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 Elizabeta Hédervary

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PostSubject: Elizabeta Hédervary   Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:20 am


Full Name: Elizabeta Héderváry
Age: 32
Birthday: June 08
Gender: Female
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

A delicate-looking woman, though of course this is only the first impression of those still not entirely know her. Elizabeta actually owns a body that, for some, is really worthy of envy. From small the Hungarian excelled in sports, which helped her to polish the body that possesses today. She is in excellent physical condition, even though her musculature is not defined, her arms are thin but strong, able to target a heavy blow. As we talk about height, Elizabeta is not among the highest, measuring 5 '3 " she is not the hightest woman in the hospital.

Her hair is light brown, but always depends on how much light is in the place to define a color for it. Sometimes it look like a very light brown, and in others is a very dark brown, especially when there is not much light in the place. Her hair is straight, and a curious feature of this is that, when is reaching the tips of her hair, it becomes curl. When Elizabeta was a little girl, she don't take a lot of care about her hair. Now, that she care about it, is silky, fine and manageable. Usually she brings her hair down and garnish with a pair of pink flowers, which sometimes look orange. All this changes when she is riding in horse, and then is when the hair of Elizabeta is tied into a high ponytail.

Now, if we talk about a feature that really stands out from Elizabeta, these are her beautiful eyes. They are a beautiful green color, and also are slightly large and expressive, always showing a joyful expression. They are very expressive and usually show any expression that she feels. Just as some people think, the eyes are the mirror of the soul and in Elizabeta is not the exception.

When she is going somewhere, like to wear pants, because when Elizabeta was little she had the great habit of using them. Now that is more aware of what to wear and what not, tends to wear simple dresses. When she is working, tends to use her uniform properly.

Is a woman, that when someone met her for the first time, look like a confident, friendly person and of course, sociable. Apparently she look like a calm person, and smiles to people that she like and obviously, to her friends. Many persons describe the Hungarian as an older sister to the rest of the people, especially to childrens. She is a great example to follow, because she is very determined and never let anything stand in her way and ruin all her long-awaited goal. Has shown this since she was very small, because when children taunted her, saying she would never be a real boy, she showed them that she could, even surpassing them in many respects.

A little energetic, she likes to chat with people and make the talks entertaining, and if the conversation takes another direction, then is when her strong character is present. At the exact moment that something don't follow its course, Eliza act as the adult she is and resolve it, looking for the first most mature solution. This is when her patience comes into play, as is also depends on the situation to define the correct reaction.

Her patience depends of the situation, she don't like the insults, much less when the person insults her. When someone insult her, tends to get very angry, and may even react in a way that few people expected. She hate that the people think, that for being a woman, she is less or is not strong, so is a person that can be considered slightly feminist. Believer in the saying that says "If you respect me, I will respect you", so she always displayed sociable and cordial with new acquaintances. They are few people that Eliza don't like and has her complete disregard. She is courageous, and almost always the first person to say "I want to try" when facing a new challenge or situation. Elizabeta never doubt about a decision or herself and the words "I can't" or "I surrender" does not exist in his vocabulary.

But, like all persons, Elizabeta has its pros and cons. It's pretty stubborn, and almost always refuses to accept something that for she, is not worthy as a response. And one of its great virtues is its enormous optimism and willingness to move forward. She will never let anyone trample her and making feel her like a vile trash. To her is the last thing she would do, and she prefer a thousand of times disappear than be humiliated by one person.

Angry is something no person should be looking for, much less, should like to see. At the moment Elizabeta gets angry, is capable of doing everything necessary to clear the person of the map, or don't see that person for a few days or hours. She can tolerate, but it is known that when more bad things she let pass, will be more irritated. An irritated Elizabeta is not good to seet, it means that at any moment could explode. Always suffers from several tics when she gets angry and tends to have an angry expressions. This are some signals that many people need to know if they want to be safe in a situation like this{?}.

Is a loyal, faithful woman, and would prefer death rather than betrayal. She never betray someone who has given her confidence, even if the same person asked her to betray him, she would not. A faithful friend, who advises her friends and no matter what happens, never leaving them behind. Elizabeta treat them almost like her own brothers, even though she don't have any. The person who mess with her friends can be in a really big trouble, because she is going to defend her friends with all she have.

Is not the most shameful person in the world, but some actions and words can make her blush. Something rare is to see her really embarrassed, but if you know how to do it, is possible. Is better to have her as friend than enemy, since she treat her enemies as the worst things in this world.

In summary, Elizabeta is a person of strong character but at the same time, someone who can be kind and loyal, and a great friend. Those who earn her friendship will never regret, because Elizabeta will be just like a big sister that defends his brothers no matter what.

Position: Nurse
Experience: Three years
Expertise: Pediatric Nursing.
Other Notes: She have a great talent of getting along with little childrens and many of the patiens.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, her family was upper middle class, so she never lacked for anything while growing up. Elizabeta was the unique daughter of his parents, and of course, the unique grandaughter of her grandfather. Even being a baby, she was very close to her grandfather. Her grandfather was always a very important figure for the girl, because since she was a little girl, her grandfather bought the first horse of Elizabeta and taught her to ride. It was thus that Elizabeta acquired some of the manias of her grandfather, who committed countless pranks with her and laughing together, especially when she was the one who played some pranks on the neighbors, always being saved by the old man. The hobbies of Elizabeta since childhood was riding her horse, running through the fields and help the elder man in the work with the stable that they had at home. Over the years, Elizabeta was fervently believing that she don't was a girl and was very far from being one. Sometimes and because of that, she began to have discussions with some neighbors. They said to Elizabeta that she don't had "that thing". She always replied to them with a proud "That will grow soon!" and believing, no matter what, in that answer.

As we all know, sooner or later she would take into account that was not really a man. Just when she was about eleven, she began to notice some changes in her body that were unusual in a man. Her whole chest hurt and she, somewhat scared, asked her mother what was happening. It was there that she began to come into account that actually was a woman and that "it" was not going to grow up. And thus, she had to adjust to the reality that she was a woman. It took a lot of work at first, especially getting used to wearing dresses, which was extremely uncomfortable. Despite all this, Elizabeta always maintained his attitude with his grandfather, no matter if she had to leave his hair grow and change her clothing style.

Her interest in the world of medicine began when one day, her grandfather became ill significantly. Although he survived the disease, the curiosity about what happened remained intact. Thus, the Hungarian began research on medicine books, reading a few books and things like that in her spare time. After realizing that this was something that really passionate about, decided that the career that she want to study was medicine, pediatric nursing accurately. She decided this because, just before entering college, she had to work as a nanny for a while in order to raise her own money to go to college. Motivated by this, Elizabeta graduated from high school with top grades, all to go to one of the best universities.

College life was a very peculiar indeed. While in school, she always did her best to stand out from in her class, it was here that he began his love life. While prior to entering college, probably noticed one other guy, this time was different. When she met the person who was her boyfriend, Elizabeta at first never thought she would end up falling in love with him. At first time, it was like Elizabeta don't like him, and then when she least expected it, the two were dating. Their relationship was so strong that it reached compromise but as we all know, life is not rosy. It was a matter of time to notice that, with whom she was engaged, was apparently a workaholic and thanks to this, their relationship was considerably worsen until she decided to break with him. Until today, she has not clarified the reason for their breakup, in the day when she broke up with him, Elizabeta claimed that she fell in love with someone else, something completely untrue. She apparently don't have the intetion of saying the real reason of their break up, at least not to any person.

After finishing his studies, Elizabeta was invited to make her practice in the United States. To be exact, in the Axis Memorial Hospital. Without hesitation twice, the Hungarian accepted the offer of doing his practice at that hospital. Now, after finish each of the practices, Elizabeta works in the hospital as a nurse.

Other Important Info:
-She likes the yaoi. For that reason some persons think that Elizabeta is a fujoshi.

-Before coming to the United States, she learn how to speak English. Of course, the Hungarian is her natural language.

-Usually, she like to give candies to the kids that are good.

-Curiously, she knows to fight very well with a frying pan. It's almost as if this is her weapon.

-Elizabeta does NOT LIKE the Romanians. She hate rumanians, apparently.

-When someone annoys her, Elizabeta can be really violent. She is not afraid to hit that person with her frying pan.

Roleplay Sample:
Another day began in the state of California. Many began to get up to go to work and the smallest were preparing to go to school. Perhaps the only place in the great state where no one was starting the day, was one of many hospitals. Yes, one of many. Almost all staff were in the middle of his shift that day, and some, perhaps the most lucky, were ending their shift to go home and sleep a while. She was not the exception. That night she need stay at the hospital because she had to complete many hours of work before end her shift and going home. Her eyes were tired and weary. Elizabeta was forced to sleep in one of the uncomfortable chairs in the hospital because one of the uniques beds in the hospitals for the staff was busy. During her one hour of sleep, she slept so uncomfortable, had to move again and again. But if we think it better, she could not sleep the whole hour. After half an hour she awoke, with a scowling and throwing a big sigh. Elizabeta took one of his hands to her face, placing it on the bridge of his nose, thinking.

"Come on, Elizabeta, you can do it" she told to herself, with a little smile in her lips.

Geting strength from somewhere, she stood up, starting to walk in the halls of the place. She came to the cafeteria where she ordered a black coffee, and although she did not like at all, that was all she needed at that time. With weary eyes, sipped the liquid, looking to regain some of her energies, which, she would greatly need. While taking her coffee, she leaned slightly to one wall while thinking about a few things. Elizabeta was sleepy, but that don't was a obstacle to her. It was cuestion of time to continue with her work. While thinking, she raised his face and looked at the ceiling, settling a little hair behind her ear and then, one of her hands went to the pockets of her uniform, only to make sure to have somethings that she wanted.

In the pockets, there was a pair of candies. Elizabeta was just going to take the candies out from her pocket, when in front of her just passed, for now, the doctor in charge of the children that she was nursing. Elizabeta was stiff and withdrew her hand from the pocket, feeling the gaze of the doctor. She, meanwhile, only deigned to smile a bit, polite. After a few seconds, she looked at the clock on the wall. Her free time ended. The Hungarian took a deep breath and let it out, giving the last sip of her coffee. After taking it all, she threw the glass and began walking, smiling to herself.

"Here we go~" after saying this, the nurse began to walk towards her place of work, with a big smile. After a few minutes she was just in front of the door that connect the hallways with the patiens room, ready to open it and enter.

Finally, Elizabeta open the door and in a pair of seconds, she was being hugged by many kids. Maybe three, maybe two, who knows. She laughed a little bit, grinning and hugging the little childrens.

"Good Morning! Are you ready to begin another day?" laughed again, squeezing gently the childrens in her arms "Come on, come on, today is a beautiful day and if you want to play, you need to be healthy again, right?" the kids laughed again, making Elizabeta feel really happy "Oh!, I just remember that I got something that all of you really want, but..." after saying the rest, Elizabeta looked to the both ways, and after that, she look at the kids "Don't say it to the doctor, because this is our little secret~" she grinned at them again, looking for something in her pockets.

Seconds later, she pulled out a couple of candies and lollipops from her pocket. The little ones opened their eyes with surprise and laughed, rushing once again on the chestnut, who gladly, received them with a big hug.

Today, undoubtedly, would be a long day, but no matter what, would be a good day, since these children always managed to make the best of Elizabeta.

[OOC: Sorry if something is wrong, really ; ;]


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Anything else?: Uhm, this is my first roleplay in English, and maybe when I write something I make a mistake so...please be patience with me >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeta Hédervary   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:45 am

Aww, I really liked reading your application. My favorite part was her personality. I think you did good showing us how she is! I know that English isn't your first language and this is your first English roleplay, and there are some grammatical errors, but I understand~! Even with them, you still had a great app, and I am sure you will improve even more~. With the nursing, we do have a lot of people specializing in pediatrics so you are welcome to look at other people too haha~! You are accepted! Please introduce yourself in the introductions section, and start posting! I know you already found the chatbox, but we also have an MSN group if you want to add that~
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Elizabeta Hédervary
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