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 Lost [Open]

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Former New Zealand


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PostSubject: Lost [Open]   Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:08 pm

"Go straight down Holland Avenue, make a right at the firehouse; you should see a 'yield sign'. When you see that, you're going to make a left. Take that all the way down until you see the haberdashery. Cut between the haberdashery and the delicatessen- there should be a small alleyway. You should come out at an intersection. Take Tonga Way three-fifths down until you see a huge ice cream sign. If not, then you know you've gone too far, so backtrack three-fourths of the way until you see an ice cream parlor."

Courtney was lost at the part about a haberdashery. He had only been in California for a little over two weeks, so being lost was inevitable. The only problem was that all of the streets had names like "Djibouti Court" and "Burma Pass"; names he'd never, for the life of him, be able to remember.

"What's a Djibouti, anyway?" he muttered. Looking straight ahead, he could see what looked like a sewing shop and a deli. He must have went the wrong way, even though he could have sworn he was making progress. Or maybe the woman gave him the wrong directions? He wasn't a math wiz, but he knew that going three-fifths down one way wouldn't equal backtracking three-fourths up the same way.

Courtney sighed. He had been walking for about thirty minutes just to get ice cream; he was only allowed a forty-five minute lunch, so he was probably going to get back late. Or maybe not at all. Maybe he'd die from Mint Chocolate Chip withdrawal; alone and hungry, lying on the cold asphalt of some California town he still didn't know the name of.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost [Open]   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:56 pm

Toris exited his most favorite ice cream parlor, with a cup of ice cream in his hands. God, how he loved ice cream. And it was amazing how much he would eat it, especially if he was anxious or worried. Carton upon carton would be finished to drown his problems in sugar and cream. People often commented about how Toris managed to avoid getting diabetes during these times. Well, at least today he wasn't worried, he just needed a fix of delicious strawberry ice cream. The only flavor he had at his office was vanilla and chocolate, the two basic flavors.

He began to walk back to the hospital, taking the quickest route through Tonga way. He still had patients to deal with, soon. And he wanted to finish his ice cream before getting back to work.

((-highfives Cour, as I will now call you- Toris also has an ice cream addiction~ Though this was decided in the chat box XD When I saw this, I had no choice but to reply. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Lost [Open]   Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:04 pm

Feliks noticed that his toilet paper storage at home was going to be used up very soon a week ago but he was like, totally lazy nie~BUSY that he didn't have time to do grocery shopping at all until today's lunch break....He would have nothing to use in the evening if he still didn't refill it.

He could pretty much recognize his way in the shopping center being in California for more than a month. He scuttled from shop to shop, arcade to arcade, with his hands full of snacks he got from each single snack shop he walked past, forgetting his initial intention.

Feliks then saw a familiar figure standing in the middle of an arcade, looking a bit lost....
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PostSubject: Re: Lost [Open]   

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Lost [Open]
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