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 Peter Kirkland

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PostSubject: Peter Kirkland   Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:52 pm


Full Name:Peter Kirkland
Age: 13
Birthday: 2nd September
Gender: Male
Hometown: London, England, United Kingdom

Peter is far from imposing. Even at thirteen, he's only four and a half feet tall and a growth spurt doesn't seem to be right around the corner. His build is average, not too thin or too thick and certainly not rippling with muscles. Given his short height and youthful facial features, one would likely assume that he's a few years younger than he actually is.

While many people like to point out how much he looks like a miniature version of his older brother Arthur, there are many key differences. Peter's blue eyes contrast his older brother's green set, even though they are both next to a similar pair of bushy eyebrows. Also unique to him is his hair. While both Kirklands have blonde hair, Peter's seems to be a lot more manageable and straight. Peter often keeps it nice, though his preference towards hats could also account for his hair's appearance.


Simply put, Peter has too much confidence for his good. The young man would be the first to start listing off the great and wonderful things about himself, even making up new aspects if he thinks they sound good. While many patients might downplay their condition to not get pity, the only reason Peter would do the same would be to go along with his indestructibility-complex. More likely, however, would be him overplaying it in order to receive attention.

The concept of failure is completely foreign to him, even though he has been far from immune to it through out his life. This denial of past misadventures allows him to assume that any time he tries something, it's going to work out and if he wants something, that he'll be able to get it. While this was a great feature to have during a job interview, this can (and has frequently) lead him into some dangerous situations, however, his continued heart beat is proof that he is capable of getting through some tough spots. It is only after repeated failure that he will start to break down. When he does, he's often really short with others and denies anythings wrong.

Peter is extremely playful and needs to be stimulated. If he likes you, he'll bug you to play games wit him and if he doesn't, you'll find yourself at the end of one of his pranks (which vary in creativity and practicality).

Diagnosis: Post-concussion syndrome
Headaches (chronic)
Dizziness (chronic)
Insomnia (chronic)
Restlessness (chronic)
Mood swings(chronic)
Loss of social judgement
Lack of ability to tolerate stress
Problems with attention

Incident: Peter developed long term symptoms of Post-concussion sydrome after his second acquired concussion playing on his middle school football(soccer) team. This particular case involved his head colliding with a teammate as they both went for the ball. However, due to a difference in height, Peter was struck by the other boy's elbow, causing his teammate a minor and extremely temporary injury. His symptoms slowly began to appear over the next week and his parents and exchange student guardians agreed he needed to spend some time recovering in the hospital.

Other Notes: Peter seems to have little fear of another concussion, as even within the hospital grounds he tends to attempt to be adventurous. He is often kept under a close watch.

Peter is the youngest of a large family. For reasons he can't fully explain himself, he decided to come to America as an exchange student months after one of his older brothers decided to move there. Peter stayed with a decent enough family during the exchange program and attended a very nice middle school. Peter was a member of the school's soccer team. He got three concussions within a month, both from collisions with his teammates and his head hitting the ball.

Before his final incident, he tried to avoid his siblings as much as possible but inevitably needed their help after getting himself into a few fights that he had no chance of winning. He refused to believe that their help made him owe them anything and continues to believe it was just their job to help him.

Other Important Info: Peter seems to severely dislike Arthur, one of his older brothers, however the true depth of this is unknown as Peter did choose to come to America after Arthur had already done so.

Roleplay Sample:
The air whizzed through his hair as he pedaled down the pavement. In reality, the package that was safe inside his package was probably mundane, just a boring little trinket from one rich guy to another. After all, a private delivery wasn't something the meager could fit in their budget. But in Peter's head, the situation was always more desperate.

This time, he had decided that he was taking a package of rare African medicine to a sickly man with a disease no one could identify. The one who had commissioned this job was no doubt some crack pot that no one believed in, when it truth his out of the mainstream thinking was going to cure a man who would one day revolutionize the world.

Thinking like that made every movement more important, each press of his feet had to count and every turn had to be precise. If he could shave even a minute off his time, it could be the difference between life and death. But more honestly, he thought like that because it was too boring otherwise. Sure, it was much more fun than sweeping floors or selling papers no matter what he thought. But, if every trip was an adventure, then he could be part of an epic story no one else knew about.

Peter's bicycle slid to a rest as he stopped in front of the address he had been given. His hat tilted froward as he came to a halt. Adjusting the cap properly, he walked his bicycle up to the door and gave a firm knocking to the tall wooden plank. Flipping around his pack, he took out the box, still in the same condition it had been given to him and held it out. As the door opened, he said the company slogan and wished the occupant a good day. Having no reason to stick around after being tipped, he started cycling back toward his workplace.

The return trips were never as fun. There just wasn't any extra motivation. Okay, well... he did like to make up stories for that too... but today he just couldn't come up with anything compelling enough. So, instead, he just focused on the constant clicking of the chain as he moved through the crowds.


Name: Kory
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
MSN/AIM;etc: cyan-blade@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: greeeeen
Anything else?: Not that I can think of
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PostSubject: Re: Peter Kirkland   Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:21 am

You are accepted! I am happy to have a Sealand here finally~! The way you play him sounds cute and it will be nice to have a little kid around here. Only thing is the little detail with the family issues, but I trust you will try to speak with him like you promised! Since you already have an account with the proper name, please introduce yourself in the introductions forum and start posting! I see you already found the chatbox, but we have an MSN group too if you wish to add that. Welcome to the site!
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Peter Kirkland
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