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 Raivis Galante

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PostSubject: Raivis Galante   Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:37 am


Full Name: Raivis Galante
Age: 14
Birthday: November 18
Gender: Male
Hometown: Riga, Latvia

Appearance: Raivis is a tiny little guy, standing at only about four and a half feet. Not only is he small, but he is also extremely thin a frail because of his illness. He had been thin before he got sick, and the uncontrollable weight loss made him simply skeletal. He has violet, slightly sunken eyes that are framed by his messy blond hair. It’s not too long, but he obviously is in need of a hair cut.

All over his thin body are mostly random bruises that he has gained from the simplest of things, like the bruises on his ankles gained from standing too long, or a large bruise on his wrist that he got from accidentally banging his hand on a wall.

One of his favorite items, though, is this hat he wears all the time. It's a brown knit hat with a cougar face on the front with flaps covering his ears and little pom poms at the ends of cords that hang from the flaps. Not only is it adorable, but it also helps hide the fact that his hair is falling out because of the treatment he is recieving for his leukemia.
Personality: One of the first things a person would notice upon meeting Raivis, other than his frail appearance, is his severe stutter. He doesn’t know why he stutters, or when it started, it just simply happens. Because of this, and the fact that he is a naturally meek person, he has been the victim or severe bullying in his life. Thanks to this bullying, he has developed a fear of people in general.

Ever since he was small, Raivis has been easily frightened. A large book being dropped with a loud bang? He’ll jump and scream, often covering his head and retreating to the fetal position. It is just insanely easy to startle him. Of course, his tendancy to space out doesn’t help either.

Did I mention that he has this horrible problem with saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible time? Despite his docile nature, he can be incredibly blunt. His intention is never to hurt feelings to offend people, but things just tend to slip out sometimes.

Diagnosis: Leukemia
Symptoms: Fever, vomiting blood, excessive bruising and bleeding, lack of appetite, and sudden weight loss.
Incident: Raivis had been feeling sick for a while, thought it was just a simple flu. When he found that he was vomiting blood, he informed his worried parents. With that, they took him to the hospital where he was admitted.
Other Notes: He tends to be weary of strangers and seems to be constantly shaking. It’s unknown if that is because of the leukemia, nerves, or simply fear.

History: Born in one of the poorer districts of Riga, Raivis can’t say that he had many luxuries growing up. When he was four, his father died in a horrible accident that his job in the paper factory. In spite of all this, his mother did her best to stay strong for her son and took up a job as a maid to support their small family. Because she didn’t want to leave such a young child on his own, she often brought Raivis with her to work. The daughter of her employers, Alise, would always be remembered as the first of a long line of bullies. One of her favorite pass times was making then little boy cry, actually.

At the age of twelve, his mother had saved up enough money to move herself and her son to America. She had heard such wonderful things about it, and hoped that in America she would be able to provide her son with a better education. Unfortunately, even in a new home, the bullies didn’t stop. After all, he was a short kid with a weird accent and a horrible stutter.

Other Important Info: His mother doesn’t visit much, so he gets lonely. A friend would make him very happy.

Roleplay Sample: Raivis smiled to himself, a rarity for the young teen. His mother had just come home with a new book she had bought for him to read. It was a collection of poems with themes ranging from the beauty of love to how sad it can be when a loved one leaves. He did notice, though, that every poem had something to do with love. It’s not that he minded, though. He absolutely loved reading about love.
“Th-thank you Māte!” he said, beaming at her. She simply smiled exhaustedly, too tired to do anything but go to bed. After he was alone once more, he crawled in to his own bed, burying himself with the covers and bringing out a reading light he had received as a birthday present a year ago.

He was thankful that the next day was a weekend. He ended up staying up the entire night, murmuring poems to himself in the darkness.


Name: Tina
Timezone: GMT -8
MSN: silverkit3@hotmail.com
Skype: the.oxymoron.
You read the rules, right?: I like purple. And blue. And neon green. Silver is pretty as well, much prettier than gold. And now I am rambling.
Anything else?: My dad is a nurse, so the info should be accurate. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be, though.

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PostSubject: Re: Raivis Galante   Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:19 am

Aww, you sound like a cute Latvia. You are accepted. Poor kid. Please introduce yourself in the introduction forum, and feel free to start posting around! Join us in the chatbox too!
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Raivis Galante
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