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 Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland)

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PostSubject: Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland)   Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:37 pm


Full Name: Feliks Łukasiewicz
Age: 22
Birthday: November 11th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Olsztyn, Poland

Feliks is very proud of his slim figure. He puts this down to all the exercise he got as a child speeding up his metabolism so it couldn’t slow down. He stands at about 5’5”, which he is aware is short for a male, and if you could please stop reminding him, he’d appreciate that, thanks.

He takes great pride in his hair, cut neatly into a shoulder length blonde bob, washing it almost every other day. (It used to be a lot longer, but not a lot he can do about that now.) He will also proudly ascertain that his most striking feature is his eyes, being as big and green and round as they are. Whether or not anyone agrees with him is a different matter.

As for clothes, he cannot bear to be anything other than ‘fashionable’. Granted, his version of fashionable differs from day to day, he is no doubt flamboyant, if nothing else. Also, he likes to wear women’s clothing on occasion. No real reason for this, he just does.

(He won’t tell anyone, but beneath his clothes lies a (battered, beaten and now slightly charred) rosary inherited from his mother. He likes to keep it close to remind himself of her.)

If nothing else, Feliks comes across as carefree and headstrong. He is very opinionated, and will not hesitate to make his point of view known if you disagree with him in anyway, or even if he just doesn’t like you. He doesn’t scare easy, either, so don’t try to intimidate him. He is also stubborn to a fault and takes a long time to come around to anyone else’s way of thinking, even if they are right and he is wrong. Due to this stubbornness and his overwhelming pride, he is very rash and will spontaneously jump into situations that he hasn’t thought through properly, simply because he believes that it is right. Also, he will never back down from a challenge.

Feliks can also come across as a bit ditzy or unintelligent, but please don’t underestimate him. He isn’t stupid, and gets really offended if you insinuate that he is just because of the way he talks. He simply prefers to go about things in a creative manner, instead of just thinking of the simplest, most boring solution to his problem. However, he is also very lazy, so after he has thought of this amazing solution, he will get someone else to do it for him.

One of the things you probably wouldn’t guess about Feliks when you first saw him was his intense dislike of strangers. Feliks is painfully shy and finds it really difficult to open up to someone he has just met and who hasn’t gained his trust yet. When confronted with strangers, he becomes very defensive and closed off, retreating into a shell of himself where, he feels, they cannot get to him. Because of this, he also finds it difficult to put himself in other people’s shoes, so to speak, and cannot relate to problems other people have. This means that, at times, he is very selfish and petty, and will ignore other people’s wishes in favour of his own, partially because he just doesn’t understand what they are asking from him.

To those who are close to Feliks, he is intensely loyal. He would do anything for the people who care about him, even place their best interests above his own. He is also extremely protective and possessive and would defend the people he loved without a second thought, even if it meant his own death, without a second thought. Unfortunately, there are not many people Feliks is closed to, due to his aforementioned fear of strangers.

In the past, Feliks was very religious, though he has left that part of him behind now. However, it still has some influence on his actions, and in times of great stress for him, he can be seen praying. He likes to think that if he doesn’t give up on God completely, God will not give up on him.

Severe burns, along with a mild form of asthma
- 2nd/3rd degree burns all along his right arm and the right hand side of his neck/body
- Numbness in aforementioned areas
- Cuts and bruises over the rest of his body
- Shortness of breath and lack of energy due to asthma
- Frequent coughing fits
- Occasional asthma attacks (usually triggered by something)
There was a fire at Feliks’ flat. He wasn’t the one who started it – that honour goes to his idiot roommate – but he was the only one left in the house at the time and was unable to get out. The firemen managed to get to him eventually, but it left him in a terrible state.
Other Notes:
The smoke inhalation during the fire triggered Feliks’ long dormant asthma, which now leaves him susceptible to attacks if he does too much and he does not have his inhaler with him. He has also found he has had trouble sleeping ever since the fire, though he doesn’t know why he keeps waking up every 3 hours.

Feliks was born in the city of Olsztyn in northern Poland. His father worked in an office in the centre of town, doing something Feliks was never really very sure of, whereas his mother was a teacher at a local upper secondary school. He was an only child, which would never have really bothered him that much had the other children of his age not thought Feliks was very, very strange indeed. At break time, he much preferred to play with the girls and their dresses than participating in any form of sport with the boys, and because of this he faced quite a fair amount of bullying. Feliks was not one who took being pushed around lightly, though, and would often try and fight his bullies if he could, though more often than not he was defeated. It was this early prejudice towards him that led, in part, to Feliks’ insane trust issues and his defensive nature before he gets to know anyone.

In an effort to make her son make friends, his mother enrolled him in a horse-riding class over the summer holidays one year. Feliks loved it, and continued his riding all the way until he left Poland, often taking part in competitions and races.

Another thing that his mother introduced that Feliks adored was astronomy. His mother was very interested in astrophysics and would often talk to Feliks about the stars. They would often have campouts on the grass in front of their house together and his mother would point at all the stars and tell him how old they were, and how far away. By the time he was 8, Feliks could identify all the planets, as well as various stars and nebulas in the night sky.

Feliks’ father, throughout all of this, was distant. He was rarely around in his childhood, far too busy at work to spend time with his energetic son, and as such Feliks grew up without a resounding male influence in his life. His mother was his primary caretaker and Feliks loved her with all his heart, adopting her mannerisms, her religion, and, on occasion and only when no one could see him, her clothes.

Alas, all good things come to an end, though. 6 months before he left high school, Feliks’ mother was in a car accident that killed her straight away. He was distraught, unable to concentrate on anything for very long. Somehow, though, he managed to make it through his last year and graduate. Following this, Feliks made a beeline for ‘anywhere that wasn’t Poland’, determined to follow his dreams like his mother always told him he should.

After a year of travelling, Feliks settled in America, going to university in California and studying astrophysics. His mother’s enthusiasm had imprinted onto him, inspiring him to become an astronomer in her name. At first, it was very difficult. He didn’t know anyone, he wasn’t that good at English (it was always one of his worst subjects at school) and he didn’t have that much money. Luckily, though, his father sent him a letter, informing him of the money his mother had left for him which, so long as he got a job to pay for living essentials, should have been enough to get him through uni. He is currently in his third year and working (relatively) hard, and his English is a lot better these days, though he will slip up on occasion.

Other Important Info: He talks in a very strange manner. Almost like a valley girl. Nobody is really sure why he does this, other than the fact he might have watched far too many 80s TV shows.

Also, don’t touch his rosary. No, seriously. Don’t.

Roleplay Sample:
When Feliks woke up that Thursday morning, he did not expect this Thursday to be any different to any other Thursday he had had for the past few years.

The routine was simple: wake up, get dressed, attend lectures, work, go home, sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Unfortunately, that particular Thursday, fate had different plans in store for Feliks.

The day had started off like any other. Lectures had been the same as usual, his professors droning on about something Feliks vaguely understood, but couldn’t bring himself to care about, that he would probably find was very important once he got to revising for his final exam. Feliks honestly wished that professors would at least do something to make their classes more interesting. It wasn’t like this was a boring subject, after all. He sighed and looked down at his notes after class, not at all surprised to find they were more doodles of his pony and swirling patterns than actual notes.

Oh well. He could copy up off someone else.

Work hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary either. The normal customers had come in and talked to him, has asked his opinion on clothes they were buying. His boss had been as bitchy as usual, stressed out by her son, who was about to enter middle school, and her daughter, who was going through a phase of teenage rebellion and had decided to get her tongue pierced.

The differences had started once he had gotten home. For one, his roommates were actually in. Feliks didn’t think very highly of his roommates and didn’t interact with them unless he had to, which luckily he didn’t very often.

“Like, hi,” Feliks had greeted warily as he entered the room and saw them smoking on the sofa. They had waved back and offered to let him join them, but he had declined, retreating to his room and sprawling out on his bed, putting his iPod on, closing his eyes and was lost to the world. Half an hour later, he was asleep, music still playing.

Over two hours later, Feliks awoke to the smell of something burning. He pushed himself out of bed and opened the door to his room, his mouth dropping in shock.

The entire kitchen was on fire. There was smoke everywhere. His roommates and their friends were nowhere in sight. As far as Feliks could gather, they had gone out and had left the cooker on, which is what had caused the fire. The smoke alarm in the house hadn’t been working for ages, Feliks knew that, and now he wished he had remembered to fix it.

He started coughing, doubling over in an attempt to get his head out of the smoke, and staggered back into his room. Once in relative safety, he ran over his options. His phone hadn’t been working in a while, either, and Feliks had never bothered getting it repaired, so he had no way of contacting the fire brigade. He could try and climb out of his window, but he wasn’t fond of the 4 storey drop. Or, he could try and get out of his flat the normal way.

He went with the third plan.

After that, everything is a haze of heat, smoke, and a choking sensation that threatened to make his lungs burst. There was a bang, he remembered, but after that, nothing.

When Feliks woke up on Friday morning, in a sterile white room and covered in plain white sheets, he was unable to move his hands and wondered why he ever thought ‘normal’ was for him.


Name: Drea
Timezone: GMT ± 0
MSN/AIM;etc: I don’t really feel comfortable giving out MSN here (STRANGER DANGER D:), so,if you want it, ask me. c:
You read the rules, right?: Sure did. Did you know that there are actually two words that rhyme with purple?
Anything else?:
I understand I’m something like the 3rd Poland here and I’m terrified out of my wits by that. ;;^-^ I hope people don’t mind my way of playing him, anyway. Also, I’m sorry if this is too dramatic. I have a tendency for theatrics.
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PostSubject: Re: Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland)   Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:46 pm

Can I just say that I am in love with your application? You are accepted for sure! I know you are the 3rd Poland but please, you have no reason to be scared! This is one of the most fabulous Poland applications that I have seen in a while, and I really enjoyed reading it. I like the picture you used too. Poor guy, that all sounds very painful. Ah, I love this though~! Please make an account with the name Feliks Łukasiewicz, and introduce yourself in the introductions forum. Also please start posting. Feel free to join us in the chatbox too, and maybe even our MSN group. I know you said you are uncomfortable about giving it out but it hides your email~! Welcome to the site!
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Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland)
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