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 App - Taiwan

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PostSubject: App - Taiwan   Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:13 pm


Full Name: Chen Meilan
Age: 25 years
Birthday: October 25
Gender: Female
Hometown: Beijing, China

Meilan has a notable ethnic beauty. Her dark long hair frames delicately her face, in which her eyes are what often draw the attention the most. She looks a bit younger than she actually is, which causes some confusion among some patients.
She’s fashionable and brings that to her daily work at the hospital. She keeps a more serious look while working. She also likes to put flowers on her hair, but she keeps this outdoors.

Melian is often with a kind expression and a soft smile, especially when addressing to her patients. Her delicate manners and very elegant posture, however, may hide the strong-willed and somewhat stressed woman she is.
Since young, she fights for what she wants and believes with determination, which sometimes may turn out as a rather stubborn behavior. This determination is highly connected to her reasons to become a doctor and the relationship with her family. She’s worried about what’s going on around her and pays a lot of attention to her surroundings – maybe too worried at times, which leads her to a motherly, and quite bossy, attitude towards others.
To push her around, however, is not a good idea. She likes to work in groups, but to be ordered without reason will make her angry. She dislikes excessive pressure.
In fact, much of her polite manners, concern about keeping things tidy and skill on doing house chores came from her family, probably more than she would like to admit. So is her love for medicine. She also seems to be very fond of plants and flowers.
Meilan rarely speaks about her family or personal life, especially regarding her past. To the others, it leaves the impression something might have happened. She is still unsure about which career she wants to follow, so she began her studies in general clinic to improve her skills, experience and hopefully find out what she really wants to do.

Position: Doctor
Experience: about one month
Expertise: General clinic, just started her studies in this. Still trying to figure out her career
Other Notes: none I can think of.

The assumption that Meilan may have family issues is very correct.
She comes from a traditional Chinese family which holds the medical career as one of its most precious treasures. She’s the youngest daughter in her family, with two older brothers. Her father is a doctor and her mother is the one who directly belongs to the family of doctors. Upon her father’s disappearance when he went as a volunteer to Africa, her mother went back to her family’s house with the three children. And so they started living in the main house. Her father never went back. If he was dead or alive, no one knew.
Since she was little, Meilan has been taught how to behave correctly, house chores and other activities that would lead her to become a good housewife. But she also has always had a rebellious attitude toward the formalities and patterns of the family, which became very strong when she became a teenager.
At first, she was very skeptical about the medical career, and it even looked at it with some despise. However, when she actually found more about it, she fell in love with it. For some time, she remained quite confused and unsure she was following that career because she truly liked it or she was trying to find a way to be in good terms with her family.
Her behavior bothered some members of her family, especially her grandfather - the central figure in the house – and her mother, concerned about her future. What she didn’t know was that her mother had an older brother who had fled long ago from the family and since then never came back or made real contact. With the exception of the few postcards he sent to her mother. She sent a few letters to him out of curiosity and received replies. The problem appeared when her grandfather found out and a big fight took place.
From the fight, it was decided she had to stop wandering around so freely and with no objective in life. She was a few month from graduation, so a marriage after that would be the best solution. Meilan still tried to speak her mind and openly admitted her wish to become a doctor, but not even that made her grandfather change his mind. And his word was law inside that house.
With that, Meilan made the hardest choice of her life. In the day she graduated, she ran away from home, to follow her dream. She went after her uncle, who helped her to settle in Hong Kong and start her studies in a medical school. She left one letter to her mother and brothers and sent one about one year later. She never got a reply. She didn’t send another after.
The years of medical school weren’t easy, but she managed to graduate and even get a great chance of work at Axis. In such a distant place, she would never know how close she would be put again to her family…

Other Important Info: At first, I have thought of her story considering at least China and Hong Kong as her brothers, but since China has a different story, I let this as a gap ("older brother" only). I actually talked to the new Hong Hong that will do the app, who agreed on working with the idea of the at least the two of us being siblings. The final part of my story is an indication to their meeting.

Roleplay Sample: [this sample is actually my first rp post as Taiwan in a roleplay, but I guess it's alright]
“Don’t trouble ourselves?” Taiwan asked back, sighing. “Easy to say, but...” The words died on her lips. There was no need to conclude, her concerned expression, as her clenched hands, was enough sign of how difficult that task was for her. How could she not feel troubled when their only source of information was an old parchment they could barely read and which, at the best chance, only made them all more confused about what was really going on? How could she stay at ease when their lives were being threatened, when their enemies could show up out of nowhere at any moment?

Taiwan cut that trail of thought immediately. She felt as if thinking about that would call them right there and now. In the end, China’s words were wise. What good it did to worry so much about the parchment’s content now? Only to make her more and more worried, she pondered. Maybe, once the Europeans arrived, they would gather more information that could fill some blanks the old text had left open. Taking care of Japan and Hong Kong was more urgent than worrying over unknown characters.

Still, she couldn’t help but take one more glance at the parchment, searching for any unnoticed symbol that could help them. She was in the middle of her search, her thoughts divided between that and what she could do to help the others, when a voice made her mind go empty and her body, paralyzed. The enemy... the enemy had found them. I knew it! I knew that would happen sooner or later! Taiwan mentally cursed her inability to do anything to foresee or avoid that situation. With her eyes still on the characters – which now seemed blurred and meaningless – she listened to the voice’s request quietly. So the parchment apparently was even more important then they’ve thought... not only that but the enemy didn’t seem to want them to find out the reason behind such importance. She only came out of that state when Hong Kong stood up to defy their new opponent. “Be careful, Mao!” She pleaded with a weak voice, looking at him and holding one of his hands, to then look at the stranger. Taiwan frowned. She wouldn’t accept to be like that – scared – of their enemies. No. She had to do something for her family, to protect them. And she was certain that to protect that parchment was another priority now, not only for those in that room, but for the other nations entrapped in that chaos they were thrown in.


Name: Marina
Timezone: GMT -2
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PostSubject: Re: App - Taiwan   Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:36 pm

Sorry for the late answer, since I know you submitted this last night! You are accepted! You said it is your first time as her, and I think you have a nice grasp on her character. Please make an account with the name Chen Meilan, introduce yourself in the introductions board. I know you are already in the MSN chat, but the chatbox is used more so feel free to join us there too~
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App - Taiwan
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