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 Barbarians: Judgement of Ahnak

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Kouri Bloodstrom

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PostSubject: Barbarians: Judgement of Ahnak   Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:49 pm

Name of forum: Barbarians: Judgement of Ahnak

Rating: Mature (Its Barbarian's for god sakes x3)

System: The system works on Forumotion's dice and can be easily understood throughout the course of reading our topics on the combat and how to use the dice and other such things. We use a System of HP, MP, Strength, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Accuracy, and Speed to handle combat and other such things. DM's or Dungeon Masters, will handle running specialized quests and other such things to help a person or group get stronger and overall we plan to just have good fun.

Information: ~Whispers of an ageless past still ring today...~

A story children, of time long past, of actions that helped mold the current world, and adventures that you could only dream of. This story takes us back to the year 220 BC years before you or I even existed or were even thought of. This story takes us to the land known as Kotanak, a land uncivilized for the most part, and home to many known as 'barbarians'. These barbarians hold fast in many tribes across the land of Kotanak, however very few ever make a name for themselves before they simply fade into the distance as naught but a memory. Our story focuses in on a single man who had made known himself throughout the years as the King of Barbarians. This man's name is Lugnar.

~A man once held high, if not watched careful, can fall into darkness~

Lugnar was a valiant man whom made a name of himself in the war of Kremlin by killing the king of Kremlin and displaying his head across the walls for the entire army to see. As a reward Lugnar was given the right to become king of his homeland, Kurr. Kurr was a place far secluded by the mountains away from the main capital located in the middle of the country Kotanak. It was here that Lugnar found darkness, A darkness that quickly overcame his heart and caused him to fall from his valiant ways and become a dark and tyrannical ruler. Soon he had arisen an army full of dark beings, corrupted humans, and other forms of dark demonic creatures that rivaled that of even the capital city.

~One man could change destiny for millions~

Soon after gaining his power and his army, he turned against the true King and attacked the capital city of Garburou. Those who were still allied with Garburou took up arms once more to combat the 'Demon King' Lugnar as he had been so far titled. Lugnar took out enough of his enemies to expand his country to the entire northern border. Now the entire country is locked in a boundless war that is sure to make rise to new heroes, and powerful stories for those whom wield the audacity to make themselves known. The stories are bountiful and the chances many will you take the chance to make yourself known in the land of Kotanak?

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Barbarians: Judgement of Ahnak
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