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 Germania application

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PostSubject: Germania application   Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:31 pm


Full Name: Aldrich Beilschmidt
Age: 38
Birthday: 17th April
Gender: Male
Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Appearance: From the back, Aldrich has often been mistaken for a girl, due to his long hair and very thin stature. Due to this, he has been flirted with a fair few times by men, who quickly realise their mistake and regret it (even though from the front it’s somewhat debateable). He’s quite tall, standing at about 6”, he tends to tower over a lot of people.
He has light blue eyes and light blond hair, the perfect image of German stereotype if it weren’t for his long hair with a small braid in front, giving him what could be described as a wild look.
His favourite expression seems to be mild disapproval, but other than that, he doesn’t tend to show his emotions on his face too much, and his whole stance shows he’s a rather guarded character.

Personality: Germania is a very serious person, he doesn’t like to mess around or play games. He can’t really take a joke, and those who annoy him end up on his bad side, so it’s best not to annoy him.
Despite this, he actually cares a lot for people, especially children and his family, whom he’s never really known, due to the fact he has been estranged from then since he was eighteen and was outed to them. Even though he has a harsh attitude, it’s just because he cares for people, and wants them to do well. It’s also because he has some trouble with letting people in due to the fact that he was rejected by his family, the people who he thought were supposed to love him unconditionally, and seemed to have until he came out.
This has also caused him to be slightly ashamed about his sexuality, and although he does have lovers, he’s never very open about it, and he doesn’t like going on dates. He’s also very unreceptive to flirting, particularly when it’s a man who believes he’s a woman.
He tends to dress neatly, but not formally, preferring greens and blues. He’ll wear jeans on his days off, but he hates it when they’re ‘pre-worn’. While he’s at work, however, he wears black trousers and a plain button-up shirt. He believes that work is for working, not for looking fashionable.
He hasn’t lived in Germany since he was twenty, but he still has a very thick accent, and although his English is very good, he occasionally forgets words or comes up with a phrase that doesn’t quite make sense.

Position: General Surgeon
Experience: Has been practising medicine for ten years, but has only just been transferred to this hospital.
Expertise: General sugeon
Other Notes: Aldrich has PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and although it doesn’t affect him day to day, he has to take anti-rejection drugs for the kidney he was given as a child, has ultrasounds every five months and occasionally needs dialysis. This doesn’t affect his work, however.

History: Aldrick was born healthy, the younger son of a fairly successful business man in Berlin. He grew up in a background of fear and communism and a divided Germany, but despite that, he grew up fairly happy and healthy, as much as could be expected. However, one summer he was struck ill with kidney damage, and they found that he had polycystic kidney disease, and without treatment, he would expect only another few years of life. They gave him new kidneys to alleviate the symptoms and for a while he had dialysis everyday. Eventually, this became less frequent until it was only an occasional necessity.

Other than that, his young life was fairly normal.
When he was ten, his older brother moved out with his wife, and two years later, he heard that they had a son, but he never met the boy. He had always been seemed too sickly and they had moved away to Onheim, which was too far to travel except on holidays. Sometimes he wondered if his brother actually liked him or wanted him there, he had only known him as being sick and weak, and he looked down on such people. He doubted his brother had ever even told his sons that they had an uncle.
1990 was an important year. Not only did the Berlin wall fall, and he saw his country finally reunited, but he met a boy. He remembered it clearly, he had been there as the wall fell, hacking away with anything he could, when on the other side he saw a boy around his own age. He was thin and tired looking, but he had hope in his eyes and excitement.
They struck up a relationship in secret, and everything was absolutely perfect. He could ignore that feeling in his stomach that was telling him that this was abnormal and he was a freak, he didn’t care because he was happy. But this fragile world he created was destroyed when his mother’s friend caught him in a café with his lover. His parents were not pleased and he was kicked out of his house and estranged from the family. Suddenly he had gone from the golden child, smart, athletic and handsome to a pariah in the space of a few hours.
He never saw his lover or his family again.
He had never met his two nephews.
After that, he withdrew in to himself, questioning his sexuality and his trust in others. For many months he wished he could see his lover again, but he never did, and suspected his parents had done the same his had to him. Eventually, he simply needed closure and after two years of a history degree at a university in Berlin, he left to New York for a new start.
As part of his new start, he changed degree, as history didn’t interest him anymore (it had always been his lover who enjoyed it anyway). It was in front of the mirror that he decided, staring at the scar on his torso from his operation after a shower. Still, he is unsure as to why he chose surgery, but he doesn’t regret it.
He has worked in two hospitals in his time, but suddenly was given an offer to work at Axis memorial hospital in California, for a great deal more money than he was getting at the moment. So, after a great deal of thought, he decided to move out. Only then to find out the head of the hospital was a man he had an affair with a year or so ago. Still, he needed the money for his hospital bills at the very least and moved out to California.

Other Important Info: No, unless you want me to move the think about PKD down here…

Roleplay Sample: 

Aldrick pulled at his suitcase. The rest of his belongings would be arriving soon by shipping, but he was sure he could survive without them for a while. It was shocking actually, to realise how little he actually owned. Some books, a few trinkets and some furniture. Never had it actually struck him that he had no photos before, although, it made sense.
This town was small, much smaller than New York, but then, most cities were. He wondered if he would get bored, unable to do whatever he wanted whenever. One was spoiled for choice in New York.
Well, one good point was the apartment was a lot bigger than he had expected, bigger than his previous apartment, at least, and the neighbourhood wasn’t as bad as it had around his old apartment. Everything seemed nicer here, though the sun would take a little getting used to. He was German and then moved to New York, he wasn’t used to a climate that’s hot all year round.
He got out his phone to find a text message from the hospital asking him to call them when he got in. Well, he would do that later, he was so tired now, damn jet lag, it was still light. So, he got in to his apartment, dumped his luggage and fell asleep on someone else’s bed. He hated furnished apartments.


Name: Just call me Gerry or Aldrich or something, I’ll know what you’re talking about.
Timezone: GMT
You read the rules, right?: Blue.
Anything else?: Not really… Just that if this doesn’t work properly I’m really sorry and I’ll send it again when the site starts actually working on my computer. (I'm on my mobile right now)
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PostSubject: Re: Germania application   Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:48 pm

I am really excited to have a Germania! You are accepted. I like the amount of detail that you put into his background, I really enjoyed reading it! I also totally love the idea of him being a surgeon! And he has the name of my junior high school so it makes me giggle. Please make an account with the name Aldrich Beilschmidt, and feel free to start posting.
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Germania application
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