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 Sadiq Adnan

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PostSubject: Sadiq Adnan   Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:42 am


Full Name:Sadiq Adnan
Age: 35
Birthday: October 29
Gender: Male
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

For lack of a better way to describe him, Dr. Adnan looks rough. His messy brown hair often looks like it's as if he'd just rolled out of bed, or (as some of the nurses liked to imagine) just won a fight that included flying fists and rolling about on the ground. Scraggly facial hair that isn't short enough to be called whiskers, but not long enough to be considered a 'real' beard. Not that he minds anyway. He prefers it over being clean shaven anyway.

He doesn't really take much notice of anything else, his coat usually waving haphazardly about the place because he can't be bothered buttoning the darn thing up and his stethescope hanging frantically from his shoulders and trying not to fall off.

He's rather taller than most of the other doctors about, looming over most patient's beds and scaring the sick out of some of them. But again, he doesn't seem to mind.

There also seems to be a distinct smell of cloves hanging around him all the time. He also wears a blue bracelet with that creepy blue eye thing dangling off one end. No-ones quite sure why he wears it, but then, no-ones really bothered to ask.

Depite his appearence, he's a rather nice guy. He's cheerful, loud and bosterious; voice echoing down the hallways regardless of whether he's using his inside voice or not. He loves to crack a joke (even if they are, by all standards, really bad jokes) then laugh at them loudly, while slapping his conversation partner on the back.

For the most part, he's got a limited idea of personal space. He's fine with getting right up to your face if he's mad, or slapping you on the back in good humor; but he's a little bashful when it comes to actions of affection.

He's also pretty laid back, taking it easy rather than rush around. In that respect, he doesn't have the urge to be doing something all the time; rather, he's fine with simply sitting out in the sun and watching the clouds roll by with a peaceful smile on his face. And his phone on silent. And his Ipod plugged in. He's pretty up-to-date with technology...

He has parculiar thing where his stomach seems to be more important than anything else. He might be on the verge of dicovering a better way to treat throat caner, than *BAM* time for baklava. Forget the cultures about to spoil, *BAM* time for some Shawarma.

Though not often bothered about the relegious circulation of the other doctors, he supposes he has little right to complain about anything... funny going on between the doctors. Morover, the pointedly male doctors. Heck, he still goes out and gets drunk before realising what he did and heading to Mosque to repent. But still...

Have him as a though friend, and you've got yourself a loyal defender till the end. Get on his bad side though, and he won't hesitate to give you a hard time whenever he sees you.
When he's mad, he's sure to let off swearwords and be physically confronting though. So watch it.

Position: Doctor
Experience: Eight years
Expertise: Heart disease and Cancer specialist
Other Notes: He seems to have a soft spot for kids, even though he hates to admit it. He's also rather fond of cats, but ever since that greek kid wandered into the hospital, he's had to keep that under wraps. Also, if he offers you coffee, don't drink it. Turkish coffee can keep you awake for weeks.

Istanbul is a rather high tech city. Old buildings, but a satilite on every roof, and a wifi connection no matter where you were. He started off as a young kid wandering in and out of his dad's carpet store, chasing cats and doing what kids did at that age.

His aunt was a doctor herself (much to the dismay of her husband, who still complains that she's smarter than he is), and he would often stop by her house after school before heading home. She took notice of his interest in her biology books (and not just the *ahem* areas either. He was interested in all of it!), she began to tutor him as a sort of after school study session.

His parents were thrilled to finally have a doctor in the family (His two older sisters becoming a Lawyer and an Accountant respectively, and his elder brother studying to be an Engineer) and pushed him to persue the career and to chase a scholarship in Russia.

Fresh out of highschool and fully paid scholarship in hand, he remained in Russia for the entirety of his studies; going on to research the diseases of the heart and various types of Cancer.
He returned to Istanbul where he set up and ran his own private practise for two years, before finally transferring to the Axis Memorial Hospital.

Other Important Info: ----

Roleplay Sample: ((A pointless snippet from his Undergrad days in Russia))

"The fuck is this?!?!"
His roomate sighed as loose pages fluttered to the ground, and a textbook was flung across the room.
"Fuck! Bastards tell me to wait?!? For heating that I paid for?"
"Well, technically, you're on scholarship..."
"Shut up!"
The other sighed again, turning back to his book and flipping a page.

It was a typically regular day at the Russian Institute of Medicine. The snow was falling gently outside, and the chatter of students milling about the dorm room was more sleepy and subdued.
However, the lack of heating in a certain room was causing trouble for some. Namely, Sadiq and his roommate (who wasn't bothered by the cold as such. More like bothered about the possibility of being hit with flying objects).

Sadiq paced the room, his parka hugged tightly about his body in an attempt to keep the biting cold at bay. His roomate on the other hand, was merely content watching the usually cheerful guy get all riled up. However, Sadiq seemed to notice and rounded on him instead.

"What're you smirking at Mahomed?" He hissed, eyes narrowed in anger as the other simply smiled wider.
"Nothing, nothing... It's just funny to see you lose it for one. Usually it's 'Oi! Stop slaking!' or 'I'm hungry, forget this!' or something." He shook his arm free of the blanket he was wrapped in and flicked Sadiq on the forehead. "Just relax. They'll get it fixed. Can't piss off the international students."

Sadiq jerked back, rubbing his forehead irratibly and muttering darkly to himself. "Psh. I don't get how you can be alright with this. Aren't you from Saudi or somethig? Aren't you cold?"

Mahomed shrugged, flipping another page. "Qatar actually. And I figure that there's no point in ranting and raving about it. Now sit down, you're making me tired just watching you."

After watching Sadiq contemplate this for far too long, he sighed and added, "I've got some Halva in the draw if you want..."

This seemed to have an immediate effect, a sunny grin breaking out on Sadiq's face before he scrambled over to said draw to retreive the sweets. Flopping down unceremoniously onto Mohamed's bed, box in one hand and candy in the other, he nudged him with his shoulder and sighed.

"Feh, you really know how to ruin a bad mood, huh?"
"I try."


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PostSubject: Re: Sadiq Adnan   Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:56 pm

Sooo I am kind of in love with your application! I really like your personality and appearance description. I really like your portrayal of Turkey. You are accepted! You already have an account, so please just make sure to introduce yourself in the introductions! Also, feel free to join us in the chatbox and please add our new MSN group! Also feel free to start posting and of course have fun!
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Sadiq Adnan
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