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 Vidar Landvik [Norway]

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PostSubject: Vidar Landvik [Norway]   Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:03 am


Full Name:Vidar Landvik
Age: 22
Birthday: 17 May
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fargo, ND Oslo, Norway

Appearance: Vidar is kind of effeminate. Thin, kind of whispy-looking, he has extremely pale features which play into the 'Norwegian stereotype.' His hair is very pale blond, and his eyes are light blue, with a rather faraway look to them. Although he's not the biggest guy around, he's not particularly short, either, hovering around 5'8."

Vidar has a rather interesting feature - a curl that follows him like static, floating an inch or so away from the rest of his hair. He greatly dislikes this curl being touched, and will not hesitate to beat shoot end inform anyone that touches it to knock it off.

He also has a small, cross-shaped barette he keeps in his hair, a memento from his mother that he goes nowhere without. Of course, it only adds to the 'Gay or European' sort of mystique that seems to follow him.

Personality: Vidar is kind of a deadpan guy. Everything he says is in the same bored, monotone voice, and all of his expressions look alike, unless he's angry at someone (In which case he might frown a bit). However, he is extremely efficient in what he does, preferring to get a job done instead of wasting time trying to figure out whose responsibility it is, or why it hasn't been finished yet, and why are you still complaining and not working.

Despite the frigid exterior, he tends to be rather whimsical, often daydreaming in his downtime (and occasionally losing track of time while doing so). Despite being so young, he is a rather nostalgic man, remembering back to happier days living in Oslo. He has a love of fantasy fiction that has yet to wane, even as he grows into adulthood.

Position: Resident
Experience: Just over a year
Expertise: Oncology
Other Notes:

History: Born in Oslo, Vidar's childhood was first marked by the death of his father, a Navyman killed overseas. Raised by his mother, though, he had a happy childhood, and wanted for little. He had few friends, preferring to delve into books of every subject, from fantasy to history; however, it was the medical books that fascinated him the most, having discovered the joy of that sudden epiphany when he understood how a joint worked, or how the heart pumped blood through the body.

But as he studied, excelling in his schoolwork, he never noticed the bruises on his mother's arms, or the way she was always tired, exhausted simply from moving from one room to another. Attributing it to work stress, he tried to be sympathetic, as best he could.

The diagnosis was leukemia. Watching his mother waste away, the chemotherapy doing little to help, Vidar's grades suffered, his few friendships withering away as he shut out the only people he'd been able to connect to. The night his mother passed away, he'd shut himself so far in, he couldn't even bring himself to cry. It was only at her funeral that he broke down, his family forcing him away from her gravesite.

As a minor, the only relatives he was able to stay with were in the United States, forcing him to finish his education in California. The summer he graduated high school, he sat on the beach, staring at the ocean. Homesick and lonely, he decided: he would become a doctor, an oncologist. No one would suffer like he had, if he could help it. Watching the waves crash on the sand, he let the freezing water take the last of his tears with it; he vowed to never cry again.

Other Important Info: [Vidar is left-handed ambidextrous, being able to perform most tasks with either hand.

He also has what he considers to be a catchphrase: "Crying is like having a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but accomplishes nothing in the end."

He also swears a lot in Norwegian, to avoid getting in trouble with the more senior doctors.

Roleplay Sample: Vidar was pissed.

Okay, in fairness, it was his own fault that he hadn't done laundry, but for fuck's sake. "Faen," he muttered under his breath, resting his forehead against the door of his apartment before taking a deep, steadying breath. He could brave eight hours like this. It was just one day. One day that would likely become hospital legend.

The bus ride was boring enough. Headphones in his ears, he didn't hear a word anyone said, although granted, he probably didn't stand out too terribly much in a place where no one knew him. If anyone was speaking, he utterly missed it, thank God. But as he trudged up to the front doors, backpack slung over his shoulder, he could almost hear the catcalls and mockery.

'You can do this, Vidar,' he thought to himself. 'You can handle eight hours in neon pink scrubs. Laundry day is a legitimate excuse.' But it really wasn't. When he'd still been an undergrad, the biology students in the dorm across the lawn from his had presented him with the obnoxiously feminine scrubs one day, 'to suit his looks better.' Of course his roommate had fished them out of the trash, calling it a waste of scrubs.

As he walked in, the staff present went dead silent. A baby cried in the background, its mother trying to soothe it as she hurried out of the room. As Vidar met each pair of eyes on him, the mesage was clear: Say a word, and shit would go down.

Of course, an elderly woman decided to make this the best time to come up to him.

"Excuse me, nurse. I'm looking for my doctor, and I was hoping you could help me find him? You're such a nice-looking young lady..." One doctor inhaled a sip of coffee, and as he choked, the tension was broken. Sighing, rolling his eyes, Vidar put a hand on her shoulder and attempted a smile. "I'll be happy to help you," was the quiet, monotone answer. It was going to be a long day.


Name: Thor von McVikingsen
Timezone: US Central (GMT -6)
MSN/AIM;etc: If you need it, ask me
You read the rules, right?: My favourite colour is blue.
Anything else?: I am clearly awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: Vidar Landvik [Norway]   Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:16 am

Sir, if you come to work in that outfit in the photo with that accessory there, I was have the fat security man tackle you.

I know that you are a nice roleplayer, so you are accepted! I look forward to seeing him try to deal with patients with that super caring expression on his face, don't you? Maybe you can drag the other Nordics out of hiding. Please make an account with the name Vidar Landvik, and introduce yourself in the introductions forum! Please start posting too! I know you already found the MSN group, but feel free to play in the chatbox too since we tend to play with both!
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PostSubject: Re: Vidar Landvik [Norway]   Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:36 am

For anyone referencing this, I forgot to mention - Vidar is severely claustrophobic. Don't put him in a tight space, or leave him without an escape, or else he'll flip the fuck out on you.
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PostSubject: Re: Vidar Landvik [Norway]   

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Vidar Landvik [Norway]
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