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 Willem's Journal.

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PostSubject: Willem's Journal.   Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:52 am

There's random pen scratches throughout the page, as well as the whole thing being a jumble of mostly Dutch and English, although there's some German and French scattered along it too.


...it's going to be autumn soon enough. That's fine with me. I kind of... don't like summer. Back in the Netherlands, it wouldn't be as much of an issue. I don't ever remember it being as hot as it gets in this state. The only thing summer is good for is cold soups and icecream. And I don't even really like cold soups or icecream.

The word icecream is circled, pointing off to the margin of the page. A non-descript figure of a child holding an icecream cone is scribbled in heavy black ink.

Autumn isn't my favorite either--ahh, this is stupid, isn't it? Rambling on about the fucking weather like some chick to myself...

What else is really going on, though?

Everything's still the same at the hospital. Quiet and chaotic and boring and stale. Arthur's the same old idiot, while everyone else is pretty much the same too. I just wish there was something else to do. A guy needs a break between his rabbit, work, and school sometimes...

And I could really, really go without feeling like there's a nurse at every damn turn looking at me.
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Willem's Journal.
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