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 Basch Zwingli [Switzerland Application]

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Basch Zwingli


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PostSubject: Basch Zwingli [Switzerland Application]   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:56 am


Full Name: Basch Zwingli
Age: 22
Birthday: August 01
Gender: Male
Hometown: Bern, Switzerland

Appearance: Basch is only 5'6" which is a fact he despises, this is reinforced because he's borderline 'pretty' which means he's been mistaken for a girl more time then he can count. He tends to wear his hair almost chin length which doesn't help the 'mistaken for a girl problem' but hates have it shorter. His skin is 'fair' but not in an unhealthy manner and has vibrant green eyes. He's stronger then he looks though not abnormally so.

Personality: If is was possible he'd be a recluse and never socialize but he tend to get lonely as much as he hates to admit it. Basch is a serious person and tends to take most of his life seriously, which means sometimes jokes will fly over his head or teasing can be seen a direct insult. He has hair trigger temper which he tries to keep under wraps with coworkers and patients. But it's been known to bubble over a times, he turns passive aggressive when he's angry. Poking someone with a needle harder then necessary, forgetting to inform another nurse or doctor about something key about a patient that might not be in the main records. He can be OCD about somethings when under stress. If he could bring one of his many guns to work he would end up shoving them in peoples face to solve most his problems if he could.

Position: General Nurse
Experience:2 years in whole but only recently as in weeks moved to this hospital to work
Expertise: None
Other Notes: None Currently.

History: Basch move from Switzerland for school when he was 18, his original goal of full out medical school was side tracked when he became ill right after arriving in America. He lost his full scholarship and spent 60% the money he had carefully set aside on the hospital bills. He worked his way threw nursing school after his recovery. He hasn't been in contact with his family because he's ashamed of loosing the scholarship among other things he discovered about himself since he left home. He doesn't know how explain himself to them.

Other Important Info: Basch is fluent in English and German. Semi fluent in French. (His mother was from french speaking part of Switzerland and he spoke it fluently up until her death when he was 7.) He tends to fall into a mix of German & French when he's extremely, extremely upset.

Basch loves good(usually expensive) chocolate. He can be bribed with it, depending on the situation or if someone has truly upset him it might be a good way to bribe him to listen to your apology.

Along with his love of chocolate Basch loves enjoys collecting firearms, most of them antique. But he enjoys going to the firing range to practice with his more modern guns.

Edit: When he's frustrated he tend to sew, it's a skill his mother taught him. It makes him relax because it makes him recall him better times with his mother. Rather then her being extremely ill right before she died. He can bake decent cookies and cake too another thing his mother taught him.

Roleplay Sample: Basch stared at the parent as they nattered on about what was 'wrong' with their child. This was the last time he was covering for a Pediatric nurse. He hadn't specialized in it for a reason and that was parents, they tended to blow the childs problem up into something serious when it really wasn't.

He also hated when he had to try and figure out what to write down for the doctor because he received some long convoluted explanation. Rather then 'Joey has had a fever since Sunday. He was exposed to the chicken pocks at nursery school but isn't itchy at all could the fever be from something else?' This was why he'd rather deal with mentally unstable patients then children. Most of the time they had a good reason for not giving a clear answer.


Name: Midori, Uma Shino
Timezone: PST (pacific standard time)
MSN/AIM;etc: msn: ukyouchan@hotmail.com yahoo: umashino@yahoo.com
aim: midnights bell
You read the rules, right?: Fave color Purple~
Anything else?:Nein.

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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Basch Zwingli [Switzerland Application]   Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:50 pm

Your application looks good to me! You are accepted! It will be interesting to have him as a nurse. Interesting, and a bit frightening hahaa. Welcome to the forums! Please make an account with the name Basch Zwingli and feel free to introduce yourself and start posting! We are also having a holiday event right now, so maybe look at that too!
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Basch Zwingli [Switzerland Application]
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