror. Peeking around the corner, Lili stared at the tall man, tapping her fingers on the frame of the doorway.
Esel turned, laying eyes on his small princess. He laughed, taking a few steps toward her and sweeping him into his arms, causing her to give a quiet squeak. Esel ruffled her hair, cradling her in his arms. "Mein liebling, have you seen your mother today?" He boomed, laughing in his usually sober laugh-voice. "Sie ist ein Engel, schöner als die Sonne selbst," he said, lowering his voice as Anika murmured in her sleep, turning over.
Lili looked up at her father, wide eyed, and Esel laughed once again in response, setting her to the ground. "Ah, mein kind, ich liebe dich!" The eight year old felt as if the ground would split from the next, bellowing chorus of song that burst from her father, sending her scuttling to her room, confused once again at her parents antics. They couldn't possibly be so different and yet familiar at the same time, could they? How could their chaotic kingdom have such wonderful times of peace?

Translation notes;
'Lili, mein liebchen, komm, setz dich mit mir.' Lili, my darling, come sit with me.
'Mein Herzlein,' My little heart
'Mama, warum' Mama, why?
'Bitte, frage mich nicht' Please, do not ask me
'Das schwein kanacken' The pig bimbos [ Offensive term, I apologize, but Esel is.. rather crude. He is referring to someone he probably saw at a bar. ]
'Mein liebling' My favorite/darling
'Sie ist ein Engel, schöner als die Sonne selbst' She is an angel more beautiful than the sun itself
'Ah, mein kind, ich liebe dich' Ah, my child, I love you


Name: Elyssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
Timezone: PST -8
MSN/AIM;etc: insaneelyssaperson@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: I quite like the color blue~
Anything else?: I'm sorry for the failure jdfgdfg I really hate describing things bytheway.
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PostSubject: Re: Lili Zwingli Application    Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:30 am

Sorry for the wait! I read this yesterday but didn't have the time to tell you that you are accepted! I really enjoyed your application. Poor thing, her incident is so sad! Feliciano and Lili can be broken heart buddies because both theirs seem to be sick. Feel free to start posting~!
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Lili Zwingli Application
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