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 Lars Hofstee // The Netherlands [WIP]

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Doctor Dutchman

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PostSubject: Lars Hofstee // The Netherlands [WIP]   Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:30 pm

(( Out of town for the weekend. Will finish this when I come back~ <3 ))


Full Name:
Lars Hofstee


26th of July



Appearance: what do they look like?

One look at the guy will already tell you that Lars is not a person you want to mess with. Being tall, muscular and straight-faced, he often comes across as rather intimidating. He never had a problem with this himself though. He is very direct in both words and actions to the point people might consider him as rude. He isn’t the most talkative out of all people though, as he believes actions say more than words.

You wouldn’t say it at first, but once you get to know him he’s a good guy. You’d have to make the effort to push past his uncaring exterior first, but those who manage to get a place in this guy’s heart have a good friend. And, believe it or not, he can actually be rather sweet sometimes.

Lars is a hard worker. It’s not like him to slack off while doing something (that is, unless he really doesn’t want to do it). Once he set is mind to it, he’ll finish it no matter what. He is stubborn and clings to his goals a bit more than he should, perhaps. He lives a fast-paced life and doesn’t like wasting time on anything longer than necessary. The sooner something’s done, the sooner he can get on with something else. For him that’s the way the world works, and it’s the most productive way, too.

He has a talent for business and dealing with money. Though he is a bit of a cheapskate as well. When he buys something expensive, he will try to haggle and refuses to go above a certain price. You could say it’s like a game to him, pushing the boundaries, seeing how far he can go and what methods work best.

He likes to be physically active. During a game he won’t go easy on people. He likes to get rough. Fights are often just a game to him. This attitude occasionally ends in him unintentionally hurting someone. Sometimes he doesn’t even realize he hurt them and thinks they’re just a sore loser. He is a bit of a sore loser himself as well. He is pretty competitive, especially when it comes to sports.

Lars can be a bit of a pervert sometimes. If he’s checking someone out, age isn’t really important to him. He has been seen with lovers who were much younger than himself. Though contrary to popular belief, he does take care not to go under a certain age and makes sure it’s consensual. While he is generally rather rough, he can be surprisingly gentle when he’s with a (potential) partner.

Still, he has a bit of trouble with expressing his emotions properly. He doesn’t feel the need to talk about them much either. He figures he’ll make his actions talk for him, but sometimes that’s not what the situation needs. Once a conversation gets to a certain personal level, he can get really awkward really fast.

He is fluent in the language of sarcasm. He often uses this to hide he’s uncomfortable in a situation, to distance himself from a certain situation/person, or just when he thinks someone said something incredibly stupid.

Despite his tough exterior, Lars has a few hobbies and interests that are considered all but manly. For example, he owns a pet rabbit, likes to work in the garden and reads romantic poetry. But honestly, he doesn’t particularly care what others think about it. It’s not like that many people know about those either, since he’s not a person to brag about every little detail in his life.

Lars has a certain confidence about him, or arrogance, depending on the person you ask. He is also pretty prideful and doesn’t take it kindly if someone decides to insult or hurt something that is dear to him.

Position: doctor, nurse, janitor, etc
Experience: how long have you been working here?
Expertise: specialize in anything? surgery? with kids? whatever~
Other Notes:

History: doesn't need to be an essay, but more than a paragraph please. tell us about their life. motivations. how they became who they are today.

Other Important Info: anything else we should know?

Roleplay Sample:
Quote :
(( From a historical RP ))

The winter of 1944 – 1945, the Hungerwinter

It had literally been a few years since he’d gotten a decent night of sleep. As Netherlands creaked an eye open he rolled onto his back. His bed was hard and the room was cold. He moved his sore body out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen. The cupboards were empty, as usual. He knew there wouldn’t be a crumb to be found anywhere, he just looked out of habit.

Netherlands glanced to the side, meeting his reflection in a mirror that hung from the wall of the small apartment. He truly was a sight to behold. His clothes were damaged and not nearly warm enough for the season. They hung loosely over his frame, which was way too thin for a man of his size. Netherlands sighed and looked down, not wanting to look at himself any longer. The war and the hunger of his people had definitely left its marks on him. It hurt to look at. Him, a nation once so great, reduced to this.

Despite it being a exceptionally cold winter, he had stopped feeling the cold two weeks ago. He didn’t know whether he was just too cold to feel anything else, or if the pains and rashes from the war overpowered the freezing feeling. His body hurt constantly from the many battles being fought on his soil. He had bruises all over, and the wound that the bombing of Rotterdam left didn’t show any signs of healing yet. He could still feel the resistance of his people, but it was lessening a bit every day. He feared the day that feeling would stop altogether. He heard rumours of the Allied forces trying to push Germany back and liberate the countries currently in his grasp. He could only hope they would be in time.

He picked up his scarf, wrapped it around his neck. He grabbed the shovel that stood next to the door and stepped outside. It was still dark outside. The streets were empty, apart from a few people quickly making their way to wherever they needed to be, using the cover of the darkness. Netherlands made his way to the nearby fields of a farm. He remembered how these fields used to be covered in a sea of beautiful tulips, in every colour you could imagine. When he closed his eyes he could still see them, he could almost smell their sweet scent and feel their soft petals. But as soon as he opened his eyes again there was nothing but bare, frozen land. There were holes in the ground from where the people had dug up the tulips bulbs. There was little hope there were any left, but Netherlands didn’t know where else to search for food. So took the shovel in a tight grip and started to dig at a spot that seemed mostly untouched.

The ground was cold and hard, and covered in snow. The humans couldn’t dig through the frozen ground anymore. He himself was weakened as well, but still stronger than the average human. Slowly but surely he broke through the frozen dirt. Sweat ran across his forehead and down his back. His hands hurt from hours of digging, and the constant hunger he felt made him dizzy.

His face lit up when he saw something between some loose earth in the hole he had created. It was covered in dirt, still stuck in the ground, but it was definitely enough to make the Netherlands dig with renewed energy. It didn’t take him long to get it out of the ground. He wiped off most of the dirt, and yes, in his hands he held a small tulip bulb. He never thought he could be so happy to see a single measly tulip bulb, but right now it meant the world to him. He brought it to his lips, planting a small kiss on it before putting it in his pocket.

He rested for a moment before heading back home. Something caught his eyes as he walked back towards his apartment. It was a young woman trying to quiet down her crying daughter in the streets. The girl was about ten years old. She looked cold. It wouldn’t have surprised him if the tears on her little cheeks froze on the spot.

Over the centuries he had seen his people hurt many times. Though never did it hurt any less. Quite on the contrary, it only seemed to hurt him more every time. He was responsible for these people, and here he got himself occupied by another country.

But even though he couldn’t do much about the Germans right now, there were some thing he still could do to help his people. And as long as he could do that, he would.

He approached the woman and her child. When she noticed him at first, she seemed a bit fearful, pulling her little girl close. He realized he must be somewhat odd looking, a man even thinner and more battered looking than anyone else, carrying a shovel through the streets. He didn’t lose eye contact with the woman while walking towards her, which somehow seemed to calm her down a bit. Netherlands knelt down next to the little girl and put down his shovel. He took off his scarf and wrapped it around the child’s neck, who stopped crying and looked at him with large eyes. He offered her a small smile.

As he stood up, he took the tulip bulb out of his pocket. He took the woman’s hand and wrapped her fingers around the bulb. She looked at him as if he was crazy, giving away food and clothes in this time. “Thank you.” She said in a soft voice.

Netherlands gave her a nod, picked up his shovel and resumed walking. When he glanced back at them over his shoulder he saw the little girl waving at him. At that moment he knew he had done the right thing. He could make do with a bit of food and clothing less. Taking care of his people was more important. They were his future, after all. He didn’t know what kind of future, but he hoped it was bright. And hoping was all he could do now.


Free, Lars, Ned, whatever suits your fancy.


PM me if you want it. ^^

You read the rules, right?:
They would’ve been better if they were in orange~.

Anything else?:
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Lars Hofstee // The Netherlands [WIP]
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