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 Headcanon Thread!

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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Headcanon Thread!   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:01 pm

I did one of these over on Lockdown, and it was a really neat way to learn silly little things about everyone else's characters. I know that is kind of what applications are for, but you can't write every small detail about their life in there. Here you can tell us deep dark secrets, or silly little things!

I am sure that you have all encountered headcanon at one point or another! It can be serious or cracky, or just plain weird. It is something that you think we should know about your character that isn't obvious and that is in this case specific to your version of the character you play on this forum. Or something important that wasn't nessesary to write in an application, that is an interesting tid bit on their life. For example, if I told you that it was my headcanon that Feliciano loved pasta, that would be silly. If I told you it was my headcanon that he loves pasta because he hit his head on a rock and was nurtured back to health by pasta fairies, that would be headcanon....and completely ridiculous. But you get the point, no?

You can all just keep editing your posts as things come to you so we don't get swamped with one sentence at a time? I will post mine in a separate post from this starter post so it isn't edited 200 times because I love headcanon!

-totally didn't copy and paste half of what I wrote for the lockdown one-

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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:48 am

Hmmmm, Headcannon-I'll bite!

For Antonio....
  • Outside of his parents he isn't on speaking terms with the majority of his family (for various reasons which I'm still figuring out), hence why he spends most holidays lurking working around the hospital.
  • He's been semi-intentionally flirting with the cafeteria staff for years because he found out that it was an easy way to get tomatoes when he was an intern.
  • Used to and probably still does have a total man crush on Rome.
  • With the above, its occurred to him that A.Mr.Vargas=His boss/The CEO, B.Lovi's grandfather=Mr. Vargas, C.His boss/CEO=Lovi's grandfather. It hasn't occurred to him that A=B=C (Logic fail, it happens).
  • He likes to be thorough with his work (because people dying is bad) and if he's not 100% sure of a diagnoses he'll go bother one of the specialist, even if it seems unnecessary ( Poor Roddy gets bothered way more than he needs to)
  • Antonio is something of a hopeless romantic, and a not so secret drama lover.Along with being an avid soap opera fan he's also almost single handedly keeping the gift shops romance novel business afloat.
  • Though he's usually a very nice doctor, he's not completely above bullying his patients a bit to get them to do what he needs them to (*Cough* Gilbert *Cough*)
  • He was something of a delinquent when he was a teenager, along with some pretty serious anger manegement problems. Fighting, dabbling with gangs and being arrested for burning down one of his neighbors barns, but thats a different story are what eventually convinced his parents to move.
Oi! Did I do it right?
Can't think of anything else right now, so I suppose I'll add more to it later...

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Former Rome 2


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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:44 am

    Rah Rah Ah Ah Ahaa~
    Roma Roma Ma~
    Gaga oh-la-laaa~
    Want Your Bad Romans~

      ♥ When Rome isn't busy with paperwork or flirting with the staff, he's playing in the children's area with all the little kids doing things like tea parties and playing house. This is how badly he loves kids~

      ♥ Rome has plenty of scars on his body which he covers up by wearing a suit. A lot of them he got when he was younger and would get into brawls often... Even now he's the sort of person you don't want to pick a fight with. I can assure you that, despite how old he is, he will probably win.

      ♥ Though Rome acts a bit scatter-brained at times, thinking of only either business or sex, he is actually a very deep thinker and is constantly considering things... On his mind lately are: "What's wrong with Feli and how do I cute it?", "I wonder why every time I see that Dr. Aldrich Beilschmidt I get butterflies--... Well, I know why, but... how do I get him to really notice me?", and a constant nagger in his mind lately, "Is it possible for Lovi to at least accept me as his grandfather?"

      ♥ Rome is known best for his flirting... we know this, right? Well, do you know why?...... Because for those who have been with him long enough, they may remember the days before Feliciano and Lovino arrived and Romulus was an extreme no-time-for-play sort of guy. He cooks up all of these antics now so that people can look back and laugh rather than remember him as the stern businessman he once was. He just... doesn't quite understand his boundaries, yet.

    More to be added soon~ Or even edited. I dunno. =v=;;
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Former South Italy


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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:31 am

Headcannon for Lovi~

~ Lovino feels more comfortable with his turtles than actual people because he knows that the turtles aren’t going to leave him like actual people will.

~ He cares for his grandfather a lot, to the point of even loving him, but can’t get over the incident in his childhood. The Italian also feels like he gets ignored in the other’s presence, Romulus’ attention often straying from him when Lovino’s right in front of him. He tends to wonder if Romulus even loves him or if it’s just an act.

~ He might not act it, but he’s very dependent on other people. When he was younger it was his parents. Then it changed to Romulus. Then to Feliciano. Heracles and Feliciano again. Recently he’s starting to become completely dependent on Antonio.

~ This Italian has gone through suicidal stages and fights with depression. He hides it pretty well because he doesn’t want someone to find out and send him for professional help. This also ties in with his flight mode- if he can't deal with something, he tries to run away.

~ Lovino is also a cuddler. When in private where he doesn't have to worry about other people, he tends to cuddle up to someone, in this case Heracles and Antonio. He often does this without thinking and if it's pointed out, he'll pull away immediately. He also does this in his sleep; he finds it easier to sleep if there's someone he trusts with him.

~ He likes to hum while he cooks and on rare occasions he'll wear an apron too.

~ Another fun fact: Lovino loves romance novels and romantic comedies. He's a secret, hopeless romantic and it shows in his tastes.

~ Lovino doesn't drink enough to get drunk because he's a depressed drunk. He's tried to commit suicide on more than one occasion while his mind was clouded by alcohol.

~ When he was younger, he was a smoker, all throughout high school and part of college. He quit when he moved into his apartment and wants to start the habit again; he's just not sure if he should.

~ Lovino named his turtles: Damiano, Dante, Luciano, Carmela, and Venitia.

~ Ever since Feliciano entered the hospital, Lovino hasn't been able to have a full night's sleep unless he shared his bed with someone else.

~ Lovino is a good driver; he definitely knows how to operate his car well... He just has road rage and likes to drive fast. He also has a problem with nearly plowing down little old ladies. ( He never actually hit a pedestrian. Just comes really close... )

And that’s all for now.

Last edited by Lovino Vargas on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:31 am; edited 5 times in total
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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:05 pm

(Oh geez. Wasn't going to post until Friday, but I couldn't resist this. I have ridiculous amounts of headcanon...)

Roderich in general:

~Roderich actually has a nice tenor singing voice. He doesn't tell people this, though, because he doesn't think his singing is very good (mainly because he tends to compare himself with some professional-grade opera singers he knows through the orchestra he plays with.) He'll sing sometimes when he's sure he's alone, like in the shower at home.
~Roderich actually has almost a boringly good relationship with his family. He sends them little e-mail status updates about his life about every month and always flies to Austria to visit them over the holidays.
~He's not a morning person. In spite of the fact that he does try to have a regular, eight-hour sleep schedule, he always needs a couple cups of tea in the morning before he's actually functional.
~He doesn't really know how to behave around children or pets (mainly because he has had little experience with either.) He can be kind and gentle with them, but he isn't one to offer affection or baby-talk. (He also tends to be wary with animals in general due to the diseases they can carry, of course.)
~Even though he can come off that way, he's really not an arrogant person. He does demand a certain level of respect (evidenced by how he is Dr. Edelstein, not 'Roddy') but only because he believes that's how doctors, especially specialists, should be treated. When he gets snappish and judgmental, it's usually the result of stress, and he doesn't make any of his pronouncements about hygiene and disease without knowing that there is more than one study to back them up. His faith in his own judgment comes primarily from his sense of the education and experience he's had, not a belief that he's particularly brilliant or savvy.


~Roderich has a smartphone with links to the CDC website and various medical journals, so that he can pull up studies to bolster his points. He also has quite a few books and printed journals taking up space in his office and his home, because being aware of the latest research is important to him.
~He never goes swimming. Heck, it's a challenge to get him within fifteen feet of a pool or hot tub, because of the bacteria that have been known to thrive in them. In his house, he has a central filter for his water and actually goes so far as to clean his showerheads to make sure his water isn't contaminated.
~He doesn't actually use the central bathroom in his house very often because it doubles as his lab space. When he isn't having company over, he typically has petri dishes all over the place, culturing samples taken from different spots in his home.
~He enjoys cooking, mainly because he can know for sure his food is uncontaminated if he's the one to prepare it. He has a nice digital food thermometer that he sticks into everything he makes to ensure that it's at the proper temperature. Generally, he tends to be wary at any rate of eating seafood because of reports of marine toxins, and he prefers buying irradiated fruit because it's less likely to have bacteria growing in it.
~A lot of his particularly phobic actions can be traced back to his late twenties, when his engagement with Elizabeta fell through. He was a bit of a germophobe beforehand, but the stress of that and his resulting need for more control over his life kicked the anxiety up to eleven. During that time, among other things, he pretty much went on a vaccine binge, as evidenced by his list of vaccines below:

-Anthrax (in late twenties)
-Chickenpox (varicella) (got it in his early twenties)
-Tetanus, Dipitheria and Pertussis (DTP), (childhood—in infancy and then at age 5) with Td boosters every ten years
-Hepatitis A and B (got Hep A in his early twenties, Hep B in childhood)
-HiB (Haemophilus influenza) (got it in his twenties, in spite of the fact that it rarely affects people over 5)
-(HPV he’s planning to get, though at the moment it’s not licensed for people over 26)
-Flu (the injection kind, every year)
-MMR (measles-mumps-rubella—he had a childhood dose and one as an adult in his late twenties)
-Meningococcal (as a teenager, then around 30 when they released the conjugate vaccine that gives better, longer-lasting protection)
-Pneumococcus pneumonia (in his late twenties)
-Polio (in childhood, then in late twenties)
-Rabies (in late twenties)
-Rotavirus (around thirty)
-Shingles (herpes zoster) (around thirty)
-Japanese encephalitis (a few years ago)
-Smallpox (in his late twenties. Yes, he found a way to get it. Probably through one of his school friends who's now working at the CDC.)
-Typhoid (in his late twenties)
-Yellow fever (in his late twenties)

~Oh, and have another list. Roderich takes a lot of supplements in order to keep his immune system up--not all in separate pills, but these are the specific substances:

-Vitamin B2
-Vitamin B5
-Vitamin B6
-Vitamin B12 (may help immune system, though evidence is uncertain)
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin D
-Lactobacillus (if he hadn’t been eating enough yogurt)

~Roderich also has numerous antimicrobial drugs in his house (in the immortal words of someone on the cbox: 'enough for a small pandemic' XD), along with plenty of first aid supplies. Between those, his two refrigerators and freezers, and the shelves of canned food in his basement, he could survive for quite a while in his home were some kind of disaster to occur.
~Other bizarre facts about his home include the fact that he has no carpeting (only easy-to-wash rugs), no curtains on most of his windows, and dust mite pillow and mattress covers, in spite of the fact that he doesn't have any dust-related allergies. He also has a little garden out back in which he grows some of his own food.

(will update with more later, hurrr. XD)
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:48 pm

Headcanon for Feliciano

♔ Feliciano always wanted to work in the gift shop of the hospital so he could be closer to his grandfather and brother. He knew he would never work there in any other way, and he always missed the two of them.

♔ When he was little, Feliciano was always told that he didn't have a mother just because she was sick and passed away, not that it really had anything to do with his birth. When he was old enough to find out, he really did feel guilty. Since he knew the other excuse for so long, if anyone ever asks him, he is likely just to tell them the reasoning he always went by.

♔ Since he doesn't make enough money to help pay a big part of their apartment rent, he does his best to help Lovino by cleaning and cooking dinner.

♔ He hates sleeping alone and will often try sneaking into bed with whoever is closest to him at the time, even if it bothers them.

....I got lazy, I will add more later.

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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:54 am

Headcanon for Meilan

[[Getting IC little by little]]

- As known in the app, Taiwan does not keep contact with her family, with exception of a postcard every year or so to her uncle. She doesn't speak about it, but once she becomes closer friends, she may open a little to what happened to her.

- She does house chores almost perfectly - not because she was born with talent for cooking or anything else - but because her family (especially her mother) did an excellent job in teaching her -even if forcefully, at times - all the things a good housewife must know. She has never been very interested in her skills, but once she started living alone, she realized how useful those teachings were for a single life style.

- She can make a mess, but she makes sure everything is back to its place as soon as possible. She likes to keep things organized. Don't go around making a mess with her stuff, or else... Mad

- She doesn't like to be bossed with no reason. She's quite rebellious, but she's reasonable. Unreasonable commanding will not be tolerated. Be sure she'll make her point when this happens. Laughing

- Adding to the topic above, to be used in pranks (without knowing it) will lead to a BAD END. Or to be a victim of a prank will lead to the same way. Laughing

- She's fashionable. She's not the type of woman to be following religiously fashion magazines, instead she prefers to go after her style and things that fit her taste. She's very elegant, overall. She keeps a less serious look for outside the hospital.

- She loves plants and flowers. Her apartment is full of them - not in a chaotic display, but way more than most people would have the patience to keep. She's very dedicated to them and knows all the tips to keep them blooming beautifully. She gets a bit sad whenever any of them withers.

- She sometimes worries too much and gets stressed. Whenever you see her drinking coffee as if it were water, be sure she's veeeery stressed Laughing

- She's dedicated to her patients and she'll make sure they're being treated well, despite their conditions.

- When she finds her brother to be a patient at Axis Memorial, it'll be a great shock. That will bring a lot of her past up.

I'll add more if something else comes up!
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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon Thread!   

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Headcanon Thread!
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