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 Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]

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PostSubject: Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]   Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:26 pm


Full Name:Natalia Arlovskaya
Age: 22
Birthday: August 25
Gender: female
Hometown:Minsk, Belarus

Appearance: Natalia is a pretty girl. She looks like doll, which is misleading as the only doll she would be is the possessed kind. Her hair is platinum blonde and incredibly long, reaching her lower back. Once she got a compliment on her long hair when it was just below her shoulders and refused to cut it again. Despite being told to remedy that for her job she remains in denial (and nobody really wants to get her upset).

She’s shorter in stature though few actually perceive her as such. Pale skinned, her eyes are particularly striking for their dark color. It’s more the flashing tendency that makes people notice them (and often times take heed). She tends to keep her face quite blank of emotion but hasn’t quite mastered stopping the emotional play behind her eyes. When she smiles it’s a quiet affair, just barely turning up her lips at the corners.

Her wardrobe, when not in sterile scrubs and hairnets, consists of dresses and skirts-usually in saturated tones. She doesn’t wear patterns but she does like frills (in the authoritarian sense). Clothing serves its function, just like everything else she keeps around her.

Personality: It is still undetermined if Natalia was a prodigy in school or if she simply terrorized her way up the academic ladder. Perhaps it was a combination of the two that landed her into a hospital at such an early age. Early in her life it was apparent that the blonde possessed a thick skin and determination (and a will to bulldoze over everything that got in her way). She has a brain, horribly thorough, and keeps herself informed. Nobody can stop her from achieving something when she sets her mind to it.

Her peers would say she is intimidating, aggressive, and bossy. They would never say it to her face. Never. They speculate that the reason she’s in the field because of her sadism and borderline psychopathy. She’s been known to have an extensive knife and sword collection at home and is proficient in wielding them. It isn’t a far cry to tie an obsession with knives and her career choice as a ‘cheerful’ medley of mixing work with play. They would probably be mildly worried to know that they were on the right path. She’s a capable surgeon though and keeps a level head in chaotic situations… so in the end the other doctors give her credit for a job well done, bypassing the nightmare Ms. Arlovskaya COULD be.

Position: Surgeon (under residency)

Experience: A few weeks over a year.

Expertise: She’s a surgeon with a penchant for wanting to make the first incision. She enjoys operating on the more vital regions of her patients.

Other Notes: She wishes to eventually go into the ER unit for high-risk patients.

History: There are a few principals that she was raised on that are more telling in how Natalia turned out. One: Femininity is a weakness. Do not appear weak. Two: Be the best in whatever it is you do. If you fail at two you fail part of the first requirement. Failure means you are a lousy excuse for a person.

Her parents were not nearly quite so specific when defining the principals they raised their children upon. It was subliminal in the ways they rewarded and punished her older siblings. Her sister, the eldest, had the feminine touch and cried ceaselessly it seemed. They wouldn’t shun her, but they treated her gently as if she had needed it. Natalia saw her brother being treated like a little adult. A certain level of respect was there just beneath the surface. He didn’t need to be treated gently. They doted on how successful he would be. Her six year old brain immediately linked two and two together: 'Act like brother. Don’t fail and don’t be weak'. She silently idolized her (poor, poor) brother.

She adopted a no-nonsense mentality. Fickle things were no longer her fancy (and like any 8 year old she would ‘maturely’ say she had grown up from her silly ways). The immediate thing she could prove herself successful in was academics. At first people weren’t afraid of telling the pretty girl that her behavior was unacceptable.

Then she took up knives around 13 and they stopped that. Fear, she found, was close enough to respect. Good enough for her. Note: No, no, she didn’t shank a kid for looking at her wrong in the hallway…

She graduated with top marks and decided to take up a challenging career that would prove her successful to her family. Her sister was always compassionate but she wanted more than that for herself. Her name was to become something important. Natalia had the personality to handle a tight situation with grace. General surgery became her career path. Cutting into people for a career was better than homicide, or at least the paycheck and status was.

When she was accepted into medical school she was, as she'd grown used to, younger than her peers. It was good she’d developed a thick skin: they held little appreciation for younger students in their ranks.

Natalia was the one offered residency at a hospital in the end.

Other Important Info: She dreams of sharing all that brilliance with a man she can look up to, like she looked up to her brother.

Roleplay Sample:
Revamped from an App for Psycho-Brother Stalker Bela:

She had a whole room that was dedicated to surveillance. It wasn’t the Americanized daydream of computer terminal after terminal that had at least twenty men in button down dress shirts over coffee. No, it was simple and much more efficient. Natalia considered what she did as an intimate affair because what she kept a careful watch over held a dear place in her heart. The room wasn’t even large, really. It had one computer that organized everything that she had down in paper, which of course, was located in the cabinets lining the walls.

There were traces of a personal touch here and there. Picture frames, some books and magazines. The newspapers were the only thing that made the room seem anywhere past immaculate but even those would be cleared out by the end of the evening. She would extract what was vital and then discard the waste; people she dealt with where handled similarly without personal consequence on her part.

Natalia reasoned that what she was doing by watching over her dear Vanya was love. He was such a busy man these days with all of his plans for Oneness that he had little time to really see what was going on. It was her personal duty to stop people that wanted to get in the way of that. And there were many. Her love was all-encompassing. While she wanted her brother to be happy – she lived for it, she knew that nobody he was bringing into his house could ever be a faithful servant to his cause than she could. Nobody quite loved the Russian like she did, after all.


Name: Jackie
Timezone: EST
MSN/AIM;etc: FrancisFPBonnefoy@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: RAINBOWS. /indecisive
Anything else?: I love you, you love me?
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PostSubject: Re: Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]   Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:29 pm

Oh I DO hate it when I mess up tags. >>;; Argh. Anywho, hope it doesn't suck too bad. Yep.
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PostSubject: Re: Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]   Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:57 pm

I really love the first few sentences of her personality comparing her to a doll. Overall I really loved this! You are accepted for sure! Belarus as a surgeon scares me and Prussia horribly, but it is so amusing haha. I love it~! Please make an account with the name Natalia Arlovskaya, introduce yourself, and start posting! Join us in the chatbox too!
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PostSubject: Re: Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]   

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Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]
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