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 Aimee Prideaux application

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PostSubject: Aimee Prideaux application   Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:17 pm


Full Name:Aimee Jeanette Prideaux
Age: 16
Birthday: June 29th, 1993
Gender: Female
Hometown:Port Victoria, Seychelles


Aimee has long brown hair, usually tied into two pigtails that are held by scarlet bows--however, in the hospital she usually has to leave it down. Her eyes are dark brown and slightly too large for her face, giving her a slightly deer-in-headlights expression. Aside from the clothing she wears in the hospital, Aimee seems to favor dresses in varying shades of blue, and in different styles--though she usually prefers them falling from her shoulders, and a little on the short side. For shoes she usually wears open sandals that have ribbons tying up to her knees, though she appears to prefer being barefoot above all else. She's about 4'11" in height, making her... well, quite short.


Aimee is friendly and a little vague when meeting new people, but is generally quite fast to warm up to others and make friends. She loves to swim and speaks of swimming quite often, and climbing things (which has been sure to get her in trouble many times, usually for having 'unladylike conduct'), and of course playing small pranks on people was fun for her when she was younger.

Despite her condition (which often leaves her appearing dazed and a little dizzy looking), she's easily fascinated and amused, and is rarely snappy to people--aside from that rotten git, Arthur--and while she does like the occasional nap, she tends to prefer being awake and alive and in the middle of everything, even if she doesn't know what's going on. Aimee also quite likes visiting with other patients, even if they'd rather not have her company, and tries to spend time with them because (along with not liking being alone herself) she doesn't want them to feel lonely.

Anorexia Nervosa
• Has been in an out of the hospital several times when she was younger for malnutrition
• Extremely thin and frail looking
• Consistently dizzy and with occasional exhaustion
Aimee was taken to the Axis Memorial Hospital when she collapsed while shopping with her friends in a small town they were visiting in over a holiday break.
Other Notes:
Urrr not all people with anorexia are constantly constantly tired, I just thought that should be noted.}


Growing up in Port Victoria, Seychelles, left Aimee in a place where hard times were wrapped through from even before she was born. The country was fresh out of being a socialist one-party state, and everyone was growing accustom to the new position of the nation as it returned to normalcy--however, times were hard economically even then, and so Aimee grew up as a fairly ill-nourished child. This resulted in frequent doctor's visits and hospital care, as well as even an investigation on her parents.

After the investigation had lead to nothing aside from what a lot of people in Seychelles were dealing with (her parents after all weren't hitting her, and tried to give her at least a small meal whenever they could, but her family was on the lower end of the spectrum and couldn't afford much), the case was dropped and her parents were deemed safe to live with, and so Aimee continued to live with them in her earlier teenaged years. Again, more frequent visits, but she had learned well from the experience of the investigations--the doctors constantly charted her weight, and she learned that if she appeared to lose weight, she would be watched more frequently, and if she 'gained' weight, she would be left alone for another few weeks.

Which began the weights. Aimee would put small discs of low weight value (two to three pounds) in hidden pockets on the inside of her skirt, usually closer to her body so they would make little noise and wouldn't be as noticeable, and would step on the scales. The doctors accepted it without much question--after all, she was gaining weight according to the scale, and that was 'improvement', and after a while of no significant weight loss and healthy weight gain she was left alone. This however gave her a sense of power in her own right, and she continued to stay at very low weights to demonstrate just how she could manipulate the system of which so many people trusted and found to care of.

But one day, she had worked herself just a little too hard, the sun was just a little too bright, the air a little too hot, and Aimee collapsed in the middle of the street while crossing with her close friends. In a panic, they called an ambulance, and she was promptly taken to the Axis Memorial Hospital.

Other Important Info:

She speaks four languages--English, French, Seselwa, and Mandarin. The first three are official languages of the Seychelles islands, and Mandarin is a widely spoken language in the country though not a 'recognized' language.

Roleplay Sample:

Wandering around the hospital, small hole in her arm from the IV drip that she had pulled away, Aimee Prideaux peered in some rooms. She saw pale boys with visitors, and feminine silhouettes with carts in doorways, and curious looking receptionists as the African with the fluffy hair continued to daze around.

"Do you know where you are going, miss?"

"Yes, ma'am, I do."

"Alright then. If you need anything, call for me."

A simple conversation, easy and light, and Aimee was off again. She smiled to herself, what a nice woman that worried looking lady was, and slipped into a room at random--aww, how sweet, the person was sleeping. Even the steady, slow beep of the heart monitor seemed soothing in the room as she looked at the girl who looked almost her age, perhaps a year or so younger, and sat in the chair across the room from her bed for a little while. She took the time she sat there wondering why this innocent looking, pretty young lady was in a hospital, and felt the overwhelming need to wake the girl up, but then she wondered--was she in a coma of some sort?

But then, she would be in the coma ward. No, no, she was simply sleeping soundly. Aimee felt that she would return to see this girl later, when she was properly awake, and slipped from the room as quietly as she could.


Name: Alison Caitlin~
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
AIM: teafishie
MSN: baltiprintsess[arroba]live[dot]com
You read the rules, right?: PINK!
Anything else?: Nopers c:

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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Aimee Prideaux application   Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:12 am

You....wh-what are you doing here? You are so silly. ♥ You are accepted of course! You know that I think you are the most awesome Seychelles ever, and I am sure you will fit right in here! Please make an account with the name Aimee Prideaux and start posting! Maybe even play in the chatbox~
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PostSubject: Re: Aimee Prideaux application   Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:19 am

I saw the ad in the other forum and I said "hrmmmm I like mamá, I should bother her because I know she owns here" and bothered you! I am just glad you haven't gotten tired of my Seychelles. xDD
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PostSubject: Re: Aimee Prideaux application   

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Aimee Prideaux application
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