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 Cody Foster

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PostSubject: Cody Foster   Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:05 pm


Picture by Zayrion@dA

Full Name: Cody Foster- but you can call him "Cody". No really, he hates being called by his full name, it's usually an indicator he's in trouble for one reason or another. "Doctor Foster" and "Aussie" (to his mates) are both acceptable alternatives.
Age: 25
Birthday: January 26th, 1985 (Australia day!)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tennant Creek, NT, Australia

Appearance: Cody very much fits the bill of the "bronzed Australian" stereotype; he's tall, tanned and athletic. His brunette hair is slicked back rather messily for convenience, (to keep it out of his eyes, in fact), rather than for aesthetics; in honesty he couldn't give a wombat how he looks. His eyes sparkle with ambition and determination, and are a vivid green, just like his father's (and brother's). It's too bad that he's graced with what he not-so-affectionately refers to as "pommybrows", although they don't bother him that badly, because like aforementioned, his appearance does not bother him.

As such, if it weren't for the fact he works as a doctor, he wouldn't mind being all grubby and wearing messy clothes and whatnot. Perhaps him having the job he does is a good thing, then, as it forces him to keep hygeinic.

He doesn't like formalwear at all, and it's not just because it doesn't suit him. Cody hates clothes that are uncomfortable, if he could he'd spend his life in a t-shirt and boxers (thankfully not the one pair, he's not that bad). His wardrobe consists of an array of t-shirts, boardshorts, a set of grungey bushranger gear he lovingly refers to as his "khakis", and a couple of sports-teams shirts that always make a special appearance whenever [insert fancy-arse sporting event here] is going on.

Personality: Cody is, without a doubt, one of the most laid back, friendly- albeit flippant people you'll ever meet. He doesn't like to take life too seriously and he always tries to have a positive outlook, and this really shows in the way he interacts with others. This does mean he can't handle serious situations too well, and that he'll always try to diffuse them with a joke or an offhand comment; whether that's always a good thing or not is debatable. Because of his personable nature he doesn't make many enemies, but he does have his own little "scapegoats" he'll tease (all out of affection! Honest!) regularily.

When he's passionate about something, well, he really is passionate, and he will tackle whatever tasks that are set in his way with utmost determination. He always gives his 110%, and expects this much back in the way of results. This being the case, he really does not like losing, failing or being rejected, and he does not handle these things at well in the slightest. The best-case scenario in situations like these is that he sulks a little. The worst case scenario is that he throws a full-on wobbly, creating quite the spectacle.

In his words, "It's a good thing I never lose then, yeah?". Sure Cody, sure. When confronted about his flaws, he will do all in his power to either mask them up or avoid admitting to them. He doesn't like appearing "weak" like that in front of others.

He is a very heavy drinker too, if a bit of a lightweight. He'll never get drunk on the job, provided, but once off his shift, the first place he heads will nine-out-of-ten times be the bar.

And don't worry if he creates some kind of cutesy nickname for you, a-la "pommy", "seppo" or "kiwi"; he means these in the nicest sense and like said before, it's all an act of affection... That or he really has something against you. Either-or.

Position: Doctor
Experience: Cody has only been working at this particular hospital for a few months, although he has about a year of prior experience.
Expertise: Cody is currently training to become a surgeon, as he loves work that requires skill, precision and knowledge.
Other Notes: Cody originally loathed the idea of working in the United States, so far from home, and at first, he was a tad antisocial to everybody else at the hospital. This soon changed, and he opened up to staff and patients alike; behaving much more like his regular self.

History: Growing up in Tennant Creek very much gave Cody a small-town mindset. He didn't really appreciate the world outside his dinky little town, and he still doesn't, hence his original distaste regarding the idea of moving to America for work. He grew up with his parents and younger brother, in a typical nuclear-family set up. He life was pretty straightfoward and unexceptional for somebody growing up in such a setting, Cody went to school, played for his school sports teams, fucked around with his mates and dated, but he did not really stand out at any point.

Cody didn't always want to become a doctor, in fact, until a particular incident that occured in his teenagerhood (one that he refuses to discuss), he was very much opposed to the idea. No, Cody wanted to be a rugby union player. In all honesty, at the time it would've been a more realistic ambition for him too, he was very much the sporting type and no academic, he coasted all his classes and scored good-but-not-great grades.

Said incident gave Cody inspiration, and it kicked him to perform better. And perform better, he did, and he saw his grades score, even the teachers who had basically given up on pushing him further were pleasantly surprised and spoke highly of his attainment. This all really and truly did pay off in the end, when Cody gained entrance to a prestigious medical school in Sydney. Studying there eroded away a bit at his slight xenophobic attitude, and he learned to become more pleasant and accepting of others. When he graduated from med school with his degree, he was a changed bloke, and for the better, too.

Other Important Info:
Cody yabs on often about how he has a pet koala. Nobody believed him, until an incident in which he brought "Bazza" along to work with him (which almost resulted in him getting fired, I should add). It was his charms and skills that saved him that time.

It goes without saying he doesn't get squicked out easily; back in Tennant Creek people would often have horrible accidents (invariably to do with the host of exotic flora and fauna in the area), and so he was desensitised to gore long ago. He's also fascinated with how the human body works, and, failing him achieving the necessary qualifications to be a surgeon, he'd love to become an anatomist instead.

He always wears a plaster on the bridge of his nose; and whatever's hiding underneath it is a subject of much discussion. Cody refuses to disclose whatever it is he's hiding. It could be a tattoo he got whilst out one one of his legendary drinking-binges, reading "NEW ZEALAND RULES", it could be a particularly ugly scar, or he could just be hiding nothing underneath, and causing all that confusion just so he can laugh at everyone for not knowing.

He has a strong affinity for animals. Cody claims he can talk to them too, whether he can or not is once again, disputed, but you can't deny he does get on well with them. Even if they do like to bite him quite often That's all outta affection, mate!

Roleplay Sample: He looked, well... Dishevelled. Cody raked his fingers through his hair, scraping it out of the way of his eyes, and took another slurp of his now-cooled coffee. He felt like he'd been dragged through a bloody hedge backwards, and it showed. Twelve hours of intense work with a half-an-hour break really, really took it out of him. Cody set down the polystyrene cup, and rubbed at his eye with the heel of his hand.

"Never. Again." he promised himself. Nobody asked him to take such a long shift, in fact, it was his own bravado that brought him to do so. If anything, it gave him bragging rights, and Cody loved nothing more than a good brag, but Jesus tapdancing Christ, this sure did take it out of him. He slumped back and allowed himself to zone out a little.

"You look a little out of it, Foster," chirruped a man hovering by the kettle, simply beaming at the exasperated Aussie, who was regretfully snapped back to consciousness. Cody simpered back at him, "I look like you after ten minutes at the gym, mate~" was his retort. The man scowled. Cody's expression slipped into a more genuine grin, and he got up and clasped a hand on his back.

"Hey, mate, don't worry about it, I've just had a long run, yeah?" he trilled, "I'm only a little grouchy 'cause of it."


Name: Jennifer, or Jezza, whichever you want c:
Timezone: GMT
AIM- Nehmstar
Skype- tiemekangaroodownsport (ahaha, I know, I know)
You read the rules, right?: Yeah! Red blows all the other colours there outta the water!
Anything else?: I hope to roleplay with you guys very soon! I know it'll be awkward, starting off with a hiatus, but I'll make it up to everybody 8Db (provided I get in, of course).
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PostSubject: Re: Cody Foster   Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:59 pm

Sorry this took so long! I really enjoyed reading you application. I love seeing what people do as Australia, and you did great. I love him! You are accepted. Welcome to the forums. Feel free to start posting whenever you'd like! I know you mentioned going on hiatus soon, so just make sure to tell us in the hiatus section. Thanks!
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Cody Foster
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