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 William Green

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PostSubject: William Green   Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:01 pm


Full Name: William (Will) Green
Age: 21 going on 22
Birthday: February 6
Gender: Male
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Appearance: Will is 5'9" tall, and has chin-length straight blond hair with long bangs swept to one side of his head. His hair also has a spiral curl on each side of his head that just won't straighten out no matter how hard he tries. He has green eyes, and eyebrows that are a little larger and thicker than you'd expect but somehow they suit him.

His build is a little on the slim side, and his lack of visible strength made people underestimate him on the sports field, but they soon learned that he was stronger than they expected. He prefers to dress in casual clothing, and he only wears formal clothing when he absolutely has to.

Personality: When he was well he was reasonably outgoing and friendly, and made friends with people fairly easily. He believes a lot of things can be dealt with through humour, and he will joke around with you if he knows you can handle it, and will apologise if he offends you in the process. He's not a huge fan of arguments unless they're important, and tries to avoid them with more jokes. Hes also a kind and helpful person who will help anyone, but is reluctant to ask for help for himself as he views needing help as a weakness. It isn't true, of course, but it's what he believes.

Will also has a lot of pride, and it's his pride that prevented him from seeking help for the narcolepsy in the first place as he'd rather keep carrying on for as long as possible before admitting he needed help with anything, even if that anything is his own health.

Diagnosis: Undiagnosed narcolepsy, and injuries from being hit by a car.
  • Finds it incredibly difficult to stay awake in the daytime, and falls asleep often.
  • Two broken legs.
  • Broken left arm.
  • Cracked ribs.

Incident: Will fell asleep while crossing the road, and got hit by a car. The fate of his groceries, however, is unknown.
Other Notes: As he thought the extreme fatigue he had been experiencing was something that'd pass (like a temporary illness or something) he'd avoided seeing a doctor about it. He tried to self-medicate with caffeine to stay awake, but he's become used to it and he's right back where he started.


Will grew up in a fairly happy household with his parents and his brothers, and the one constant in his life growing up was sport. He was playing rugby in the winter as soon as he was big enough to do so, and touch rugby in the summer. He didn't mind cricket either. He played rugby and touch rugby for his school right through intermediate and secondary school.

The beginnings of the extreme fatigue that eventually put Will in hospital started in his last year of secondary school as a minor niggle, and Will ignored it as it wasn't affecting his schoolwork or his sport. He found that he needed to sleep a bit more at night, but that was about it. When he finished school he decided he wanted to see more of the world, but only got as far as the United States. He found a job and a place to live fairly quickly, and his condition worsened over time. He had to give up playing sport, and eventually it affected his ability to work. Finally his boss gave him a paid leave of absence a week before Will's accident in the hopes that the time away and rest would help him either regain his health or find out what was wrong with him. Unfortunately it didn't work out so well for him...

Other Important Info: Will has a tendency to ignore just about anything health-related as long as he can pick himself up and keep moving on out of sheer stubbornness. And he has a tendency to play down problems too, and insists he's all right when he's not.

Roleplay Sample:

"Th-thanks, mate." Will's body swayed a little as he picked up his groceries and slowly walked out of the convenience store. He heard the shopkeeper urging him to go home and get some rest, and resisted the urge to respond that he'd had a full 12 hours sleep last night, thank you. It wasn't his business how much Will had or hadn't slept anyway, though come to think of it, he couldn't remember the last time he felt fully awake during the daytime. He told himself as he had many times before that if he just carries on it'll be okay, and surely he'll feel better tomorrow.

He stopped to cross the road, and looked both ways. It was completely clear of traffic, and he started to walk across the road. As he walked across the road, his eyelids began to grow heavy, and he tried to walk faster, but his legs wouldn't speed up! He couldn't fall asleep now, and it's not safe to sleep in the middle of the road! His eyes closed completely, and that was when he first heard the car horn. He tried to force his eyes open and move faster, but he couldn't! If anything, his legs were coming to a halt, and the last thing he heard before sleep claimed him completely was the car's horn drowning out everything else.

He woke up and found himself looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. He yawned and realised his legs really, really hurt. So did his chest and one of his arms, for that matter. He used his good arm to help himself sit up slowly, and winced at the pain in his chest. He looked down at his legs and saw that he'd broken both of them.



Name: Zea
Timezone: GMT+12
MSN/AIM;etc: AIM: toomuchsheep
You read the rules, right?: Blue!
Anything else?:
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PostSubject: Re: William Green   Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:53 pm

Zea, I am so happy that you decided to apply! Sorry for the long wait on getting to look at your application. You are accepted, of course! I love the way you play New Zealand, and I feel so bad for what you made happen to him here, poor thing! Like I said on MSN, at least he will have some car injury buddies in the least. Please make an account with the name Willam Green, and feel free to start posting, and introduce yourself in the introductions forum. We also have a chatbox at the bottom on the homepage, and an MSN group if you want to join us on that. I look forward to seeing your around~
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William Green


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PostSubject: Useful things   Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:00 am

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PostSubject: Re: William Green   

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William Green
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