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 Just a quick snack [Open]

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Aldrich Beilschmidt


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PostSubject: Just a quick snack [Open]   Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:36 pm

Aldrich disliked using the gift store, it was somewhat over-priced and inconvenient, all the way out in the lobby. However, he hated the cafeteria more, and the vending machines in the staff lounge were even more expensive. Today, he didn’t really have a break, he was working in the emergency room, and had been given ten minutes off, which was as good a break as he could hope for, really, and since the gift shop was close, it was there he had dashed off to buy himself a drink and a granola bar or something of the sort.

As he stepped in, he looked around, having never really done that before. He needed something to buy a young leukaemia patient of his who was having surgery next week, and he wanted to buy her something for being as brave as she had been, and to cheer her up too. He made a quick note of a doctor plushie and went up to the drinks cabinet, taking out a soda.

After purchasing his snack, he sat on a chair outside the gift shop, next to the flowers as they gave a better smell than that of the hospital and closed his eyes trying, for at least a brief moment to relax.

It wasn’t easy, particularly when someone sat themselves down next to him. He hoped they didn’t want a conversation.
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Just a quick snack [Open]
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