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 Feliks Łukasiewicz

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PostSubject: Feliks Łukasiewicz    Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:22 am


Full Name: Feliks Łukasiewicz
Age: Nineteen
Birthday: July 22
Gender: Male
Hometown: Czestochowa, Poland

Appearance: Enter Feliks, an effeminate male with what seems to be an impossibly sleek appearance, one more suited for a woman. Slightly shorter than your average male with blonde hair just brushing his shoulders, it's not rare for one to mistake Feliks for a teenage girl at first. It doesn't exactly help that he insists on wearing ridiculous amounts of hair accessories and painting his nails.

On typical days he can be seen strolling about the hospital halls with his hair(or rather, what's left of it) pinned back in the latest style, usually complaining to a nurse about her split ends or the hospital's food(sometimes both).

Cocky and somewhat selfish, Feliks is the type of person that one he finds something he likes, he'll never let it go. This goes for his many addictions, people and items(he's been known to hoard random objects such as hairclips). He's unbelievably impulsive and the most people find him to be troublesome, too troublesome for them to put up with. Actually, new staff members are sometimes warned about him but usually won't understand until they know him better, as he's very shy toward strangers.

Sometimes, it seems like Feliks forgets that he's in a hospital and it's not unusual for him to try and get his way with random staff members, whether it means trying to get rid of food, get some pain killers or even trying to get them into his bed. He comes off as someone with very little shame, though he's the opposite, if anything.

Overall, Feliks is a strong and determined person, he's just in favour of all the wrong things.

Diagnosis: Anorexia Nervosa, a handful of addictions and a liver that's close to failing.
» Thinning hair
» Low blood pressure
» Slow heartbeat
» Always cold
» Yellowing skin
» Weak muscles
Incident: Dropped off at the hospital by the woman he'd been staying with.
Other Notes: He shies away from crowds.

Feliks was raised in a relatively normal family. His father worked, his mom stayed at home to watch him, dinner was served at six and bedtime was at ten. There was no problems in the family and things were close to perfect, excluding the occasional argument. Then Feliks' dad got a job in America.

When Feliks was thirteen, his family packed up and moved to the United States. The change was stressful for the entire family, and his parents started fighting more and more often. Feliks didn't really mind though. He could just lock himself in his room and listen to music, surf the internet, whatever. He didn't have to put up with them, until his mom moved out and his dad started taking it out on Feliks.

A physically and mentally abused Feliks ran away from home when he was seventeen, heading for somewhere. Anywhere. The teen hitched rides, worked some shady jobs and eventually found himself in California. Once he was in California, he got involved with all the wrong people.

About two years later he was taken in by a middle-aged woman whom owned a bookshop. Feliks wasn't at 'home' a lot but she didn't question him(though she had ideas about where he was and what he was doing). He was pretty happy living there, as he had the freedom to do what he wanted while still having a roof over his head. Feliks trusted the woman a lot and eventually gave her an insight to his world, a world of addictions, drinking and the like.

Feliks was dropped off at the hospital shortly after.

Other Important Info: He has a couple trust issues.

Roleplay Sample:

It was an amazing feeling, really. That feeling of waking up completely empty and having been so for several days was just amazing to Feliks. It was a feeling that he would never get sick of. Stumbling over to his window, the Pole pushed the curtains open with one pale hand, using the other to rub the sleep from his eyes. A grin spread across his face and he let out a small laugh, a look of joy in his eyes. He'd gone without food for three days. Damn, he was strong.

He stepped away from the curtains and closed them, the sun starting to hurt his eyes. Besides, who knew if you could get sunburned by standing in front of an open window? He didn't and he certainly didn't want to find out either. That'd just flat out suck. Seriously.

Feliks flopped onto his bed and let out out a sigh, running his hands over his hipbones. Mmm, he'd lost a bit of weight. He'd have to weigh himself sometime later, when he wasn't feeling so tired. It was a price he paid for beauty. The blonde sat up and pulled his blankets around him, staring at the TV in his room. He'd fallen asleep watching reruns of Lost, hadn't he? He chuckled and stared at the TV before grabbing the remote, flipping through channels. He settled for a soap opera with a pretty blonde woman, whom was yelling at a guy who was probably her boyfriend. Feliks laughed. The blonde was fat.

"Feliks?" A voice called from downstairs. Feliks jumped and pulled his blankets tighter around himself. He wasn't used to living with someone else. He'd been on his own for too long, far too long. Not that he didn't like being alone. Crowds were annoying, scary even. "Feliks?" The woman calls again. Lauren, that's her name. Feliks couldn't remember it for the longest time.

He hears footsteps in the hallway and soon his door is opened, brown eyes staring at him. Lauren's wearing a baggy green shirt with white pants, an outfit that doesn't allow Feliks to judge her figure. She raises an arm and runs it up the door, until she's holding onto the top. Her wrists are pretty chunky, the Pole notes.

"Are you going anywhere today?" she asks. He gives a nod and picks the remote up, switching the TV set off. He doesn't have anything planned but it's routine for him not to stay too long. Each morning she asks this question and he simply nods, then dresses and goes off to do whatever. It'd be weird for him to stay, even without having anything in mind for the day.

She gives a small nod back, and he nods again, then she nods again and this continues for another two minutes or so. "I see," she finally says, nodding. He nods. She nods back. This is the way they communicate most of the time. Feliks hops off his bed, the blankets uncoiling from around his thin form. He pulls his shirt up and she turns away, closing the door and walking down the hall.

"Bitch," he mutters to himself. He's not sure why. The insult just makes him feel better, feel a little bit lighter, makes some of the stress go away. He laughs quietly to himself and pulls on a new outfit, one he bought the day before with some drug money. The dress is a little bit on him, he notes as he slips on a pair of white heels. It's a hobby, he reminds himself. Just a hobby.

Soon he's out the door, Lauren giving him a quiet 'goodbye' paired with a wave and a solemn look. Feliks grins to himself, not caring who gives him a strange look as he skips down the street, much like a child would.


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PostSubject: Re: Feliks Łukasiewicz    Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:14 am

I like your description of his personality. Cute ponies at the bottom haha. You are accepted! Feel free to start posting and maybe even join us in the chatbox. I look forward to seeing Feliks around here!
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Feliks Łukasiewicz
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