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 Lili Zwingli application

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PostSubject: Lili Zwingli application    Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:41 am

Lili Zwingli

Full Name: Adelina Lili Zwingli
Age: 16
Birthday: August 15, 1994
Gender: Female
Hometown: Bendern, Liechtenstein

Appearance: Petite and classified as completely adorable, Lili is a young girl who is just about to move onto puberty. For now, she is quite boyish with a small, round face and large blue eyes. Her hair is soft, chin-length and the straw colour of it hearkens back to her homeland. She is not very tall and seems to be very delicate, almost doll-like.

She's a face of dresses with jewel-tones and always wears ribbons in her hair just so she isn't mistaken for her brother.

Personality: Quiet and demure, Lili was born a very sweet and privileged girl. She doesn't act spoiled, more just a little naive and sheltered. Very polite and refined, Lili knows exactly what she wants from people and that is their best, believing that everyone has good in them and should let it show.

When meeting new people, she is nervous and stutters a lot, shyness practically bred into her. However, when she finally grows to trust someone, she tends to talk to them as much as she can, wanting to know everything about them and discuss everything on their mind as she is a very curious young woman.

Her family owns a small farm in Switzerland and that led Lili to have a love of animals and she'd often sneak away from her music lessons to help some of the farmhands with the cows and sheep while raising a few of the farm-cats on her own. One of the lambs is her special favourite and is named Alexander.

Lili is also a very helpful young girl protective of everyone she considers a friend. She also tends to mother everyone, especially her brother, and tells them to stay in bed, get water and sleep. She hopes to be a nurse one day so being at the hospital isn't exactly her worst nightmare, but rather somewhat of a dream come true.

Diagnosis: She seems to just have a cold, however it is something much worse (Wegener's granulomatosis)
  • Runny nose
  • weakness
  • weight loss
  • shortness of breath
  • fever
  • nosebleeds

Incident: Lili was very sick at school and the nurse brought her to the hospital when she passed-out.
Other Notes: None, but her condition is only getting worse.

History: Born in Liechtenstein during one of her mother's trips there, Lili spent the rest of her life living in Nyon, Switzerland with her older brother, Vash. Her schooling and upbringing led her to speak English, German, Swiss-German, Romansh and French fluently as well as a bit of Italian when necessary to make herself understood.

Lili at a very young age showed to be quite proficient in one thing and that was music. Singing, flute, violin, whatever came under her fingers seemed to be the easy as breathing for her, but the instrument that truly captured her heart was the piano. Enrolling her in lessons at a very young age, her parents watched as through the years she became somewhat of a protege and enrolled her in Geneva's Music Conservatory.

Due to her lessons and busy schedule, Lili's only friend seemed to be her brother and lived a very closed and controlled life, but she never really minded as her parents doted on her and Vash and she never felt lonely.

Lili has never been the healthiest of young girls and has always been plagued with minor coughs ad sour throats and this has made her rather delicate sometimes but she doesn't let it inconvenience her

Other Important Info: Lili loves teaparties.

Roleplay Sample: Dvořák always wrote the most beautiful pieces of music. Lili's fingers practically moved on their own along the keys while the music issued from the piano echoed around the large concert hall. She liked to imagine that the seats were filled with people instead of the few teachers and students that watched for the annual review.

Her teacher played on another piano across from her but was quiet in comparison to the enthusiasm in Lili's music. It was the one time she could truly be as loud as she wanted. Her body swayed with the music and her eyes were closed, seeing the notes in her mind's eye.

But there was a tiredness in her joints and that slowness she had been experiencing throughout the day was getting worse with each not and even as the song slowed down, her brain was sluggish but she shook her head, hair tickling across her face. She coughed a little, sniffing hard as her nose started to run.

Gott not NOW. She tried to keep playing, fingers moving with expertise as her nose ran and her body shook with coughs. Her teacher had stopped playing and was rushing over to her while the judges were all talking to each other in loud voices, the murmurs or the crowd louder. The last chord sounded and she looked down see blood on the immaculately white keys.

That wasn't good.


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You read the rules, right?: Let's say... Lavender for this one!
Anything else?:
<3 I am going to moe the hell out of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Lili Zwingli application    Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:37 am

A-ahhh she is so cute. Let's get married. Poor her, coughing blood all over pianos. Still, that is oddly adorable. Lili with cute little lambs is also a nice mental image! With you around, maybe Vash won't kill us. You are accepted! Welcome to the forums, I am sure you know how it works~
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Lili Zwingli application
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