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 [Mathias Sørenson] Denmark Application~

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PostSubject: [Mathias Sørenson] Denmark Application~   Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:12 pm


Full Name:Mathias Sørenson
Age: 20
Birthday: June 5th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Copenhagen

Mathias is a man of about 185 centimeters tall. His blond hair looks like he has just stepped out of bed with it, which he claims he has. None the less, it looks good on him. His eyes are a pale blue colour.

Mathias is a rather energetic individual. When he doesn’t find a way to get rid of that energy, he can get really annoying, really fast. He isn’t really aware of this himself though and thinks it’s all in good fun. It shouldn’t be a surprise that most people don’t appreciate this.

The likes to get rough sometimes. What’s just a little playing around for him, is a fight in the eyes of another. He doesn’t listen well to others and this causes him to go to far sometimes.

He is pretty cheerful most of the time, but can also be stubborn and demanding. This often makes it hard for others to get along with him.

Alcohol isn’t an unknown substance to this guy. When he had enough beers he is a very happy, but at times also a violent drunk.

Diagnosis: His leg is broken in three places.
Symptoms: According to himself his leg “fucking hurts!” And it was kind of bending in a way it shouldn’t be able to bend when he came into the hospital.
Incident: A bike accident after a bet with a friend didn’t go quite as planned.
Other Notes: N/A

Mathias grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was considered a bit of a difficult child. He was a lot rougher than the other kids in the neighbourhood. This already showed at a young age. He would get in a fight and claim to have just been playing and didn’t quite see what he had done wrong.

His parents tried to tell him it was wrong and teach him to play nicely, but they never completely succeeded. Specially when Mathias grew older and discovered the wonder that was called beer he got into more (alcohol induced) fights.

At some point in his life they did find a way to get rid of part of his excess energy. Cycling. Denmark is one of the biggest cycling countries in the world, so Mathias had grown up with this form of transport. In fact, he preferred it to cars, trains, or other vehicles. Mostly because he’s bad at sitting still for to long. Besides using the bike just to get to the places he had to be, Mathias started to go on bike trips just for the sake of biking. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Though his last biking trip didn’t really go as planned.

Other Important Info:
He has a thing with axes. You might want to keep him away from sharp objects.

Roleplay Sample:
Denmark as a country is quite flat. There are small hills here and there, but no mountains. Though that little fact didn’t stop people from making them. Or at least hills that were high enough so it would actually be fun to ride downhill on your bike. Because for Mathias, if there wasn’t a bit of a thrill, it wasn’t really any fun.

He was on yet another bike trip with one of his friends and this time, instead of staying on the flat roads, they went to search out some hills. You know, those large ones they make for the people who want to act a little tough on their bike or mountain board.

So standing on top of that hill, both friends looked down. It was a very, very steep hill. “I bet you can’t make it down there without falling.” The other guy said.

A wide grin appeared on Mathias’ face. “Oh, that is on!” He would win this for sure. “Loser buys the other liquorice.” Mathias said, as had become a habit between the two whenever they found something silly like this to bet on. Before the other could respond, Mathias had hopped on his bike and sped down the hill. The first couple of meters went alright, though soon after, his front wheel got stuck in the sand and Mathias toppled over his bike, down the hill. Due to the force with which he fell, while still holding onto his bike, the thing came loose from the sand and rolled downhill with him. Everything around him was a blur until he came to a halt at the end of the hill, his bike landing painfully on top of him.

What happened next was something Mathias could not quite remember. There was a lot of pain, people rushing over to see if he was okay, which he was clearly not. And before he knew it, he woke up in a hospital bed. His leg had a cast and he realized that it might not have been such a good idea to rush down the hill like that.

But when he looked around the (much to white) hospital room, his eye fell on something that was standing on the nightstand beside his bed and he couldn’t help but grin, despite the pain. There was a little jar of his favourite liquorice standing there. Looks like a certain someone had stopped by.


Name: Free, Fork, Peanut Tree, Den, etc, etc, etc.
Timezone: GMT+1
MSN/AIM;etc: PM me if you want it~
You read the rules, right?: Red or something like that.
Anything else?: Not that I can think of right now.
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PostSubject: Re: [Mathias Sørenson] Denmark Application~   Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:52 am

You are accepted! Owww , his leg sounds painful. I am glad to have you back here! I have never seen you as Denmark before, I look forward to it! Please make an account with the name Mathias Sørenson and feel free to start posting!
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[Mathias Sørenson] Denmark Application~
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