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 [Matthew Williams] Canada Application

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PostSubject: [Matthew Williams] Canada Application   Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:59 pm


Full Name: Matthew Williams
Age: 23
Birthday: 1st of July
Gender: Male
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Matthew has blond hair and blue eyes. This innocent looking Canadian wears glasses and has a curl that’s always standing out from the rest of his hair.

Matthew is one of those people that is there, but nobody notices. His whole life he had to stand in the shadow of other, more important people. Due to this, Matthew has developed a rather timid nature. He doesn’t want to bother people unnecessarily and will often ignore his own needs for that.

While on the outside Matthew is quiet, a bit shy and insecure, when it comes down to it, he can be one hell of a bitch. People commonly see him as weak, because he dislikes fighting. Though Matthew has grown strong due to many hours of hockey practice. He just doesn’t show it off.

One of the places Matthew is really in his element is on the hockey field. He has been playing since he was little, so he is quite skilful. Though he is not the most muscled one of all, he is pretty fast and agile and can easily dodge the bigger players.

Due to his kind nature, Matthew hates to see people hurt, specially the ones that are dear to him. That is part of the reason of why he wants to become a doctor.

Position: Intern
Experience: 1 year
Expertise: None as of yet, though he wants to specialize in patients with cancer. But working with children is also nice.
Other Notes:N/A

Matthew was born and raised in Canada. He led a relatively normal life. That is until his father was diagnosed with cancer. The family went through a very stressful period in which they spend a lot of time in the hospital. Matthew was very worried about his fathers wellbeing and wished he could do something more than just watch the doctors and nurses do their job. It was around this time that he wanted to become a doctor.

Matthew’s father got cured of his cancer, and the family celebrated. Though a little over a year ago the disease returned. It was a harsh blow and he hasn’t recovered yet. The doctors are still unsure if he will make it.

Matthew focussed even harder on his studies. And even though he wanted to be there for his father, Matthew moved to the USA to get his medical degree there. He currently works at a hospital as an intern. The experience he gets on the work floor pays off in his study results. Because spending time with patients and hearing them tell what is wrong is always better than just learning about stuff in books. And even though Matthew can be slightly socially awkward, he enjoys talking to the patients to make them feel better and forget about their problems for a moment.

Other Important Info: Not at the moment.

Roleplay Sample:
Matthew cursed under his breath. It were always the interns who got the shitty jobs. And it was because one of those shitty jobs that he was late for the patient he needed to go to. Mr. Zwingli, if his schedule was correct. Oh great. Figures he was late for that particular patient. Some of the man’s bandages needed to get refreshed, and he would always insist on it being done on time. As if it was going to infect if it stayed there for a few minutes longer.

He quickened his pace as he walked through the hallways. Once he reached the right door, he opened it and looked inside. Mr. Zwingli was already out of bed and he did not look happy. Well, fuck. Matthew checked his watch. He was fifteen minutes late. That would explain why he was looking so angry.

He stepped completely into the room now and forced himself to smile at the man, even though he didn’t feel like it. Patients had it bad enough here, having whatever problem they were here for. They didn’t need to deal with a grumpy intern on top of that. so Matthew pushed his irritation away and walked over to the man after grabbing some fresh bandages.

“Are you ready for your bandages to be changed?” He asked. Though the look he was being given told him he had been ready for that for fifteen minutes already. He didn’t appreciate of Matthew being late.

(( I shamelessly worked off of Vash’s app for this, cause I couldn’t think of something better… sorry. ))


Name: Call me Free, Fork, or any variation of Matthew
Timezone: GMT+1
MSN/AIM;etc: PM me for this ^^
You read the rules, right?: I like all colours actually. But if I have to chose, I’m gonna be patriotic and say red, white, blue and orange~
Anything else?: I’m from the Netherlands, so I’m not a native English speaker. Though I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at it, so that shouldn’t be to much of a problem. Timezones could get annoying though, but I’m usually still awake until pretty late.
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: [Matthew Williams] Canada Application   Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:54 am

I really liked this! It was sad, baww. It will be nice to have another intern around. Sorry I can't type anything more awesome, I am sick and wanna head to bed soon. You are accepted! Feel free to start posting and stuff~
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[Matthew Williams] Canada Application
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