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 Francis Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Francis Bonnefoy   Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:32 am


Full Name: Francis Bonnefoy
Age: 24
Birthday: July 14, 1986
Gender: male
Hometown: Lyon, France

Appearance: Francis Bonnefoy is a well kept young man and would be considered metro sexual if he wasn't already admittedly gay. He has to keep his hair back when he's working because it’s longer than normally accepted and he simply refuses to cut it. His posture is very good, coming from an uppity family that he may or may not have inherited a certain condescending aura from. His shoulders are broad and he’s well built, hours at the gym everyday. Angled features, a pointed nose, and scruff he refuses to shave off, (even though he's been requested more than once to remove it to look 'professional') are the focal points to his face. But if you look closely, there’s a slight crook in his nose from the time he broke it horseback riding (no he will not tell you how it happened and he will deny vehemently it ever did).

Personality: Francis loves to joke around. Since his childhood he’s been a prankster and it hasn’t let up now nor does he show any sign of maturing anytime soon. He is a very outgoing person, loving to chat up whoever has the bad (or good) luck to catch his eye and he’s always looking to make new friends; or at least trying to find one person that can speak French.

Another apparent trait is Francis’ desperate need to flirt. Whether you are a man or a woman, don’t consider yourself safe from his advances and flattering words. He loves attractive things, and the one good this about this silly little city is that it is full of attractive people. But the one thing you don’t have to worry about is him taking things too far (at least according to his definition). He considers himself a gentleman in the fact that if you say no to a date (or perhaps something more lewd he might’ve asked) he will not force someone to comply. Of course, they might always change their mind the next day. Or in a few minutes. Or if he asks more than once.

There’s also one other little flaw to Francis’ personality. He constantly believes he’s sick. Whether it’s a little cold or a mosquito bite on his arm he is firmly under the impression that he is going to die in the hospital from transmitted diseases and the more he studies medicine the more paranoid he gets. That little thing about blood making him queasy also doesn’t help him very much in this profession

Position: Student intern
Experience: a little less than a year
Expertise: no specialization, but he always jokes about becoming a gynecologist
Other Notes: He’s doing clinical hours for his studies at the nearby university, thus he’s no were near becoming a real doctor yet. And to be completely honest? he doesn’t want to be one.

Francis was raised in the way that most well-to-do boy, sent to an all-boys catholic school in Lyon where the nuns smacked his knuckles with rulers and he found himself becoming fond of his other classmates. He’ll protest that the school had any development in his character though his strong anti-religion (despite the cross he wears) and his easy acceptance of being attracted to other men probably developed from his hatred of that old school.

But even though the school itself was ironically hell on earth, his social side also was given a change to blossom in the city. Francis often snuck out with a certain group of his friends and played plenty of tricks on the locals. Sure, he’d get in trouble, but it was worth it to see that annoyingly clean car’s paint peel off when he put baloney on the hood.

While his childhood and teenage years were mostly spent goofing off and playing pranks, there was one thing that Francis was always very serious about. No matter how much he was teased, he always professed that he was going to own the best restaurant in all of France, and at the tender age of seventeen he opened ‘La Risqué’ (which was very suiting according to his mother) using his parent’s money to start up.

Now, Francis might have been a wonderful cook, but business man he was not. The restaurant failed in less than a month, costing more money than he had to his name and sending both of his parents into a rage and demanding he get a ‘real job’ as a doctor.

They sent him away to study at a university in America that partnered with the Axis Memorial Hospital, taking him away from his lovely France and plunging him into the disgusting (as he refers to it) American culture and school. To this day he still loathes the language almost as much as the land itself and vows to travel back to France and reopen his restaurant.

He only needs to learn business first.

And survive his apprenticeship under that damned stuffy British doctor he’s been forced under.

Other Important Info: He has a white ferret that he sometimes brings to the hospital that he affectionately calls ‘Ver’. But keep that hush.

Roleplay Sample: It had been a long day at the hospital, forcing the Frenchman to help more than the amount of patients he cared to see in a week, much less a day at the clinic. There had even been one poor little boy that had come in which the chicken pox.

But even for the sympathy he felt, he would not touch that boy with a 5 meter stick- which was why he about dropped the poor boy when the panicked mother thrust him into Francis’ arms and demanded that he fix him. Even the half-hour spent washing in the restroom didn't make him feel much better about that incedent and every few minutes he'd check his skin for any sign of the killer red dots.

Needless to say, it wasn’t his favourite day, so when he got back to his small apartment he put on a pot of coffee and plopped down on his couch, picking up the remote to turn on his television. He stared at the back of his arm, a small red bump on his arm glaring back at him and threatening what he thought to be his very life as he felt small feet patter up his leg and chest and settle on his shoulder.

“Ver? Does this look bad?” he murmured quietly, glancing up at the red eyes only to get his cheek nuzzled and nose nipped at.

Back to the hospital it was then.


Name: Luciole or Lucy
Timezone: Pacific, -8 GMT
MSN/AIM;etc: AIM: luciolesolange
You read the rules, right?: Green makes the world go round~
Anything else?: I-I don’t think so… except don’t hesitate to message me on messager! I’m always on and usually willing to talk~

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PostSubject: Re: Francis Bonnefoy   Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:50 am

Congratulations you are accepted! I really love the way you write France. Him being afraid of getting sick and stuff from the hospital is great, and totally in character. And there were a few parts that made me laugh. I love it~! Please register an account with Francis' name, and feel free to start poking around. Look forward to seeing you~
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Francis Bonnefoy
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