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 Alfred Jones

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PostSubject: Alfred Jones   Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:04 pm


Full Name: Alfred F. Jones
Age: 23
Birthday:July 4th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Waycross Georgia

Alfred isn't one to practically capitalize on looks, though he does sometimes underestimate himself, (Or overestimate his looks depending on the situation). His height is five feet nine inches, which is normal from what he believes. His 'family' while shorter than him, never seemed to make much of a difference. His younger brother, (Not Canada), was five foot five, so it really didn't call much attention to his above average height. Two thinly framed glaces hover over his blue eyes, which are a little bit darker than the color of the sky.

His hair is a jaggedly cut dirty blond. One stubborn piece of hair curls up over the front part of his hair. His bangs on one side usually fall into his eyes somehow. When he does work, he somehow mangages to either almost set his hair on fire, or go roll in dirt with the animals. The details in his face are smooth but sharp, but he normally has something caught in his teeth. (Usually lettuce from his burgers.)

At normal glances, he looks like any young adult, jeans, ratty jacket. Everything decked out in stars and stripes. (Including his sneakers that he colored with sharpies.) He usually has a American flag or denim jean hoodie, and a black book bag with his back, usually with his laptop or his books.

He never stands completely straight, and usually has his head tipped to the side like a curious puppy dog, or is hopping on one leg...(He's just hyper and can't stand or sit still.) However, under the clothes lies the truth to which he never speaks about. Several scars from his childhood, scratches that he gives himself (Usually accidentally), and surgical scars up and down his body. He has a burn mark on the back of his leg, a spiral type of burn. Nothing bad, and it mostly fades in.

However his back is -mostly- unscarred, and has several tattoos that merge into one giant picture. To describe it simply would be the background of the American flag, a eagle flying, and a Gothic looking cross mixed together with several small symbols that look like nothing, but mean the world to Alfred. (Described in history.)

First and foremost, the man (Or child to some) is a hyper ball of energy. He is friendly, nosy, and most of all, energetic. Wearing out children with a quick blink of an eye, the man doesn't seem to have a off button. Alfred is a giving and caring person, and often times selfless and reckless at the same time. He claims, that he is the 'Hero' when he knows he isn't such a thing, but he likes to call him a fancy name anyways.

To many, this personality drives them crazy, and makes them seethe in anger when he accidentally upsets them. Most of the times he does miss it, and doesn't think before he says or act, but usually finds out from body language, when he did something wrong. When people are mad at him, he doesn't trust their words, so often times he misses when people are upset with him, over the phone, or through email, or things like that. He also can't 'read the atmosphere' with people getting annoyed/mad at his hyper tendencies.

The only time he really seems to get it, is when he himself is upset or angry. If he's happy, it goes right over his head. Sarcasm, doesn't make a dent in the man, while he cranks out the quips easily. However he doesn't know and understand when it's the right or the wrong time to use sarcasm or a snarky comment.

One of his biggest problems is his obvious -lack of boundaries-. He doesn't understand boundaries, and he really doesn't get why people need them. Until Alfred needs them himself of course. He feels cheated if he can't get to someone, or if they leave without saying goodbye. (Which brings the wrath of the lock picking Alfred to sabotage things.) A joker at heart, he really doesn't like to take things seriously. Even the songs he parades around singing, don't seem to be serious.

Light hearted and a empty skull seem to be his most outward traits.

However he isn't just a burger-eating, hyper-brat, nosy man..there is a part of him that can shock people if they were so in denial of his actual serious side.

He takes other people's illnesses and personalities seriously, usually taking care of them, and forgetting everything. He is driven, and it's scary how he can completely block out hunger, pain, anything to make sure the other is safe. He's driven, and once he sets his sights on something, he won't let go until he's dead.
Also, a oddly secret part of him is heavily implied that he is religious and extremely political, some hints here and there, watching complicated stories on the TV, but he never and I do mean never speaks about it. If anyone asks about it, he politely declines to talk about it, and then pleads the 'fifth'.

Fierce loyalty that is unbreakable on his side. Even if he's dying, paranoid out of his mind, he would only put himself at fault for a problem that was obviously someone else's fault. Alfred doesn't know the meaning of unloyal on his part. He trusts well, but loyalty, once someone earns it, unless they are the ones to throw it away, Alfred would take a bullet.

He does put himself down a lot, especially with his school and drawing, but he does take pride in his 'Heroic animal saving skills' and his 'American Pride' skills. His personality for any sort of work is to procrastinate. A lot.

And lastly, he seems to be a good family member, but he is oddly...motherly...to any animals that come around him.

Diagnosis: Do not know. (I think I do. O-O)


Blurred vision or temporary loss of vision

Ringing in his ears (tinnitus)

Neck pain

Chronic headaches

Discomfort when moving his arms, legs, hands or feet

Cold limbs



Gradual onset of numbness and tingling in the feet or hands, which may spread upward into his legs and arms

Burning pain

Sharp, jabbing or electric-like pain

Extreme sensitivity to touch, even light touch

Lack of coordination

Incident: He was dragged in, kicking and screaming.

Other Notes: (Note, I am mentioning two real diseases, that I am no expert on. While my grandmother is a nurse, and I told her to pick to pick to diseases that are plausible. While I'm trying to reach more on these two illnesses, I will correct things that come up. ) (Also. I love Mayo Clinic and their books. 8D)

History: Alfred was born...into a less than happy family, and it wasn't even a family. His mother lived on the streets, dealing and taking drugs and the like. She somehow managed to give him care, and give him a lot of it. She loved her little boy, though...any name he was once called, he had little recollection of. For four years, he lived on the streets with his mother, only getting kicked a few times if he stepped out of line, and one of his mother's 'friends' got mad.

However he slowly started getting sick, due to the horrible conditions he lived in. His mother had slowly traversed down the path of no return, and in a last ditch effort to keep her son alive, she gave him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. She left the hospital, not to return. All she left with him was a small Gothic cross, and a small picture of them. The Department of Child Services took him, and he was sent to foster home to foster home, most because of his odd detachment to society at the time, and his reoccurring cough.

He went through some bad homes, but he never let that affect him. His cough continued, though it was now more of a habit than anything. At this time, his name had gone to Mitchell, to Daniel, to Gabriel, to Jack. He didn't respond to a single one. He was looked at by many families, but one stuck to him. A family of three, a family from Georgia. The Jones. By this time he was eight, almost nine, and he was tired of moving from home to home.

Alfred was his new name, and for some odd reason, he loved the name. Alfred Freedom Jones is what he called himself, and he began his life on the farm. His life passed before his eyes, the small malnourished and unresponsive child turned into a bright, happy, and active teenager. While he had a troublesome streak, his grades improved rapidly, and he got along great with everyone. The new additions to his family, a younger brother and sister, and his older sister, everyone was happy and while they had their squabbles, Alfred didn't feel like he never belonged. He was happy.

He had many experiences to raising motherless kittens, to riding horses for hours, and even helping animals take care of their young. If anything, he seemed to be a mother himself. His obsession with eagles started with a trip to the zoo, and went even further. Dogs, cats, snakes, and fish seemed to always have a home in the blond's heart.

His older sister and his father were in the military, and his sister came home with a amputated leg. Seeing how proud she was to loose...something so precious, he wanted to fight for his country too. Feel wanted by someone other than his family. His uncle and elder niece didn't come back from the war, and he was extremely close to them. However the dream was lost when the physicals revealed too many medical problems. Chronic Pneumonia, was one of the first on the list, while the others were chalked up to medical mystery.

They went no farther.

Saddened by the fact that he couldn't serve, his father and mother pushed him to get extremely far in his academic studies. He did so, and with that, he gained the normal problems. He forgot to eat, he forgot to drink, he forgot to sleep...all for learning and passing his courses and classes. A C+ student now fueled by the fact he wanted to do something for the family who gave up so much for him, and give back to the country he loved so much, he started churning out grades high and higher.

Up front, the teenager didn't change. He still seemed to be slightly ditzy, and he couldn't answer questions up front, but on paper, he seemed to be a genius. He perused several degrees in different areas, from his Masters in Political Science, a Veterinary certificate, and Computer Science . He wants to get a degree in Computer Graphics, and masters degree in Mathematics.

During this time he got his tattoo, several symbols meaning his family. Each small symbol means something, and he is proud to always have it with him.

Alfred's studies took most of his time, and slowly developed symptoms that he didn't tell anyone about. His arms and legs slowly started to go numb, and they were frighteningly painful to touch. Chronic migraine headaches, that he had to curl up under the covers holding onto the cat that followed him wherever he went in his apartment. (Lucy.) The blond didn't tell anyone, and didn't think much about it.

During a family reunion, he collapsed in pain outside, and was dragged into Axis Memorial. While no one has figured out what he has, Alfred is permitted to leave when he can, but he mostly stays in the hospital. Lucy was enrolled in therapy classes, and she is now a service cat, and helps the children in the Children Ward, and helps other people. He works at a cat rescue down the block, and will sometimes sneak small motherless kittens in to take care of them. He is mostly a new patient, and is seen running around in a cape making the small children in the ward laugh.

However his problems are getting worse, and he still refuses to tell the doctors. He is waiting for something to happen, and he hopes it's something good.

Other Important Info: ...He tries to be a mom to any animal. He will do everything to protect them, and he's a irrational idiot when it happens. Also he's terrified of horror movies and ghosts. This has been played on time and time again, and he still doesn't learn. He also doesn't call anyone by 'Doctor' anything, and is more likely to call them by their first name, or just 'Doctor'.

Roleplay Sample: Alfred glared sulkily at his bedroom wall. He wanted to go out and ride! It didn't matter if he was sick! He was the man of the house! The hero! The blond winced, feeling when his mother flicked his forehead as a deterrent for 'such a narcissistic personality'. She wasn't even near him and she could discipline him!? How was that possible!? Alfred paled, she was a super-powered woman wasn't she!? And something tragic happened and her powers disappeared..for the most part! She was telling the truth when she said she was 'Super-Mom!' Flinging himself off the bed, disturbing the American Curl purebred and the orange tabby on his sheets sleeping peacefully.

Ripping open his door he bolted down the stairs, skidding to a stop in front of the family room. A older woman was sitting in a rocking chair, reading a small book, her beautiful blond hair in a braid, folded over her shoulder. She didn't look up. "Hello Son." The male who was flipping through the channels on the Tv gave him a glance. "You look like you just solved a mystery. Did you get a good grade or something?" He asked, his green eyes staring at him amused.

"My mother is a superhero! Why didn't you tell me!? This is so cool!? What are your superpowers!? Can you fly? Do you have super lazer eye beams that cooks food or something?! This is so cool! I love you! I love you! You adopted me because I have superpowers as well! That is so awesome! What were your hero names?! Are Big sis and little twins superheros too? What are they're powers?!" He babbled quickly, squealing like a girl.

Both parents looked at him blankly.

He finally stopped squealing and cheering after five minutes, and he stared back. "Yes. I am a superhero." His mother started dryly. "I can knit. I can also can make dinner. Your father is a superhero as well."

The male rolled his eyes and nodded. "I can sit on the remote and change channels with my butt."

Alfred paused, many thoughts going through his head. While his parents continued, he slowly wondered what was his powers were. "Our names are Lightning-Woman and Lightning-Man. We saved the world so many times, that our names were erased from history." His mother continued to lead him on.

Alfred gave a loud cheer. "That is so awesome! Mom can kill people with those knitting things and Dad...dad.." The blond paused. "Dad can fire lightning bolts from his butt..does he have anything else?"

"We both have the power of patience." His mother sighed, the older male in the living room laughing loudly.

Alfred frowned. "That's a sucky power. You should have awesome powers!"

"I have the power to tell you there are hamburgers in the kitchen." His mother chuckled.

Alfred eyes lit up and bolted to the kitchen, not paying attention to the laughing coming from the living room. Alfred peeked his head out of the kitchen, hearing his mother call him. "How old are you son?"

"I'm sixteen." He spoke through a bite of burger.

"And I wonder where I went wrong." His father laughed again, and Alfred blinked blankly.


Name: Neko
Timezone: GMT -5
MSN/AIM;etc: Uhm...I don't really give this out, but I have a email you can contact me on if anything. My aim is kuronekomata4@aol.com.
You read the rules, right?: Nope. My favorite color is red.
Anything else?: I'm not trying to make Alfred super smart, if anything he's more lost. (Plus my first time rping the lovely blond...idiot.), He is still ditzy, and he's still a hyper nosy person, but he doesn't show any of his smarts, and probably won't act like it. I hope I didn't overdo it.
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PostSubject: Re: Alfred Jones   Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:00 pm

This is your first time as Alfred? You did a nice job. Him with animals is cute. I like how you actually made him a bit intelligent, but the same lovable America we know too! I liked your history. You are accepted! Welcome to the forums! Feel free to start posting around and such. And maybe even play with us in the chatbox.
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Alfred Jones
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