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 Braelyn Leveque (Monaco)

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PostSubject: Braelyn Leveque (Monaco)   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:12 pm



Full Name: Braelyn Leveque
Age: 22
Birthday: January 8, 1989
Gender: Female
Hometown: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Country: Monaco

Eye color: Light blue
Hair color: Blond
Hair length: Mid-back
Glasses?: Yes

Braelyn has light blue eyes with soft lavender rimming her pupils and have an inquisitive, yet thoughtful look about them. She is rather tall for a female, reaching 5’8 in height, and is slim and lithe in figure with the natural curves from her bosom and hips. Her hair is blond that is mid-back in length, soft and silky to touch, and always smells of lavender. Part of her hair is tied into a long side braid with a large bow, while her bangs are held back on the right side by pins. Her wardrobe is subtly elegant to reflect her intelligence and grace in a proud manner. When she walks, her footfalls are light and silent, the result of years as a ballet dancer. Due to her inherited farsightedness from her late mother, Braelyn wears glasses that further emphasizes her appearance as a nurse and makes her look older then she actually is.

Personality: Serious with certain matters, such as her ballet, profession, and the ordeals about her family, Braelyn is a reasonably playful and kind person. She loves to smile and laugh; although she can’t tell a joke to save her life and, sometimes, she gets the random urge to dance (sometimes even succumbing to it). She’s not the best person to deal with awkward situations, usually refraining to her quiet, shy behaviour that was her norm when she was a child in order to deal with those situations. Unable to hold a grudge of any sort, Braelyn will tend to forgive and forget then to resort to unnecessary spite. When angered though, she has the habit of cursing in French under her breath and storming off until she has calmed down and when she becomes nervous, she has the habit of playing with the end of her braid. Basically, Braelyn tries very hard to not get too upset in fear that she might trigger an asthma attack.

She hopes that her time at Axis Memorial will make her a better person and make her father proud. Braelyn tends to get lonely sometimes, a feeling that has been with her for a very long time. For a stress relief when work gets too difficult, she enjoys spending time playing poker and drinking the occasional alcoholic beverage-- Braelyn is exceptional at card games and loves a challenging opponent.

Braelyn has just recently begun to show who she really is, at least since she had entered university. Her years of abandonment by her mother, the loss of her father, has been effected Braelyn to the point that she sometimes she just feels rather awkward with some situations, especially romance. Because she has had little to no experience with the opposite sex, Braelyn usually doesn’t realize when she is being flirted with or she won’t recognize the advances of another upon her. Meaning so, if an unknowing male tries irrational advantages upon her, Braelyn either freezes or freaks with a torrent of rapid, panicked French and a well-aimed slap across the guy’s face.

In accordance to her love for her Monaco, Braelyn has a personal affiliation with the beach, the ocean, and especially the sun; she loves the smell of salt water on the breeze. On her days off, you could probably find her either down at the beach, sunbathing, and thinking about her past and her future, or alone in her expensive condo overlooking the ocean, practicing her dance forms. Besides ballet, she is fond of classical music, history, and philosophy.

Position: General Nurse
Experience: First year at Axis Memorial Hospital for residential training. Wants to be a cardiologist one day.
Expertise: Nursing
Other Notes: Very informed and tends to enjoy working with younger people.

History: Born into one of the wealthiest families in Monaco, her father, Harvey Leveque, had been a successful cardiologist, and her mother, Annette Arceneau-Leveque, had been the heiress to her family’s fortune. Although his job was demanding, her father had always found time for Braelyn while her mother had always been a cold person but it wasn’t until after her father died from a head on vehicular accident, when Braelyn was five, that Annette truly showed how much she didn’t love her daughter.

From the time she was six to when she graduated at seventeen, Braelyn spent the rest of her childhood and adolescent days in exclusive private schools, groomed and restrained by strict rules and lessons. Braelyn thought herself as an outsider and was very quiet and looked at the spoiled rich girls with disgrace. The only past time she truly found enjoyable throughout the lonely years, was ballet. Gifted with natural talent, Braelyn is very fond of the dance, it is her personal passion, and she continues to dance even to this day.

Once she graduated, Braelyn cut off all contact to her controlling mother and moved to the United States. It wasn’t until she heard of her mother’s death shortly before her eighteenth birthday that she returned to Monaco. In an odd turn of fate however, not only did she gain her father’s life insurance but she also became the heiress to the Arceneau family’s fortune. Money was never of no concern to her, even before she became heiress, so Braelyn left Monaco to return to the States and hasn’t seen her beloved country since. However, although her life has moved away from Monaco, Braelyn still retains some minimal contact with her maternal family, to her great displeasure.

Through her family’s eyes, Braelyn’s profession with medicine is a rebellious phase. They have made it clear to her that they believe that soon she will smarten up, return to Europe, and take up the helm of the family’s wealth and marry some rich adonis. This includes, of course, constantly reminding her that some eligible suitor awaited her return to begin his courtship. All of this revolves around money and expansion, her family doesn’t actually care about her and what she wants, and they truly care about is to ensure that Braelyn produces an heir from a respectable male with a respectable amount of financial support. Basically, Braelyn feels like nothing more than a racehorse that her family wants to take to stud. This fact disgusts and hurts her deeply. She considers her fortune a very private matter that she mentions to near no one.

Upon returning to America, she soon got accepted into Harvard medical school to achieve her nursing degree. Within university, she ventured into unknown territory, dating. A few guys asked her out, she went out on a couple dates with a couple of them, but the longest relationship she was able to keep lasted about three months. She soon found out that what the man had wanted was too much that she was willing to give, not in such a young relationship that is.When she received her acceptance at Axis Memorial, she chose the hospital over others because of two reasons: One, it was on the Californian coast and near the ocean and two, the facility really impressed her. With her position as a nurse, her plan is to gain a few years experience before she follows in her father’s footsteps in becoming a cardiologist.

Other Important Info: Braelyn has chronic asthma, which flares sporadically and a truth that she would rather be kept private. Intense emotions, dust, and chemical fumes often agitate and trigger asthma attacks. Also, she has arachnophobia.

Roleplay Sample: To be free, more many people, means to be liberated from tyranny or to have shed the shackles of restraint of regulations: for Braelyn Leveque, it was the later. The sun glimmered through her bedroom, warming her face, as she buttoned up her silken white blouse. The sunlight coaxed the ghost of a smile upon her lips at the thought that after a lifetime of tamed obedience that came with a wealthy upbringing, Braelyn was finally about to set out on her own and sculpt her own life by her own hands.

The prick of guilt erased the smile from her as a wave of saddened loss swept through her body to the reality as to how she achieved this yearned for sovereignty. Braelyn slowly turned her gaze to look upon a black and white photo in a frame of her beloved father and a child version of herself. Two months from tomorrow it would be the anniversary of her father’s passing. Braelyn fought the onset of makeup smudging tears and stead fasted her emotions with the reality that she was making her father proud. Ready, Braelyn grabbed her purse with her keys to head down to her car to arrive at her first day of work early as a nurse at Axis Memorial Hospital.


Name: Bethany or Beth
Timezone: Central (CTU–6)
MSN/AIM;etc: N/A
You read the rules, right?: Yes
Anything else?:

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PostSubject: Re: Braelyn Leveque (Monaco)   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:19 pm

You are accepted. I am glad to have a Monaco here, and I think you portrayed her well! Just please refrain from making the hospital in debt from gambling with the patients and staff hahaa. Also, Braelyn is a very pretty name. Please make an account with the name Braelyn Leveque (though I think you have one if I remember right). Please introduce yourself and free free to start posting. Maybe even play in the chatbox!
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Braelyn Leveque (Monaco)
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