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 Eduard von Bock application

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PostSubject: Eduard von Bock application    Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:05 am


Full Name: Eduard von Bock
Age: 17
Birthday: February 24th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia

Appearance: Eduard is fairly tall, at about 5'9"/177cm. He has a slightly wiry frame, as well as very pale skin and slightly desaturated blonde hair that is perfectly trimmed. He looks like he doesn't get a lot of sun, and that's a very accurate assumption. The strength he has comes from his upper body mostly, although he's always been a bit on the weak side because of his condition. Since even a bruise can be life threatening to him, he tends to skit around everything carefully. Never seen without his glasses, he's also very down about the hospital gown and casual wear he's obviously recently thrown into because he usually wears at least a button down shirt and tie.

Personality: Eduard is a rather quiet youth. He's outwardly very obviously intelligent and has a bit of a sarcastic wit, able to talk his way out or away from many things, but he rarely bothers utilizing it. To him, it's better to be the right-hand man of an enemy than it is to be their slave behind them. He does have quite a sense of self-preservation though, leading him to not have to choose that often.

He doesn't really have anyone he considers a true friend, and it may be a bit hard to prove to him that you're worth anything. Eduard is atheist and approaches things from a scientific or computing standpoint, another reason why he's not much into deciphering other people's emotions. Often, he's analyzing, assessing, and trying to advance on things. Sometimes he could be considered slow for the fact that he always takes his precious time, figuring things out to the very last detail.

Instead of being polite most of the time, he'll express himself with a discourteous indifference for things. His humour is a bit difficult to understand, since it's usually culturally related or poking fun at himself which others may take as self-pity or self-hate. The cultural boundary is a bit of a difficult one for him, since he's not too happy that he's outside of his little northern European pocket.

Being the most content with his laptop nearby, it's not too uncommon for him to just hole himself up in his room or somewhere with his precious computer and ignore the rest of the world. When he doesn't have his laptop, he does often have his cellphone or some sort of book.

Diagnosis: ✘ Haemophilia
✘ Anemia
✘ Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
✘ Sprained ankle
✗ Wounds are unable to clot properly.
✗ Skin is pale and cold.
✗ Often afflicted with dizziness, fatigue, and muscle weakness.
✗ Low blood pressure with a rapid heart beat and palpitations.
✗ Sweating and tremors, as well as depression and agitation.
✗ Nausea and frequent headaches.
✗ Swelling around the ankle and mild pain and discomfort.
Incident: Since he was a young child, Eduard's haemophilia has been no secret. However the current incident happened while under the influence of alcohol, he simply managed to be walking down the street, and tripping over a curb led to a few severe scrapes that because of his condition became life threatening. The alcohol withdrawal later on became evident after a few days at the hospital.

Other Notes: Eduard initially absolutely refused to fess up to ever using alcohol, even though his symptoms clearly pointed in that direction. After trying to bribe a staff member to smuggle him in some vodka however, things got pretty clear from there. The anemia is mainly from the blood loss he's suffered and hasn't recovered from. He's had some blood transfusions but his situation has been entirely set off by the added factor of the alcohol.

History: Eduard was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. After his mother left his father and him when Eduard was young, his father fell in love with one of the many Russian populations in Estonia, and they moved to a more Russian-centric area. Since he only had a very vague understanding of the language, he was picked on rather mercilessly and bullied, something that continued even when he became a teenager and knew the language fluently.

Because of his withdrawal from a regular social life, Eduard became heavily entranced by the internet and he's been a computer nerd from a very young age. It's one of the only things to completely shatter his shell, whether while he's using one or talking about them. When he was fifteen, his family moved to America. Since once again thrust into an environment that he didn't understand the language and customs very well, he tried his best to learn English fluently but often was teased for being weird or accused of being a communist by ignorant peers.

Not even a year and a half from moving to America was where his troubles with alcohol began, finding it very accessable since his parents always kept some around and shadier shops that never asked for the older looking teenager's ID. It quickly spiraled into a problem, one that he kept hidden very well until recently when his grades began to slip and the problem kept escalating. He does still hope to go to college one day, although his dream is to go to a college in Sweden.

Other Important Info: Eduard will frequently resort to speaking in Estonian when he's highly flustered or frustrated, as well as having some problems understanding English names for everything. He's not that easy to confuse on such things though, unless someone speaks entirely grammatically incorrect or too quickly/slurred.

Roleplay Sample: Shit. Eduard groaned as he pulled his sleeve up and looked down at his watch. It was almost one in the morning... Just the perfect time to be stumbling away from a bar he shouldn't have been in with his head spinning and stomach reeling.

"Ah, kurat, well, at least they'll probably be asleep by the time I get back..." Mumbling to himself in the middle of a dimly lit street probably wasn't the best way to not call attention to himself. Yet the Estonian just didn't care, too caught up in running a hand through his bangs to try and help physically steady his head.

The dull lights from the shops around him weren't eactly too helpful. Neither was the absolute absence of cars.

It was when his phone began to vibrate in his pocket that the young blonde grumbled loudly. Since he lacked any friends, he knew that his previous ramblings must have been incorrect. His father and stepmother were both probably up and pissed off and he'd have to find a way to sneak in or an excuse to write off his disheveled state--

That's when it happened. One little distracted misstep and he was sent reeling to the ground, a victim of only his own stupidity. After an initial yelp, he tried to brace himself against his hands. Oddly enough it hadn't hurt, not even his glasses as they pressed against his face. Shakily turning around and adjusting them, he held his hands out infront of him to see the gravel stuck on them and the blood beginning to drip.

Reaching a hand up to his forehead, he lightly ran his hand through his bangs again, only to wince as he felt the warm blood begin to pool down his face. His cracked lip aided the downpour of red liquid, and Eduard groaned as he tried to get out of the street at least. This definitely wouldn't help his dizziness.

Maybe now would be a good time to answer the phone, though...


Name: Livli~
Timezone: GMT -5
MSN/AIM;etc: it's on the other post. xD
You read the rules, right?: I still don't know what color I like best because I am a terribly undecisive person, woe ;n;
Anything else?: The reason for the alcohol problem is actually a throwback to the fact Estonians used to be notorious alcoholics during the days of the ESSR, and I always thought it suited him in a way. And I wasn't sure on mentioning brothers, because, well, there's no Toris or Raivis around even, so.. yeah. ;;
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Eduard von Bock application    Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:31 am

Ooh I really like your application! I never get to read Estonia ones often enough. If I ever need a computer, I now know which patient to go bother heh. You are accepted! Welcome to the forums....again~
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Eduard von Bock application
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