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 Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain Application

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PostSubject: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain Application   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:05 pm


Full Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Age: 27
Birthday: February 27
Gender: Male
Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Moderately tall with warmly tanned skin and shining green eyes, Antonio is about as healthy as a person can get. He's definitely toned, not like a body builder but more like a swimmer. He has short brown hair that is the essence of what it means to have bed head. Often times Antonio will simply roll out of bed, run a hand through his hair, and go about his day with no thought to what his hair looks like to other people. He wears light, airy clothing to keep himself moderately warm on hot sunny days. Clean shaven and retaining just the slightest bit of baby fat even after all these years, Antonio is often mistaken for being much younger than he really is. No one in their right minds could say that Antonio was in any way shape or form feminine though.

Antonio is the type of person one will always see with a smile. He never lets anything faze him - in fact, seems to not even notice that something should have fazed him in the first place - and he treats everyone like they're his friend. Few people can say they've seen the darker side of the Spaniard, and those who have dearly wish they had never seen it in the first place. To everyone else though, Antonio is a fun loving oblivious man who never notices the tense atmosphere unless it's pointed out to him. He can be serious, he just has to be told he needs to be. Some would claim that he's faking this oblivious attitude, and Antonio certainly wouldn't deny that, but he also would never say that it's true.

Staying loyal to his nature, Antonio is most comfortable outside working in a garden or even just laying on the grass with a book of some kind, enjoying the feel of the earth beneath him and the sun keeping him warm and relaxed. He loves his garden, more than almost anything in the world, and having to move away from it to come here saddened him greatly. However, Antonio isn't one to stay upset for long and as such he's already planning out a new garden.

He's an intelligent man who doesn't lack for confidence, practically shining with it. Of course, that doesn't mean he doesn't have moments of insecurity, but when he does he's easily able to overcome them and move on with his life. His pride and joy is his skill with plants, and insulting that ability is the easiest way to make him feel insecure about himself. However, he has some trouble separating out insults and just regular remarks and thus isn't easy to insult.

Antonio's temper is very difficult to spark. Some would say that he has no temper at all, those this is incredibly untrue. Antonio is slow to anger, but when he does reach that point it's like an earthquake was in progress, his temper striking fast and hard and leaving a brutal mess behind to deal with. He knows very well what happens when he loses his temper, which is partly responsible for the way he acts now.

A broken and fractured leg, as well as various gashes over his body which are slowly healing.
+ An inability to walk
+ Blood loss and the weakness that goes with it
+ The occasional ruptured stitches when he gets a little too enthusiastic
Antonio had been driving along an empty road during the night, trying to get used to driving on the left side of the road instead of the right, when an animal jumped into the road and startled him enough for him to drive off of the road and straight into the tree. Seven hours later, he was nestled into Axis Memorial’s adult wing with a wheelchair of his very own and a litany of cuts that would eventually scar.

Antonio was born to a not-so wealthy family in the middle of Barcelona, the youngest of three. His older siblings were all out of the house and earning their own ways by the time he was old enough to understand just what it meant to actually have a sibling. Thus, for all intents and purposes he was raised an only child with many distant relatives.

When he turned nine, his parents sat him down and explained that sometimes, two people who fell in love fall out of love and they got divorced so they could find someone they did love. The next day, Antonio moved with his father to Madrid, away from his mother and cousins. This experience left him jaded and upset with the very idea of marriage, and for the next six years he systematically destroyed every relationship his father got into.

This, as well his less than pleasant attitude over the years, lead to one of the biggest fights Antonio and his father got in to. For the first time, Antonio lost his temper and the fight turned physical, resulting in his father having to be hospitalized with a broken spine. Horrified at what he did, Antonio pushed down his temper, deciding that he would never lose control of it again.

To aid with this process, he adopted his oblivious outlook on life and spent the rest of his high school days perfecting it. While some say this was a mistake on his part, Antonio would just have to look at his father's wheel chair to remind himself of why he was doing this.

Graduating high school, Antonio attempted to visit his mother only to discover that she wasn't as "out of love" with his father as she had said and died almost literally of a broken heart when Antonio was sending his father to the hospital. Devastated, the Spaniard lost his temper with his father again, this time for not being told that his mother had died. This time Antonio ran away before he could injure his only remaining parent.

He threw himself into college, not really knowing what he wanted to do but knowing that if he could distract himself well enough than he wouldn't be forced to mourn for the lose of his mother and the destruction of the relationship he had with his father. He quickly gravitated towards the subjects having to do with children and taking care of them, and resolved to become a teacher.

Just two years after he started his college education, he received a scholarship to a school an America which had the good fortune of being close enough to the home of one of his siblings. Antonio decided to take this opportunity and moved to America. Completing his education there, he got a job teaching Spanish to students and continued living with his brother - who lived close enough to a bus station that he never needed to learn how to drive - until he was 26 and his brother decided he needed to live on his own.

Because of this, Antonio began the process of learning to drive. He was close enough to his test that he felt confident that he could drive by himself on an empty road, and thus did so. Unfortunately, this confidence was ill founded and ended in the incident that left him in the hospital.

Roleplay Sample:
For the first time in over twenty-four hours, Antonio felt no stress. He was free! Free from being a student, stuck in doors all day away from his precious plants and the feel of the wind blowing over his face. Taking a deep breath as he walked outside, he quickly abandoned his shoes and started running over the nearest field, making sure to quick his shoes under a bush just to make sure they stayed safe and no one stole them.

Not that he thought anyone would! But the last time he had done this he had gone back to no shoes at all and it had really hurt his feet walking back home. People tended to throw their empty bottles on the ground for no reason and a lot of them were glass. It had taken his feet a while to feel better after that. So Antonio was going to let the bush protect his shoes from anything that might happen to them, even if that meant a squirrel might try eating them.

Shaking the thought from his head, the Spaniard threw his bag into the shade of a tree and started rolling on the grass, relishing in the feel of it brushing against his skin. As he rolled he managed to strip himself of his shirt and socks, leaving only his pants behind. He would have stripped off his pants as well, but the last time that happened things had not ended pleasantly for him. People didn't seem to under stand that feeling the earth was one of the greatest things ever. He felt they were just too attached to their pants.

Absently rubbing the small little marking on his belly, Antonio basked in the feel of the earth against his back and the sun warming his front. While he honestly didn't care if there was sun or not so long as the plants grew, he had to admit that he preferred warm days because sunshine just felt so much better than rain. Unless it had been really really hot, in which case rain was a welcome guest.

He quickly dozed off, glad to finally be finished with school and to not have anymore responsibilities until the new academic year began. Until then, he was content to laze about doing what he did best. And no one was going to stop him.


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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo // Spain Application
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