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 Bernadette van Aldeniek (Belgium)

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PostSubject: Bernadette van Aldeniek (Belgium)   Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:54 pm


Full Name: Bernadette van Aldeniek
Age: 23
Birthday: October 4th
Gender: Female
Hometown: Brussels, Belgium

Appearance: Bernadette likes to consider herself as “average”. She’s believe she’s average height, but she’s actually rather short at a whopping five foot, four inches. She’s a blonde (but her hair tends to get darker in the winter, because she spends so little time in the sun), with pale green eyes. She’s of average weight, and she could probably spend some time tanning to get rid of how grossly pale she can get.

Personality: She is, above all else, stubborn. This is both a positive and a negative, seeing as she’s stubborn to the point of being annoying and getting herself into trouble. She never gives up, which is how she excelled in her course work. She’s not the type of person that reads something once and memorizes it, and she succeeded only due to sheer determination. She spent most of her time in college studying, and she never went out to party or the like. Now she’s trying to make up for lost time, or so she says. Really, she’s just a bit of a lush, and spends a lot of her free time at the bar.

She has a temper, certainly. (Though she has been getting better at keeping it in check.) She’s prone to outbursts of rage, and she’s one of those people who doesn’t take any back talk or, to be crass, shit. Despite her temper, she appears to be a very cheerful woman, and she’s been known to be annoyingly cheerful and peppy on purpose. Though instead of expressing herself and her happiness with smiles and laughs, she usually expresses herself with shoulder-punches and slaps to the back or back of heads. (It all depends on how high she can reach.)

She’s no-nonsense (most of the time), and she has a streak of domesticity a mile wide. Not that she’d ever admit to it, but she enjoys cooking and sewing, and cleaning, but only when she’s in the mood. She can be a bit of a flirt, and she enjoys making people uncomfortable with her flirtatiousness. Why? Well, she’s not really all that sure, but she does. She’s never actually had a real boyfriend, though, and the thought of being in a steady relationship, while appealing, is not something she entertains (while sober).

Being a counselor, Bernadette is actually quite skilled at dealing with people. She’s very serious about her job, and she cares about her patients deeply, but not deeply enough to become conflicted in her work. She is also quick to befriend people, and it’s hard, but possible, to get on her bad side.

All in all, she’s just a woman trying to advance in her career, leaving her social life behind.

Position: Counselor & Therapist
Experience:She’s been working at the hospital for only a year, applying for her job right after graduation.
Expertise: She spends most of her time in the ICU, helping the patients cope with their conditions in a way that doctors or nurses cannot. She does see other patients, and she can sometimes be seen in the waiting rooms on her breaks, talking to parents and spouses and children while their loved ones are being seen by a doctor.
Other Notes: Bernadette is fond of drinking, certainly, but she never drinks on the job. She has come into work terribly hung over, though.

History: She was born and raised in Brussels, and she had a nice, stress-free childhood. Her parents were kind, and fully supported her decision to study in America. She moved, all alone, at 18, and studied in Texas for two years before transferring to a school in New England. (She just couldn’t stand the heat.) After graduating, she decided she wanted to move to California, and she applied for a job at Axis Memorial right after she arrived in the state. Luckily for her she got the job, and didn’t have to live on the street.

Other Important Info: None at the moment.

Roleplay Sample: One thing Bernadette liked about her job was that she didn’t have to wear a uniform. One thing she hated about her job was that she didn’t have to wear a uniform. She scowled at her closet, crossing her arms. Really, she was envious of the nurses and doctors some times. They could just show up to work in scrubs, and nobody would care. But she had to go through her closet and pick out clothing, and she had to make sure it was appropriate. She couldn’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt, or with excessive amounts of bared skin.

She sighed, pulling her towel around her tighter. She had only half an hour before she had to leave for work, and she didn’t have the slightest clue what to wear. Sometimes, she wished she had just studied nursing, or had become a technician. Then she could still be helping people, and not have to care about her clothes. She rubbed her cheek, pulling out a simple blouse and giving it a once over. This would have to do. Now, to find some pants…
15 minutes later Bernadette was getting dressed, forgoing the pants for a simple black pencil skirt, and she had chosen a different blouse. At least she was ready for work, heading out the door after grabbing her purse. And she wasn’t going to be late!

Of course, she hadn’t remembered about the traffic.


Name: Amanda
Timezone: GMT -6
MSN/AIM;etc: so_indeed@live.com / sandshrews
You read the rules, right?:Of course~! My favorite color is orange. C:
Anything else?: Nope! Not that I can think of. I apologize if my application is completely atrocious.
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PostSubject: Re: Bernadette van Aldeniek (Belgium)   Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:10 am

Yaaaay you mentioned New England...I am a dork shhh. Counselor and therapist is a cute idea! I have a feeling more than patients will be wanting to see you hahaa. You are accepted! Please register and feel free to start posting. I look forward to seeing you around~
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Bernadette van Aldeniek (Belgium)
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