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 Im Yong Soo [South Korea]

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PostSubject: Im Yong Soo [South Korea]   Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:33 pm


Full Name: Im Yong Soo
Age: 16
Birthday: August 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Yong Soo stands about 5’8” and is young with handsomely boyish features. He has a very expressive face and can almost always be seen with a smile. He’s got dark brown eyes that almost always appear friendly, though occasionally they will get that mischievous look that they do when he’s got a little trick up his sleeve. He keeps his dark brown, nearly black hair fairly short, not liking having to manage it every day. In fact, most days he simply wakes up, combs through it very quickly and shoves his bangs out of his face, not really caring about the style or anything at all. Though, no matter how hard he tries, there is one stubborn strand of hair that curls out no matter what he does to try and keep it down. He thinks, however, that perhaps it is meant to be there, considering the little face he could swear he sees in its curl sometimes when he looks in the mirror.

Despite his young appearance, he is actually very well toned under the folds of his hanbok due to his active lifestyle (active, that is, when he’s not sitting around playing video games). He’s sturdily built, with thin but muscular limbs. He might not seem like much of a match on first glance, but he’s definitely that stereotypical strong-but-skinny kid you’d find on a soccer team.

When he’s not wearing his hanbok, he tends to choose very comfortable, casual clothes that he can still pull off as looking stylish. He’s fond of hoodies, especially in white, blue, or red.

Yong Soo tends to be very outgoing and friendly. He loves the company of others, whether he knows them or not, and will not hesitate to butt in on a conversation that has nothing to do with him. Enthusiastic and cheerful in nature, a conversation with him is rarely dull, often filled with good humor and jokes (and the occasional innuendo). When he sees someone feeling down, he’ll often try to brighten their day with a bit of his humor. Despite his sometimes perverted chatter, he tones down is language and speaks much more formally and politely when in the presence of his elders.

In addition to simply craving the company of others, he is also very affectionate and enjoys physical contact as well. He has no problems with cuddling or caressing others, though occasionally he may go a bit too far by letting his hands wander someplace they’re not supposed to. Often, he doesn’t understand when this has offended somebody, as he personally has no problem with it and thinks physical contact is simply a way to grow closer to those you love.

He loves to be the center of attention. Once he’s found someone he likes to be around, he’ll practically cling to their side just so he can have their attention focused on him.

A bit hard-headed, Yong Soo is very stubborn, and will often resist authority. He will not, however, do this in a very serious fashion, usually just childishly refusing to do what he’s told and pouting if he’s forced to do it anyway. Though, if it is something he feels very strongly about, something that he, for instance, finds to be morally wrong, he will stubbornly stick to his resistance until he’s either persuaded the authority to change their minds or has decided on his own that he was wrong, since he is rarely convinced by others.

He believes strongly in living life the way you want: it’s too short to sit there and be a dreamer. In his opinion, someone who thinks about all the things they want to do but never actually does them is wasting their life. People should get out there and live! Be adventurous! Try new things! He has adopted this lifestyle for himself in many ways, often volunteering for projects and always wanting to be the first to try something. He has no regrets about being the guinea pig for anything. If he sees someone sitting on the sidelines, whether it be at an event or a simple conversation, he’s often the first to try and get them involved.

Though he’s young, he’s always craving knowledge, perhaps something that stems from his childish curiosity. He wants to know how things work. As a result, he can often be seen taking things apart to see how everything fits together. He’s also been known to try and invent things, or modify things he thinks are great. If he really likes something someone else has created, he will often try to take credit for it. He’s also become very tech savvy due to the large amount of time he spends playing computer and video games.

Despite being usually carefree and lighthearted, he does have a serious side. Things that he finds to be real issues are no joke to him, and once he’s theorized a solution he won’t back down from it, often sticking with his plans until the bitter end. On the occasion that he does get angry, it’s not a pretty sight to see, but it’s very hard to get him this upset since he usually just shrugs things off.

Stupidity. Broken leg, shattered knee, and a mild concussion.

-Can’t put weight on one leg.
-Occasional disorientation and dizziness.
-Sometimes loses his balance, even when on crutches.

Incident: Yong Soo was climbing a tree in an attempt to get a stuck ball out of the branches when he lost his grip and fell. He landed funny, shattering his knee and breaking his leg rather badly. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and told later that he also had a mild concussion.

Other Notes:
He blames the (imaginary) squirrel that distracted him.

Yong Soo has lived a fairly average lifestyle as a teenager: spending much of his time playing video games or messing around on his phone. He loves movies and television and spends a lot of time watching dramas, and occasionally trying to create and film his own. Despite spending much of his time doing this sort of thing though, he has kept himself physically in shape by joining the school soccer team, and also took taekwondo for a few years.

He’s a bright student and generally does well in school – keeping mostly A’s and the occasional B here or there when a class simply doesn’t capture his interest enough for him to turn in work or when he finds a class genuinely hard.

Other Important Info:
- He’s not going to want to stay on those crutches. He’ll be trying to hop on one foot down the hall and possibly down the street to look for a game store. At the very least he’ll be very wild on the crutches or hijack a wheelchair and probably get yelled at for being rowdy with it in the hallways.

-He has a strange habit of saying ‘da-ze’. He’s not quite sure why this habit developed though.

-He’s mentioned once or twice having a twin brother, although they don’t seem to get along…

-Also, I do play his curl as an e-zone…

Roleplay Sample:
It had been a brilliant kick – strong and well aimed – one that had sent the ball in a perfect, beautiful arc that would’ve landed it in the goal, just out of reach of the goalie’s fingertips in a real game.

Today, however, it landed the ball in the upper branches of a tree that had marked their ‘goal posts’.

“Haha!” laughed one of Yong Soo’s team mates. “You kicked it, buddy, now you gotta go get it!”

Yong Soo groaned softly before looking back up at his team mate with a grin. “Looks like that doesn’t it?” he chuckled. “Don’t worry, da-ze. I’ll have that ball back on the field in just a minute!”

Never one to turn down a challenge, the Korean bounded over to the tree energetically. Peering up into the greenness of the tree’s canopy, he could just make out the white sphere that was their soccer ball. It was lodged between two branches a good distance up. Thinking for a moment, Yong Soo pulled off one of his cleats, thinking maybe he would simply be able to knock the ball down by throwing his shoe at it. Several times he hurled his shoe up into the branches, only to discover that the foliage was too dense for him to reach the ball with a projectile. No matter how hard he tried, the shoe would always hit another branch and come tumbling back down long before it could even come close to knocking their ball loose.

Worried that soon he was going to get his shoe stuck as well, Yong Soo got another idea. His team mates were laughing at him from off to the side, amused by his awkward attempts to launch his shoe into the branches. He pulled his shoe back on, then turned to give them a mischievous glance. He wasn’t going to be the one who got their ball stuck in the tree, no. With a strong leap, he launched himself as high up as he could, grabbing one of the lower branches in one hand and using it to pull himself up.

If he couldn’t knock it out, he was simply going to climb up and get it instead! The tree was fairly old, meaning its limbs were sturdy and large enough to maneuver around easily. He scrambled up the first few branches easily, having little trouble climbing from one to the other. Once he got higher though, it began to get more difficult. The branches were smaller and closer together, so he had to choose his route carefully.

Soon enough though, he’d gotten to where he could reach one of the branches that had trapped their ball. He reached a hand out and shook the branch closest to him, shaking it a little harder until the ball rolled loose and tumbled back to his team mates below. Smiling at his success, he began to climb back down the tree in reverse.

Since it was harder to see where he was going, this was considerably more difficult. Getting his foot exactly where he wanted to go was hard to do when sometimes he was positioned at such a funny angle that he couldn’t really see it. One of his team mates yelled at him to be careful.

“Ha! Don’t worry, da ze~! I got thi—”

But, distracted by his own talking, his foot slipped as he went to place it on the next branch, and, having expected it to touch down on the branch below, he’d already removed one of his hands from the branch above him. With only half the support he’d had before, he was helpless to resist as gravity tore his other hand from the branch as he fell, knocking into just about every branch as he tumbled down to the ground, finally hitting the dirt with an awful CRACK! He cried out as pain shot up his leg, rolling over as he pulled his leg closer to himself. One of his team mates was speaking frantically into his phone, and soon enough the wail of sirens could be heard in the distance.


Name: Kyu, NK, Icy, whatever, as long as I know you’re talking to me.
Timezone: GMT-6 (US Central Time)
MSN/AIM;etc: icyskywind@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: Everything~!
Anything else?: This is my first time playing South Korea. I usually play North Korea. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Im Yong Soo [South Korea]   Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:44 pm

I really loved your application! I think this is one of the best ones for South Korea that I have read before! Poor thing, hurting his leg like that. It made me laugh how you put his diagnosis as stupidity first because I imagined one of the more serious doctors like Ludwig going "I am sorry, you have stupid."...hahaa. You are accepted! Please introduce yourself in the intros forum, and feel free to start posting! Also join us in the chatbox and MSN group so we can love on you properly. Welcome to the site!
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Im Yong Soo [South Korea]
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