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 robert walker! {AUSTRALIA}*

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PostSubject: robert walker! {AUSTRALIA}*   Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:06 pm

t h e c h a r a c t e r, ✈✈

Full Name: Robert James Walker. He prefers to be called "Rob".
Age: Twenty-three. [He'll insist that's he's older, I assure you.]
Birthday: January 26th.
Gender: Male.
Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Appearance: Rob is fairly tan, as it is to be expected from a former Brisbanite, and Californian summers certainly live up to their expectations in allowing him to keep his skin tone. He'll proudly flaunt his proof of years in the sun by wearing as little clothing as possible, even to the point of seeming indecent... as long as he's off the job, that is.

Rob's hair is auburn brown, a colour that sits right at home with his complexion. He takes the time to gel it, but can't be bothered to do much else; according to him, only girls should be fussing over such frivolous things. Despite this, he'll be quick to express his discomfort if someone attempts to muss his 'do.

One would think that his eyes would stand out from his face, for they are a very pretty shade of green, but his eyebrows are perhaps his most prominent feature. Some might find them unattractive, but Rob believes that they add to the rugged handsomeness that [naturally] he already possesses. A bandage is also upon the bridge of his nose at all times for a heavily guarded reason of which it seems only he knows.

Anything casual is up Rob's alley. He sports a t-shirt or a tank-top with shorts when he's home or out and about, either way. At work, he is supplied with a uniform - a brown shirt with rolled up sleeves, a white tank-top underneath that, and matching brown pants. Much to his disappoint, they won't let him wear his thongs on the job, though.

Personality: To describe him in as few words as possible: he's a dick. But not because he's insensitive to others around him. No, Rob finds pleasure in pissing off his friends and co-workers - even complete strangers, sometimes. Most often he's simply annoying, a trait he would probably keep even if he didn't choose to. Sometimes he just pokes fun, but other times he'll find it necessary to really get underneath someone's skin, and he won't want to leave them alone.

He's matured over the years, as everyone does, but his humour can come off as childish. His favourite phrase in response to confrontation is "your mum", and he's not above pranks in the least. His horny teenager side has yet to wear off as well. Although he is almost always making reference to sexually-related topics, he's a tad uncomfortable when it comes to actually getting down to business.

During work hours, he's generally more agreeable, though he's liable to act however he wants behind closed doors. Dealing with people is a large part of his job, so he tries his best to keep a smile and a positive attitude, both of which are not difficult for him. However, he usually only cares if there's several people around. When left alone with someone, he'll become more authentic, so to say, behaving as moody or as boisterous as he so pleases.

For someone who must be as clean and orderly as possible, his habits could be considered foul. He smokes every day [whenever he gets the chance, really], on the ground that it relieves stress. Drinking is also especially important to him, and he'll frequently allot himself a break during the day in order to sneak a beer or three. Never enough to be wasted, only enough to satiate his "hunger". Drug intake aside, his choice of language is also horrid, and he's known to slip and say words that would best be excluded in certain situations.

Position: Janitor.
Experience: Two years.
Expertise: He's a decent repairman.
Other Notes: Rob feels as if the hospital is his "turf", so therefore it's okay for him to bend the rules occasionally. He knows that this is an untrue idea, but that won't stop him anytime soon. He also can be found following the doctors/nurses/ect. half the time to pester them.

History: Robert was never the finest of students back in school, a fact that he cares not to address. It's not that he is, or ever was, dumb. His problem was that he didn't care, his lack of motivation to do real work almost worrying. He appeared awfully content with just eating, sleeping, picking on fellow classmates, and rugby. This remained the same all the way into high-school, until he finally came to the realisation that being a child was not forever, and began the search for universities that would have him.

Unfortunately, even with his sudden, [at least slightly] increased interest in school work and making higher marks, he didn't grant himself the time it would take to actually impress universities, and had difficulty being accepted. Unsure of where to turn at this point, he consulted his parents and together they decided upon a plan of action. For many, the United States of America is a world of fabulous opportunities, and here it was no exception; as long as he would find work that was not only paying, but also something he could enjoy, his parents agreed to send him to America, where, hopefully, he would adopt the will to do more than just fool around.

At first, this relocation was an unhappy time for Rob. Being away from home was harder than he thought originally, and just fitting into the American lifestyle was quite tiring. After a whole two years of seeking a suitable job [he had a few odd ones before then, of course], he found Axis Memorial Hospital.

Other Important Info: He enjoys animals, but they typically do not like him since he's so rough with them.

Roleplay Sample: [Ehh, this is rather short, but I don't have much else to offer. Oliver is New Zealand, if you can't tell.]

If there was anything that Rob was certainly not going to do at that moment, it was move; he had just gotten comfortable, and the quality of the couches in their hotel room were quite obviously not meant for the customer's well-being. In fact, the entire dwelling itself was rather shabby: the curtains were inept at keeping light from filtering in, the table in the corner was missing a piece of one leg and wobbled when leaned on, and the bed had probably reached its limit fifty horny couples ago, as it creaked with the slightest weight.

Not that he was going to complain. He'd lived in far worse conditions, honestly. At least, with his money and the kiwi's combined, the two could afford not only living arrangements, but also the casual necessities that were often neglected in times of low income and making sacrifices. He had almost cried when they had gone out to the general store and bought oreos, cinnamon toast crunch, and deodorant at the same time, those all being things he had given up on at some point.

He picked the tele's remote up from his bare stomach and chucked it in Oliver's general direction, not bothering to check and see if it hit its mark. His eyes were latched to the screen and the attractive female it was currently displaying.

“M'not movin'. And you can get your own fuckin' smokes, ya bloody free-loader.”

As if that had been a reminder, he pulled his cigarette from between his lips, extinguishing it in the empty soda can that sat on the small table beside him. He took the time to glance up at Oliver briefly as he retrieved his pack of Marlboros, quirking an eyebrow. “Somethin' wrong, bru?"

{ooc} i n f o r m a t i o n, ✈✈

Name: Matias Madisen !!
Timezone: Eastern.
MSN/AIM;etc: Hell if I remember. I suppose I'm due to make a new MSN, anyway ~
You read the rules, right?: Aye, today it's orange!
Anything else?: Yes.
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PostSubject: Re: robert walker! {AUSTRALIA}*   Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:22 pm

You are accepted for sure! I love your application, and I think I can say on behalf of the whole site that we are super excited to have someone finally take the janitor spot. Welcome to the site! Please make an account with the name Robert James Walker, and feel free to introduce yourself and start posting! Also please come hang out in the chatbox, and add our MSN group if you make that new MSN.
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robert walker! {AUSTRALIA}*
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