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 Romulus Remus Vargas

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PostSubject: Romulus Remus Vargas   Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:15 am

    Full Name: Romulus Remus Vargas
      Dr. Vargas, Mr. Vargas, Rom (R-ah-m, usually by little kids), or Rome (R-oh-m, which was originally just spelled "Rom" until everyone just kept saying "R-ah-m", so he added the "e")... Other nicknames include Dr. Hulk, Leonidas (like the Spartan from the movie 300), and Daddy, which is mandatory for everyone at work to call him that... or so he says.

    Age: Fifty-Seven.
    Birthday: April Twenty-First.
    Gender: Male.
    Hometown: Rome, Italy.

      Rome has a highly-distinguishable appearance. He stands at roughly six feet and two inches, making him quiet a tall man. Not only this, but ever since he was young he held about him a well-muscled appearance, and still does today. He weighs around 177 lb., most of it built up in muscle... Though he still keeps some softness for the ladies, which possibly also adds to his rather fatherly appearance. If he were all muscle then he might look more rough, but the roughest thing on him now is his daily scruffy chin. Even his hair appears soft with its lovely brown tone and slightly messy curls appearing here and there amongst the wild style. One may even notice that there are two rather distinct curls: one on the upper right side of his head, and one on the lower left.

      His eyes match well with his hair, as well, being a fair brown. It all seems to fit perfectly next to his tanned skin, slightly darker than Lovino. That, and the fact that his eyes may take on a green coloring should he be near the color itself, are the only things he seems to have in common with his grandson. Otherwise, the man is most similar to his grandson Feliciano in appearance... or so people say all the time.

      Now, a lot of you may think: Man, that guy's old! Well, yes... age-wise, Rome is old... But spirit-wise he thinks himself to be young and... hip... Yes, he may often try to fit in at times with the younger crowd; wearing baggy clothes and backwards hats and whatnot. He means only play by this, though. Normally he wears nice suits in a slightly messy manner and ends up appearing only in his thirties at the most... Or so he hopes. He's kept himself fit and looking good for this long. It must go on!

      Romulus can be seen in many different perspectives, surprisingly...

      One is his professional side; yes, he does have one. Rome can be known to handle business gracefully and without fault. He can keep a straight face and breeze through a meeting in a clean, efficient manner. Most may be shocked to see this in Rome, but only if they know him. Otherwise, he does, indeed, keep up a professional appearance before things such as the press, CEO's from other hospitals, and the government and such. He stands tall when he needs to. He isn't all fun and games, and this personality actually came about at a fairly young age. It had to, otherwise he would not have reached this point in life... The only downside is he seems to cut off all relations to family in order to get done what needs to be done. One of the biggest regrets in his life is because of professionalism, but he must do what he must do.

      However, outside of this he is much the jester of the hospital. He loves to pop in on patients and make them laugh or smile; laugh when they can, smile when laughing risks popping stitches or the likes. He enjoys good jokes, pranks, and even childish acts such as playing house with the younger patients in the playroom built for them. He doesn't mind at all putting a bow in his hair and having a cup of invisible tea along with Mr. Teddy and Mrs. Bunny if it would make the patient happy... Perhaps the thing he loves most is simply joy, as if he feeds off of it. This is quite possibly one of his most admirable sides.

      Another factor is his love for his grandchildren. Though he did manage to lose contact with his family after he moved to America, even practically cutting off all contact with them, when he lost his daughter-in-law and then later his son, taking care of his grandsons brought him out of that professionalism that had once held him. He has come to love his grandsons to the point of possibly suffocating them, but he doesn't care. He intends to make up for lost time... though he does understand that this will probably not happen.

      One of Romulus' less than admirable traits is his player side. He tends to flirt with doctors, nurses, and even patients when he can. He almost always has the faintest smell of perfume on him or perhaps even underwear hidden in one of his desk drawers, if not his suitcase. He can be known to date once in a while, but he typically has one night stands with every woman he meets. He has only truly fallen in love twice: once with a greek woman, and once with an egyptian woman. Both times ended in failure and thus he seems to stray away from any sort of commitment... Though he is getting older, and he should at least settle down some time...... But he has a few more years to play, doesn't he? Surely he does. Abslutely!

      Now, delving a bit deeper, lets look at specific emotions: happiness, sadness, and anger.

      Happiness is generally the only thing you will ever see in Rome. He is all smiles and laughs all the time. One may wonder why on earth such a man can be happy after all he has been through, and he simply replies with, "All that I have been through thus far is worth nothing if I don't value today like it's more precious than gold... I know of two boys I can thank for that." Rome does, indeed, value his two grandsons. He claims them to be the root for his happiness today.

      A sad Rome? A rare sight, but not impossible. Though at first he did not shed a single tear for his daughter-in-law's death, and not even for his own son, it only took physically seeing his two grandsons for him to suddenly realize the loss. He doesn't believe they know, but he did break down later that day. From then on he was determined to let that be the last time he ever cried.... Men don't cry! So when Feliciano suddenly collapsed, Romulus was quick to admit him into Axis Hospital where he could monitor him and give him the best doctors available. He would not lose anyone else.

      Angry Rome? Uh-oh. Have you ever watched Hulk? Have you watched Hulk smash? Only twice has Rome ever gotten mad: once just before he and his girlfriend (the mother of his son) split up, and then after Feliciano collapsed. The first was due to his own frustration with himself. He probably hurt his and his son's relationship with his outbursts, especially when things were broken... But perhaps his most shocking was when he was told that he should admit Feliciano to a different hospital so he would not focus solely on one patient... Though of a higher rank than him, Rome quickly displayed his disapproval with the thought by promptly throwing his chair at the man and out the window and slamming his fist into the table, creating a decent hole, and stating, "I will do with my son and my hospital what I please. Get out of my hospital or you'll soon find out what a gladiator feels like unarmed against a lion." The man quickly left the building and the window was explained as Rome moving the chair when he thought he saw a ghost and it slipped out of his hands and... through the window... No one was allowed to question him any further.

    Position: Hospital CEO.
    Experience: A lifetime's worth.
    Expertise: Business and Marketing.
    Other Notes:
      He gets into trouble often, supposedly "testing his doctors by putting [his] life into their hands", but mostly just wants to be taken care of by cute nurses and doctors.

      Romulus Remus Vargas, born on April 21, 1953. He was named after the tale of the twins who founded Rome considering he was born on the day in which the two twins of the story established the city of Rome.... It was either that or name him Caesar... Luckily, they chose Romulus Remus, a mixture of the twins.

      Moving along, Rome's childhood... was a surprisingly easy-going one. He didn't have to do much aside from the regular household chores. His parents loved books and would always read to him at bedtime. They promoted a great amount of literacy, as well as many of the other arts. Rome seemed to be naturally good at anything he did, whether it be art, music, cooking, and even anything and everything athletic. He was talented all around, making his parents more proud than they ever could have been. This made him into a very intelligent, very useful son.

      However, good things can only last for so long... You see, Romulus was a bit of a flirt. He loved the ladies, and quite frankly the ladies loved him. If there was a girl out there, he's been with her. At the young age of ten he was already after them, which was quite surprising... He never was the sort to bully his crushes, either, even when young. He always displayed affection through gifts and shows of talent. He was certainly excellent at whatever he tried in life: even flirting. Old and young alike adored him, whether they thought he was the perfect son or the perfect boyfriend... Though boyfriend may have been pushing it, considering the other end would have been the one of many others in his life.

      Thus, by the ripe age of 16, he had conceived a child with a woman. They were roughly the same age and Rome had simply planned on just a one-time thing... But due to the circumstances, he rather reluctantly agreed to stay with her and take responsibility for his actions.

      It was only after his son was born that Romulus realized his love for the boy, more than happily working how often he could to keep the child fed, clothed, and happy. Rome also took to reading to the boy and making sure he was well-educated, despite the lack of money in the house. Like his father, the kid was extremely talented in the things that he learned to do. A natural, which the mother did not agree with.

      "A child should learn to do something the right way. Not everything in life can be so easy!" She would say... Not that she understood, and this was one of the downfalls in the relationship: Rome never saw her as equal to him in any way. She had always been inferior to him, especially with her closed-mindedness. She simply didn't understand that there were talented people in the world, and in his eyes she was only jealous that their son got nearly everything from his side.

      It quickly turned into a battle between the two, causing much tension in the household. Even either side of the family did not get along well with each other, and it became one big bickering fest nearly everyday. This did not please their son at all, who simply wanted everyone to be happy.

      It wasn't until Rome had his first true breakdown that things started changing drastically. Rome had gotten so fed up with the girl that he had started yelling at her, again, causing her to hole herself up in her room... To which Rome finally responded by kicking the door down and dragging her out...

      It became evident that neither was fit to remain with each other, and at the time the girl was given full custody of their son.

      However, Romulus was determined to get him back. He worked himself to near death trying to get somewhere in life, his talents coming in handy. He managed to truly make something of himself now that he wasn't as held back, and thus the moment he heard that his ex was declared unfit for caring for their child (at the time 10), he quickly snatched up the opportunity to take him in... which he did.

      It became just the two of them, though the relationship was still strained. It had been four good years that they had gone without seeing one another, the last time being when Rome had lost his cool... Not the best impression to leave, and even now he was becoming more and more consumed with work and his success. Being single also made it difficult, so he would have to hire nannies and the like to take care of his son while he worked... Sometimes coming straight home, but other times coming home late and reeking of perfume.

      Well, the rest of the years passed by in a blur. Rome had become so focused on work that he had become less focused on his own son, not that the boy minded. He had learned to take care of himself through the years with his mother and now with his father. Growing up in this environment was no problem... Until he hit 18.

      Like father, like son, as they say... The boy had gotten married, though, and the woman had gotten pregnant and gave birth to Rome's first grandson: Lovino Vargas. The mother, however, had always been a rather frail woman. Her health began to worsen shortly after, to which Rome responded by promising to help them pay for medical bills... But with his current pay it seemed impossible to do, so he ventured to America in search of a better-paying job.

      He quickly climbed the ladder, everyone impressed by his talents and professionalism. He understood that if he was going to help his family, then he had to stop how he had been acting in the past and get serious... which he did, indeed, do. So much so that practically his only contact with his son was sending him the money for the bills.

      Until one day he received news of his daughter-in-law's death... At first he wasn't sure how to react, but upon hearing the cause his response was, "With death comes rebirth. Value this child with your life." And that was all. He had heard the boy's name, but nothing more... Though his son did begin sending him more information on the children, which Rome kept in the back of his mind. Lovino and Feliciano Vargas. These were his grandsons which he was helping pay for. That was all that he needed to know.

      ... And then the day came in which he got the notice that his son had died...

      Romulus Remus Vargas, father of that boy, had paid for the entire funeral... and yet never attended.

      What did catch his attention was that it was requested that he watch over his grandsons in America. In his sons will was written, "With death comes rebirth... Value them with your life." At first these words were blown off, but upon seeing his grandsons at the terminal... seeing their faces and their resemblance to his son... at that very moment it took every ounce of strength in him not to cry.

      He took the boys home, showed them to their rooms, went to his own... and cried for the first time in many years.

      From that night onward he vowed to do just as his son had asked of him: he would value these boys with his life.

      With death comes rebirth... He could not make up for the years he had lost with his son or his grandsons, but... at the very least, from this point onward, he could do all that was humanly possible to love these two precious boys until his final breath.

      Now, with Feliciano's condition, Rome will do anything to save his grandson... Even possibly to go to lengths past what might be allowed for the CEO of Axis Hospital...

      Lyrics taken from Do You Even Know Me Anymore by Mark Schultz

      I’ve watched my days,
      Turn into years,
      And now I’m wondering how I wound up here.
      I dreamed my dreams,
      I made my plans,
      But all I’ve built here is an empty man.

      And I don’t even know who I am anymore.
      God I’m praying through the tears,
      Let me make up all these years.
      Oh have I waited too long?
      Can I start again?
      To be the man You’ve wanted of me.
      I’m begging You to show me,
      But do You even know me anymore?

    Other Important Info:
      Be ready for the worst at all times.

    Roleplay Sample:
      "Si, si. Buon notte, Lovino è Feliciano." He slowly closed the doors to their rooms, both separate in the mansion-like home. Until now it had only been him there, and then the occasional lunch or dinner with the boss, coworker, or a date... most often a one night stand.

      But now there were two other young males living here: Lovino and Feliciano Vargas, Rome's two grandsons.

      He wasn't quite sure how to feel about all of this. The moment he had seen the two boys he had been overwhelmed with emotions, the majority of them being disheartening. In those faces he had seen his son; a man who's name he feels he has no right to speak... No, he couldn't even call the man a son. Rome had never really been a father to him, had he? He had probably only been that man living down the hall to him. When had he ever really men a father? He had learned to live without him. He was a smart boy who was talented in anything that he did... so why didn't it ever occur to Rome that his son had never needed him? He was so concerned with caring for the boy, but... he probably didn't even truly know who his father was. He didn't know and he didn't care, not that Rome could blame the boy. Who wanted a father who had never been a father in the first place? Especially one with no desire to be one?

      "I remember his first birthday," he said suddenly, leaning suddenly against the door frame at the entrance of his own bedroom. "And then... and then..." He heard an odd sound and felt his throat closing up as he choked back a sudden sob and quickly entered the room, closing the door rather loudly before stumbling over to his bed. When he reached it, his hands shot out to prop him up as he stood next to it. "Now he's..." He could feel his body trembling as realization reigned down upon him. The weight was unbearable. Crushing. Suffocating.

      "I missed his life... I missed it all..." He muttered, feeling a sudden wave of cold run over him. He could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, and the feeling was almost as if fear had gripped him. He could imagine his own face being as pale as a ghost. "God..."

      Then it came... An odd sensation against his cheeks. He opened his eyes to find himself unable to see anything but blurs of formerly clear objects. All that he had thought was so obvious wasn't, anymore, and he could only crawl up onto the bed by feeling around and remembering where everything was. The salty streams seemed endless at this moment, but for the time being he was silent. He simply let them fall, trying to clear his mind and make sense of things.

      However... he could not. No, more than that, he refused to let it go. His son.. his grandsons... he had to... He had to do something. "God, I'm praying... let me make up for these years." He barely managed to choke out the words, curling up on his bed amongst his comfy pillows.

      Today, though, they felt like stone. "Or have I waited too long?... Can I start again?" He hiccuped and bit his lower lip, a pain rising up in his chest incomparable to anything he had ever even imagined. Romulus wrapped his arms around his chest as if to keep himself together. "I... I don't even know... who I am, anymore." He shook his head, finally letting the sobs through. He remained there for most of the night crying until he finally fell asleep...

      When morning arose he awoke groggily to the smell of food. He sad up, rubbing at his swollen, red eyes. For a moment he wondered if a woman he had let stay here for the night was cooking something, but then the previous night came flooding back to him... His son... his grandsons... He--

      He heard his name being called for breakfast. He couldn't believe that they even knew his name. Had he even told them? Had he properly introduce himself? He couldn't even remember.

      "With death comes rebirth... Value them with your life." He recalled his son's words in his will.

      Yes, he would. He would value these boys with his life and more. He would do anything that he could, and even if he couldn't fix what he's done... At the very least, from now on, he could try to be a better man. He could try to be the man he should have been years ago... No, rather, he should make himself new entirely. From here on out he was whatever these boys needed him to be. This he was determined to carry out... He owed them more, but this was all that this empty man could afford for the time being.

    Name: Itanty.
    Timezone: GMT6- Central.
    MSN/AIM;etc: the_pretext@live.com [msn].
    You read the rules, right?: Yeah, I red the rules~
    Anything else?: i luff you~ <3

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You are accepted! I must say that I absolutely adored this. Even with the sad parts, it made me grin like an idiot because I really loved it. I really like how you portray Rome, and you seem to have his silly and serious sides down well! I love it all~ Sooo welcome to the site! We are all happy to have a new Rome! Both me and Lovino are ready to adopt you already haha. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the introductions forum and start posting! We also have an MSN group if you want to add it for more chatting, since I know you already found the chatbox!
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