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 Chen, Mao (Hong Kong) repost

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PostSubject: Chen, Mao (Hong Kong) repost   Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:55 pm

This is my repost that I asked Feli if I can do about a while ago and here it is. Thanks again Daddy <3 :


Full Name: Chen, Mao “Gyaru”
Age: 23
Birthday: July 1
Gender: Male
Hometown: Beijing, China

Appearance: A medium sized young man who doesn't like showing his emotions at all. Mao is of Asian descent, his medium long black hair is parted to the left with long side bangs resting on his face. He usually wears traditional Chinese clothing or something casual depending on his mood.

Personality: He's a stoic 23 year old who keeps to himself most of the time. He thinks a lot and tends to listen more then usual. Mao refuses to speak after a certain incident and usually stays away from everyone, including his family members. He looks at his grandfather with disdain and is polite to his mother. Other then that he is never close with anyone, this includes his mother. He respects those who does the same with him, especially the people he meets that are interesting to him.

Mao likes pulling pranks with his firecrackers on those he doesn't like, especially during his arranged marriage meetings his grandfather makes him attend. He's quite simple and likes to go outside to nap under the trees.

When talking/listening to his sister Mei (when they ever meet), he is very protective of her. If something happens to her, Mao will go blood thirsty and do whatever he can to protect her. Future boyfriends beware. He basically a sister complex times ten.

Diagnosis: 2nd degree burns around his arms and legs
Symptoms: Burns, lots of burns around his body
Incident: Traveling to California for an 'educational' trip (what he told his grandfather at least), he was working with his fireworks/firecrackers, etc, for an event where some were accidentally set off in close range. The ambulance then took him the the Axis Powers Hospital to be treated for his burns.
Other Notes: He refused to talk at age 16 so he is used to not talking for years. Also it doesn't bother him anymore, nothing does really. He lost his drive once his sister left. It is not permanent and can be changed, it all depends on the interactions he has with people.

History: It all started when Mao's father disappeared during a trip to Africa to try to help the people there. Unfortunately, Mao believes his father to be dead but respects him for doing what he had to do. The family then moved to his grandfathers house and his strict rules limited what Mao could do when he was a child. Growing up, he was obedient and listened to everything he was told to do. Get good grades, study to be a doctor, no playdates with others, etc. With such limited interactions with others other then family, its no wonder the boy was so quiet and to himself. Yet, out of all his family members, he always had a soft spot for his older sister, who tried really hard to change the way she lived. To do something he never had much courage or determination to do. Even if it meant being away from her grandfathers influence and finding a place for herself. He wholeheartedly supported her and helped as best as he could. Then his life was changed at age 16, it all started when his sister ran away from home.

Once she left, Mao's life was changed. His grandfather was so angry that he let his anger out on those who remained, making stricter rules, and whatever freedom he had before was taken away from him. It was a few years later that he decided to change the way he lived, just like his sister did. He stopped listening to what his grandfather said most of the time and would've left as well if his mother was not in that house with that man. He also refused to speak to anybody as his act of defiance and is really used to it. Mao started medical school and passed his grades perfectly but he never actually finished his schooling yet. He's actually 'taking' a break. Against his grandfathers wishes, he secretly went into pyrotechnics and found his love for explosions. Especially with firecrackers and fireworks.

His grandfather believes that he is only in a phase and will become a doctor (against his will) one day so he's only letting him do what he wants for now. Mainly for the reason that he doesn't want Mao to run away as well. Who knows what that old man thinks.

Other Important Info: But he cares about his sister a great deal. He actually has the letters that she sent the family before and it is one of his most prized possessions. One of them though was burned a bit because his grandfather threw it into the fire. But he was able to save it. (I worked with Taiwan and together we made a story to make us siblings 8D)

Roleplay Sample:

Mao sat on his chair, politely pretending to listen at the person who was to be his future bride, dictated by his grandfather. She was pretty but her personality was anything /but/ sweet. For the past ten minutes, he listened to her rant on and on about things she took for granted. Her father was richest man on Earth or how her looks attracted the finest of men. He couldn't see what was so attractive of her in the first place, her shallowness must've ruined it all. If he hears her brag about how she buys her little dog Pookie a spa treatment, it would be too soon. She's lucky Mao still refuses to speak or she would've ran away crying. Then again, what he was about to do probably would do the same thing really. And that made him smile a little in the inside.

“What's that noise?” her whiny voice annoying him for the very last time. Mao shrugs as the firecrackers behind her was lighted. He sat there calmly as she looked confused. What happened next made his day. The firecrackers started to go off and his future bride shrieked in terror. She jumps up from her spot and runs away, cursing at her luck and screaming for her daddy. Mao takes out his notebook and writes a check mark of victory on his latest victim. The third one of his future fiances. His grandfather was going to get angry with him for driving another girl away, but that was fine with him. He doesn't care anymore.


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PostSubject: Re: Chen, Mao (Hong Kong) repost   Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:21 pm

Alrighty! I moved your old application to the dropped/rejected section so people wouldn't eb confused~

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Chen, Mao (Hong Kong) repost
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