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 Alfred F. Jones Application!

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PostSubject: Alfred F. Jones Application!    Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:38 am

Alfred F. Jones

Full Name: Alfred F. Jones
Age: 25
Birthday: July 4th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Odell, Illinois

Alfred stands at a nice height of 5'9.6 centimetres, and caries himself on a slim frame. If you squint you might see that he has muscles. He has light blond hair that turns slightly darker down by the tips. It is parted somewhat off to the right, and has an unusual cowlick that sticks up at the front between the part of hair. Due to being short sighted, he normally wears glasses but may be seen wearing contacts once in a while(which is almost never.) over his bright and enthusiastic blue eyes.

During work hours, he loves to spice up his outfit by putting on one of his many crazy ties. Superheros, Aliens, Mickey Mouse. You name it, he most likely owns it. Out of the work place he can be a suave sophisticated looking young man, wearing a traditional bomber jacket(with a 50 on the back) that his Grandpa gave him. Nice designer jeans and nice shoes. But that’s only when he's going out to let loose. On regular days he wears what he calls his “usual”, consisting of cowboy boots, jeans, and a button up top, and maybe a jacket.

Alfred is described as a fun loving person, with the energy of a Jack Russel puppy. He is loud and talkative. He loves to tell jokes, and get a room going, and be the centre of attention. Somehow he has no feeling of self control at points, nor does he understand the concept of boundaries. He loves everyone almost equally, and wishes to befriend everyone(especially the ladies). And once you become a true friend, you stay in his heart forever.

Despite how much he loves people, he is spacy and can be quite arrogant and cocky. Thinking a tad highly of himself when the going gets tough. He likes to show off his style and his smarts by either showing you up, or doing it completely wrong for a joke. He tends to be a leader, stepping up to the plate in the surgical room(or anywhere else) to show everyone how its done. If you happen to make a mistake, Jones is always there for help. Even if he has been a surgeon for about five years prior, he still doesn't quite know everything, but doesn't mean he still wont help you, so he can learn himself. He considers himself a hero, part of the reason why he joined in this practice in the first place. To be a hero. Once his mind is set on something, once he inside the surgical room, he plays the part of a hero. Alfred is pretty passionate about what he does. Although he tends to act like a airhead, and doesnt want to pay attention, he does, to an extent. He is said to not be able to read the atmosphere. Which can be true, depending on the situation.

Alfred loves to eat all things fas food. Burgers, freedom fries, milkshakes, chicken nuggets, onion rings, you name it! He eats it. You could say he has something of a lead belly, and will eat almost anything, and he loves it. Along with food, Alfred loves to spot UFOs and examine space. The unknown intrigues him, and he hopes to come in contact with an alien one day.... He loves to watch movies of all sorts, even if he might wet his bed in fear, he likes to watch horror movies. In fact he also likes to try and create movies in his spare time, and brags about a small short film he made in his college years.

The only fear he is willing to discuss is his fear of ghosts and paranormal activity. Even if your not really a friend, he might beg you to come over in attempts to comfort him after a scary movie. He unfortunately is oddly afraid of marmite. He hates people who break the law and go against the American dream. Like terrorists. He also is highly against drugs.

Position: Surgeon
Experience: Two days(here)
Expertise: Cardiothoracic/Cardiac surgery
Other Notes: He has had five years previous experience before coming to this hospital.

As a kid Alfred would dream endlessly about superheros, about himself being one for the people of America. He was loud and out there, exclaiming he was going to help the unfortunate at every chance he got. It was usually typical as a kid to do that, his parents thought and encouraged him to follow his dreams. So they sent him to medical school.

After four years of gruesome torture at medical school, Alfred was finally able to leave, and become an intern at the local hospital. The head of staff gave his papers a look, and wondered why such a energetic and air-headed boy had gotten such high marks after he explained everything to him, only to find out he was playing with the little bird on his desk the entire time, and paying him no attention.

The first few hectic years of his internship was spent rushing after the doctors that were teaching him. Doing odd jobs around the hospital, that weren’t in anyway related to surgery, and hitting on the girls. The last of which usually got him in some trouble. Not that he cared.
After that a young man, one of the higher ups, offered him a job opportunity. Alfred nearly dropped all his things, jumping at the opportunity. He graciously said yes, and well had to tell his parents. The hard part would be leaving them. He had such a strong bond with them, and even his brother of whom was barely noticed, or remembered. But that was soon over and he was headed into a new place with new people. It would be a shining moment in history for his new place. To have such an inspiring hero such as himself there. He was going to do such good for everyone, or so he thought.

Alfred stood on the pavement outside the front doors and stared in awe. It was much bigger than the one at home and he liked it. Meaning more to do, and more people to help. He wandered inside and took a deep breath, and looked around. It sure smelled like a hospital, and it sure sounded like one. People were waiting for the doctors and some were entering in and out. He stumbled past a family that was leaving and bounced over to the side of the entrance so he didn't block anyones way.

After a few moments to calm himself, his excitement, he wandered over to the secretary. Tapped on the desk and smiled as she turned to greet him.
“Yes, how may I assist you?” She asked and he placed his papers down and grinned. “The hero has arrived!”

Other Important Info: He loves, and regularly eats junk food and bad things.

Roleplay Sample:
This was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
“Now, everyone loves Christmas, don’t get me wrong. But I guarantee you will hate the snow. The cold, cold, wet and... Did I mention cold? Fluffy white stuff. It falls from the sky and makes everyone life miserable. BLEH!” Alfred waved his hands in distaste. Today there was a nice African girl who had gotten herself into a bad accident. Knowing she was from, and seeing how cute she was, he felt the need to help her out.

“So after me and Carlos had d-” “Uhm, Meestar Joens?” She raised a hand and tried to grab his sleeve. “Eh?” He spun around from the trek they were making to the cafeteria, to look her in the eyes. “I wan to see the snow.” Alfred blinked as she asked him, with one of the cutest smiles he might add. “A-ah but... fine, lets go see the snow!” Raising a fist in the air, he grabbed her hand and made way towards her room.

Alfred stared at her. Twirling and having fun. “Ahahah! Look! Ets so.... White!” He was astounded, by how much she was enjoying herself. How, when he asked her, she said it wasn’t cold at all. Yes he was standing there, hat, scarf and all, shivering as the white flakes fell on to his face. “White, yeah... But damn is it cooooold!!” He almost shouted in distaste. The girl was having too much fun and Alfred couldn’t help but smile at that. “Oh well, at least someone likes it. Now if only Christmas would come sooner...”


Name: Rita
Timezone: Canadian time >:I
MSN/AIM;etc: ask bitte.
You read the rules, right?: Purple.
Anything else?: rldfignkatdfphz;ermgeadsf derp derp meow meow meeeowowwowowowo derp! Out of character, in chats, msn or little chatbox thingys i usually never capitalize or anything. SORRY BRO. IF THAT OFFENDS YOUR OCD. Okay im not sorry i lied.

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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones Application!    Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:59 pm

Sorry for the wait! You are accepted. Please change your name to Alfred F. Jones and feel free to start posting around~

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Alfred F. Jones Application!
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