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 Tino Vainamoinen - FINISHED

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PostSubject: Tino Vainamoinen - FINISHED   Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:32 pm


Full Name: Tino Vainamoinen
Age: 25
Birthday: December 6
Gender: Male
Hometown: Helsinki, Finland

Appearance: Tino has soft, short blond hair. He parts it to fall mostly on the right side of his face. He has bright purple eyes that shine with optomism and innocence. He stands at just above five feet, six inches and weighs in at only 135 pounds. He is very thin, with an almost feminine frame. His face is painted semi-permanently with a sweet smile. He has pale, smooth skin. He has small, slender hands, unblemished from lack of manual labor.

Personality: Tino is one of the sweetest young men you will ever meet. He loves to help people out, and generally thinks of others before himself. He does community service every week at his local soup kitchen. He hates to see other people in pain or upset, and he will go out of his way to make them feel better or to try fixing their problems. He is honest and just; he does the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Tino, as a general rule, is a very mature, calm young man. Of course, he has a very good sense of humor, but he knows that most situations that would take place in a hospital require a figure who provides an educated view on things. He rarely becomes too nervous to keep a placid demeanor. Despite this, he is very easily frightened. He avoids horror movies like the plague, and is intimidated by tall, imposing people. He is very respectful of his elders and his bosses.

Tino does not need much to be happy. He has always lived in small quarters, with few possessions. Being surrounded by lavish things and intricate valuables does not make him jealous; it is more a feeling of discomfort stemming from his humble personality. To Tino, feelings are the most valuable thing to a person, not material goods.

A true optimist, Tino always looks on the bright side of life. His cheerful, gentle attitude is welcome in the environment of a hospital. He loves to tell jokes; the sight of a smile on another person's face is almost all he could ask for in life. In Tino's mind, there is always a prospect of situations becoming better for all parties.

Quite talkative, Tino hates long silences. He tries to "cure" extensive periods of quiet with little cliché snippets of information; sometimes a joke. He feels that awkwardness, if you do not allow it to exist, cannot make things strange.

Position: Nurse
Experience: Tino has been working here for a while, still one year away from completing his residency.
Expertise: Tino is brilliant with children. His main area of study in medical school was orthopedic surgery, with a minor in psychiatry.
Other Notes: Tino speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.

History: Tino grew up in Helsinki, a child of a working-class family. He had no siblings, but his parents both loved him very much and did all they could for him. His father owned a small store in the very midst of the chaos that is Finland's biggest city. The store sold clocks. Handcrafted, each-one-its-own, utterly beautiful clocks. Tino learned from an early age how to carve the masterpieces and to build the inside mechanics of a clockface. After his homework was finished, Tino and his father would sit in the workshop and carve beautiful clocks.

When Tino was 18, he was accepted into the University of Cambridge with a half scholarship due to financial setbacks. There, he studied Clinical Medicine, coming out with brilliant grades and continuing to the post-graduate School of Medicine at Cambridge University. During Tino's first year in medical school, his mother passed away. He briefly went home to Helsinki for the funeral, but had to return to school as soon as he could in order to retain his scholarship.

After that, he moved to America with money he inherited from his mother's estate. There, he applied for a residency as a nurse at Axis Memorial Hospital. He still sends letters to his father weekly; he misses him very much.

Other Important Info: Tino loves animals, but he has no room in his apartment for one. He loves to volunteer at animal shelters.

Roleplay Sample: Tino stood outside the hospital, gripping the small messenger bag that held his lunch and his scrubs. He grinned at some of his coworkers as he locked his bicycle to the rack. Standing up straight, he hummed a little tune to himself. He walked into the hospital lobby with a skip in his step, as usual.

Entering the locker room, the thin Finnish boy slipped his sweatshirt over his head and pulled out his light blue scrubs shirt. He tugged the thin fabric over his lightweight white T-shirt. Hastily folding the sweatshirt, he set it in his locker and took off his jeans slowly. Folding them also, he carefully placed them atop his sweatshirt. Stepping into his scrubs pants, he tied the string so the fabric settled snugly on his hips. Pushing his messenger bag into the locker, he shut the small metal door.

The cleanliness of the hospital always made Tino feel wonderful. It was great to be in a pristine environment. The hospital was always pure white. White floors, white walls, white everything. And it was really pretty. Tino's apartment was in a really grungy building, with a nasty staircase that obviously had. He had asked his landlord if he could paint, but the old man had snapped a negative and demanded twenty dollars extra for rent that month for the "obnoxious question."

Locating his new patient's room, he took the clipboard off the wall and gave the sickly teenage girl a bright smile. "Good morning," he greeted with a cheerful tone. "My name is Tino! I'm your nurse from now on, okay?" He sat beside the bed, still smiling. "So, your name is Rachael? Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? How old are you? What do you like to do? I'm 25, and I love to read and throw big holiday parties!"

The young girl had dark blonde hair that fell in soft curls to her shoulders. Her skin was tanned, and her bright green eyes were dulled--not in despair, but as an effect of what Tino went out on a limb to identify as morphine sulfate. He tilted his head, smiling a bit more softly. "I see you're here for injuries sustained by an automobile accident. You should be okay within the next few weeks, but until then, let's be friends, okay?"


Name: Christie
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MSN/AIM;etc: PM me for it! I love to AIM RP. And I do MSN as well.
You read the rules, right?: MY FAVORITE COLOR. IS. BLUE.
Anything else?: I love music. If anyone has music suggestions, I listen to anything except metal. And even then, I'll make exceptions for symphonic metal. So. GIMME MUSIC SUGGESTIONS. KTHXBAI. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Tino Vainamoinen - FINISHED   Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:54 am

You are accepted! I think you will make a cute Tino, and I like what you wrote about him. Yay for more male nurses. I am glad that you decided to join us here, I hope you have fun! Please change your account name to Tino Vainamoinen, and feel free to start posting and coming in the chatbox.
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Tino Vainamoinen - FINISHED
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