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 Heracles Karpusi

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PostSubject: Heracles Karpusi    Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:53 am


Full Name: Heracles Karpusi
Age: 27
Birthday: March 25
Gender: Male
Hometown: Athens, Greece

Appearance: He's 5 ft 11 inches tall and somewhat muscular, with slightly tanned skin and wavy brown hair. His eyes are teal colored and he likes to wear clothes that are comfortable. He dislikes the uniform he wears for the hospital but understands that it's necessary.

Personality: He's quiet and very blunt; he doesn't really understand that there are certain things you shouldn't say to people when they're in the hospital. He doesn't get riled easily, but when he does it's explosive.

He likes to make the children he works with feel comfortable, and doesn't quite care about how the parent's feel unless it's going to make the children upset. He's very protective of his patients.

He can fall asleep anywhere and any place, and can often be seen napping when he doesn't have job to do. He's diligent though and will give the utmost attention to his patients when they need it.

Position: Pediatric nurse
Experience: He has worked in this specific hospital for about half a year now, though he's worked elsewhere.
Expertise: He's good at calming children down, and he carries cat themed sticker with him to make them smile.
Other Notes:He loves animals of all kinds, especially cats. He can often be seen with at least one cat when not at the hospital and he owns three of his own.

History: He lived with his mother in Greece until he was ten years old, at which point she died and he was shipped to an orphanage. At a young age he discovered a love for all animals, especially cats, and often took care of the orphange pet and the stray animals.

As he grew older he found that he worked well with the younger children of the orphanage and he often helped take care of them when they were sick. He was never adopted and at eighteen moved out of the orphanage, though he still went back to help with the children.

He worked in a vetrinarian's office throughout college and first worked towards a degree in vetrinarianism. However, when one of the young girls at the orpanage got extremely ill and had to be sent to the hospital, he found joy in cheering up the children in the pediatrics wing and decided to become a nurse instead.

Other Important Info: Heracles isn't quite up to snuff on his social skills when interacting with other adults and often makes them feel uncomfortable.

Roleplay Sample: Heracles smiled as he helped one of the children in the ward get used to his wheelchair. Ronald Hartford and his parents had gotten into an unfortunate car accident and while Ronald's parents had gotten away almost completly unscathed Ronald's legs had been completely shattered. Heracles had to admitt, the kid was a real tropper though. Beyond the tears at the beginning when he learned he would never walk again, he hadn't complained once.

The same could not be said of his parents though. "Oh, my poor baby." Mrs. Hartford cried, wiping at her tears. Heracles shot her a thinnly veiled annoyed look when the smile on Ronald's face faltered.

"You're doing very good Ronald, I wouldn't be surprised if you become a master at the end of the day." Heracles said, smiling down at the young boy.

Ronald smiled back, proudly displaying the gap where his two front teeth had fallen out. Thankfully, they had been baby teeth and the young boy had cheered their loss. "Thanks Mr. Karpusi! It's kind of fun riding this!" To demonstrate, Ronald sped forward quickly, earning a look from his father.

Heracles laughed, resting a hand on Ronald's head. "I wouldn't do that just yet, you might hurt someone." Ronald nodded and his parents gave him a thankful look. Heracles responded by staring at them blankly.


Name: Abby
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You read the rules, right?: I like the color blue, and yes I read the rules.
Anything else?: Not that I know of.

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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Heracles Karpusi    Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:18 am

I love how you made him a nurse! That is just...too adorable. Your application is so cute, how can I not accept it? You are accepted for sure! Welcome to the forums. Feel free to introduce yourself to us, start posting, and maybe even join us in the chat! Also, please change your username to Heracles Karpusi~
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Heracles Karpusi
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