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 Jun-Yi and Wish's Diary.

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PostSubject: Jun-Yi and Wish's Diary.   Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:50 am

Chewing on his lower lip, the brown-haired teen lay on his back as he looks at the blank paper the Nurse handed him, flipping through the white and empty pages. A minute later, he sluggishly covered the pages once more, staring at the childish cover with flowers, butterflies, cute creatures, and his name, Jun-Yi Huan, in bold and big words. Honestly, he wasn't a childe anymore; he didn't need these, he wanted those small notebooks adults and big people had -- ooh, he wanted a clipboard too! The notebook he had was too, too childish! Pouting, his lower lips jutting, he muttered a few sleepy words and went to the small desk near the head of his bed as a Nurse helped him move in his wheelchair. Murmuring a soft thanks, he let his head fall onto his palms as he leaned on his elbows, staring at the paper and holding a pencil in his fingers, twirling it as he nipped on the edge, lightly. Finally, he put down the pencil and began writing :

"Dear... Er, Diary?

Today, I was admitted to the Hospital... Uhn, I can't remember the name -- oya, the Axis Memorial Hospital. It's not the best, best of places, but I can't complain, because complaining is bad."

Here, the teen paused and rubbed at his eyes, feeling the little flicker of sleep drowse around his eyes. Picking up the pen, he continued writing.

"I met really nice people, like Doctor Kirkland and ... His intern, and... Doctor Orange and Nurse Heracles. Oh and Alfred, too."

Jun-Yi's desperate try to keep awake was failing, and now, a Nurse came in to scold him into bed. Nodding, he finished up the Diary, with another short sentence --

"I hope I meet other people and make good friends. And... Ehn, Diary?

Wish and I'd like to say to them, 我爱你。But I'm scared of how they'd react... What if they don't say it back?"

Something akin to a drop landed on the page, and he wiped at it hurriedly, wiping at his eyes in shock as he saw it came back, wet with the salty liquid. Sniffling, he ended it.

"... If they don't, then I guess it's okay. I'll deal with it like I did last time...

I love you too, Diary. I'll come write again, later, in more d -- detale? Oh, detail."

Next to the word, is columns of the word 'detail', to make sure he spells it right. After a while, he yawns and writes his name in Chinese, shutting the book afterwards.

"Goodnight, ai!

钧毅 还."


我爱你 -- I love you.
钧毅 还 -- Jun-Yi Huan.
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Jun-Yi and Wish's Diary.
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