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 Canada/Matthew Williams Application

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PostSubject: Canada/Matthew Williams Application   Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:44 pm


Full Name: Matthew Williams
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: 1st of July
Gender: Male

Matthew is overall, pretty average looking, at least in his opinion. He looks pretty weak due to his inability to really exercise. He's tall, and rather thin despite eating large quantities of pancakes, poutine and other fattening foods (it's his constitution; he expects to have some kind of beer belly when he hits his forties, like some other men do). He has a nerdy look about him, what with his poor posture, and general appearance of an awkward teenager with glasses and a head of rather unruly, curly blond hair. They're soft even if he doesn't do much with it, besides washing it.
His face is rather feminine in shape, with full cheeks and an angular chin. He has a straight nose,its tip slightly upturned. On either side of the bridge of his nose, are small marks where his glasses have made their permanent resting place on his face. He's quite fond of his eyes; they're an odd shade of blue which make him think he's special. He loves the feeling of being unique and stand out in some ways. Another thing that makes him feel special is an odd curl falling in front of his face; he doesn't really know why he can't cut it or get it tucked back. He's used to it by now. When he takes the time to think of it it still strikes him as odd.
When it comes to his clothes, he tends to wear simple comfortable things. He loves to wear hoodies and rather baggy jeans, it helps him look like he's got some flesh on those bones*He also has a passion for clothes with maple leaves on them, as they remind him of Canada and show his patriotism. He also would rather wear discreet clothes over fancy, flashy things. He tends to like sleeping wearing a hockey jersey and his boxers only, showcasing his huge love for the sport.
When he needs to dress up, he usually chooses simplicity over fashion, once again; a simple dress shirt over some nicer, more fitting jeans or black pants do the trick for him. However he will wear a suit if it's really required, even if it probably isn't the nicest one ever.

If you even notice Matthew, the first thing that will strike you is how quiet he is. He doesn't like to draw attention to himself, and isn't good at starting a conversation so he'll more likely be the wallflower. He'll sit there listening quietly. When he does talk his voice level is usually pretty low which leads to people not notice he actually joined in the conversation. His quietness is partly due to him being really scared of his condition; as a kid he once had an attack after shouting, which made him afraid of talking too much or too loudly just in case it may worsen his state.
Often being overlooked by his peers causes much frustration. He does want to make friends and join in discussion, and hates how he can't speak up. He'll usually take his anger out in passive aggressive fits; instead of telling people their fault directly, he'll remember it all, pile it up and get back to them by being late during a project, being a bit snarky all of a sudden... Sometimes if it's too much he'll snap and go on long rants. He is known for once ranting over three hours, reminding the other party their every, normally overlooked faults, only stopping when someone else brought to his attention that he made them cry.
Most of the time however he'll be a nice and helpful young man; he doesn't like violence at all and will help people out whenever it's needed, making him a bit of a pushover;he believes the attention is worth it. He supports some causes such as the preservation of polar bears (he's fond of them and owns a polar bear plush he refuses to let go of, it's his best friend in his mind and he tends to talk to it often). The fight for humans right and a greener world is close to his heart and he will try his best to help out, by giving some of his allowance to serious associations or actively spreading it online(he'd participate outside but his little invisibility problem forbid him to do it).
He tends to spend some time sulking about himself too; He's sure he tried everything and will have moments when he gives up, though he'll soon be better and act like nothing happened. He sometimes cries when stress piles up too much though he feels ashamed of it, being a man, and would rather it didn't happen. Or at least only happened when he was alone and sure nobody would notice it.
When it comes to human contact,once he's noticed, he takes a little time to really open up, scared they'll leave him and forget him due to his time spent in hospital seeing the few friends he made there be released before him and never visit afterward. Though once he's attached to someone he'll be extremely loyal, ready to help with anything (given it's not awfully wrong) and get quite friendly, hugging them quite often to express how much he likes them and is happy to have them. He was raised to be a gentleman and will often try to open door for girls or be careful of them. He'll tend to brush it off as “normal”, being a rather modest person. He's rather polite by default and if times come he needs to swear, he'll try to replace bad words with “maple”. Of course everyone slips sometime. He may startle people when making his presence known and creep them out by sneaking on them without really intending to.
When it comes to his preferences, he rather enjoys quiet activities such as reading or watching movies. He's also able to speak both French (Quebecois, and he doesn't appreciate you making fun of his accent) and English and enjoys discussing the languages on internet. He supposes he's bisexual, since he doesn't really see a problem with either girls or boys, though he'd rather take it slowly, being a romantic at heart. If his loved one happens to be a man, he'll probably prefer to not be too obnoxious about his relationship to avoid trouble.
He tends to look a bit creepy sitting alone in his corner watching other people but doesn't always notice he is, given he's quite awkward socially. He'll apologize a lot if someone says there's something he does they don't like, and work hard to make himself accepted; his main goal in life right now is to make friends.
Diagnosis: Brittle Asthma (Type 1)
Symptoms: -Difficulty to breath
-Tightness in the chest
-Sudden, unexpected attacks (often really severe)

Incident: Matthew went to watch a hockey game, got a little too excited causing a rather serious asthma attack, leading to him being rushed here.
Other Notes:He's really scared he may die from this illness and tend to panic when he gets an attack.


Matthew was born in Quebec, in the nice town of Montreal. His first years were pretty peaceful despite how he sometimes had some problems with his breathing. His parents were usually nice, even if they had a tendency to forget all about him; He was a rather nice and quiet kid so they didn't have to worry about him too much. However, after moving to another small town in Saskatchewan, he started having more issues breathing and discovered he had asthma. The fact the winter were colder and the rural area had more pollen during spring didn't help. He tended to get bullied and pushed around quite often in elementary and middle school, making him even more of a shy person. He kept on working hard in school to maintain good grades but didn't talk to others much, never really making good,lasting friends.

After several serious attacks leading him to the hospital, his parents decided to move in order to sign him up in a new high school closer to a good hospital. His school life was harder due to his breathing trouble, his asthma now required him to take something at least once a day if not more. It was a shame since he really enjoyed hockey and couldn't play without risking a serious attack. He managed to go to university for a while studying Canadian history, even if his dream job would have been to be a veterinarian; He couldn't do it due to allergies,animal hair making his asthma more troublesome.

Other Important Info:
-own a stuffed polar bear named Kumajiro and gets really depressed if it's taken away; it's his only comfort.
-He tends to talk to said plush. He'll swear it talks back (which might make other people creeped out once again; his sanity is put in doubt when he does that)
-Good cook, he especially enjoy making pancakes.
-Always manage to carry a bottle of maple syrup on his person.
-Collect things representing a beaver, since he finds them rather cute and reminds him of home. He hides it though since it's rather girly in his opinion and he's definitely not a girl.

Roleplay Sample:
The Canadian was smiling to himself, burying his nose in his maple leaves themed scarf as he waited outside the ice rink to get his ticket. This was going to be great. Ever since his parents and him moved here, near one of the best hospital due to his health problems, he hadn't been able to go out much; He didn't have friends, not being really good at making himself notified and having a problem with them thinking he was someone else (which was, in his mind, not only really degrading but also really upsetting; plus it also hurt physically sometimes when they decided that other person around here who looked like him was a dick who needed a good beating.). When he actually talked to people they tended to forget about him or get busy and never invite him. Beside, if you asked him, going out dancing wasn't the most interesting thing to do ever and he'd rather stay home and read a book. He was always afraid to have an attack and have people around him panick, while it was really unlikely to happen if he stayed home escaping through reading.

Today however was different; the town was hosting a hockey game on the local ice rink and the team he cheered for back in Canada, the Toronto Maple leafs, were the guests. He had asked his parents to let him go, they allowed him, and he was now standing in queue waiting to get in. He payed for his ticket finally, getting more excited, his heart beating faster in his chest as he found his seat, one on the front row not far from one of the net. With a bit of luck, the other team would have it first and third period, allowing him to see his team score from really close.

As the game went on, he cheered, feeling the happiest he'd been in what felt like forever, being one with the crowd surrounding him. However as they reached the third and last period, he got a bit too excited. Suddenly, as someone got body-checked against the glass in front of him, he felt his breath cut short, mimicking against his will the man pressed against the walls violently. His eyes widened as he tried not to panic, looking for his medication frantically before collapsing rather spectacularly, hating it already but hoping for help as he couldn't find much air in his lungs anymore, wheezing and coughing as the pain spread in his chest. He ended up blacking out due to the lack of oxygen, his lips already turning blue-ish.

He couldn't remember much from here; when he woke up, he was already in the hospital. Which didn't change a lot; it wasn't the first time this kind of things happened, though it had been rather violent this time. He mostly felt disappointed he couldn't see the end of the game, wondering if it'd be mentioned on sports channels he had collapsed and mostly wanted to go check online for the score. He wasn't worried much about what would happen to him; it was always the same thing.


Name:I don't think you'll use that info, but I'm Marie.
MSN/AIM;etc: I'll send it by PM preferably, once I know you.
You read the rules, right?: I did.I like red.
Anything else?:I'm not a native speaker so I might sometime have awkward wording, I do hope it's not too noticeable though. I hope we'll get along 'w'
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Canada/Matthew Williams Application
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