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 Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary

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PostSubject: Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary   Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:28 am


Full Name: Elizabeta Héderváry
Age: 25
Birthday: June 8th
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tokaj, Hungary


Elizabeta is a beautiful young woman with curves in all the right places. This young woman is fit, not too skinny nor too fat. She has a pale complexion which sometimes turns the lightest shade of tan during the warm summer months. Her forest green eyes can shine with compassion or burn with a fiery passion. She has honey brown hair that falls to her mid-back, each stand bouncing a bit with a natural wave. In order to brighten up her appearance, the young woman wears an assortment of flower barrettes in her hair, their colors changing from orange to pink to yellow depending on her mood that day. She loves hats as well; when she’s outside of work she’ll wear a variety of hats depending on the weather. The young woman isn’t particularly tall, she stands at a mere five feet, three inches. What she doesn’t have in height she makes up with her personality.


Elizabeta has the spirit of a tomboy. For a majority of her life, she was running around, trying to act like her friends. She’s not afraid to get dirty or play rough. She was able to hold her own in a fight, and still can. A part of her tomboyish attitude seems to have carried over into adulthood. She still has that thirst for adventure, the craving to go out and be one of the guys. Because of this, she tends to surround herself with those of the opposite gender and try to fit in…to get them to think of her as something other than a ditzy girl who just wants to get into their pants.

On the other hand, this young woman has realized she will never completely be considered a man. After this horrible realization, she decided to try to get in touch with her feminine side; something she’s been trying to do for a few years now. She gets along well with other girls and strives to be like them, sometimes using her friends for examples for how she should act. These times are few, but needed, especially when she is forced into formal situations and has to fall into the role of the perfect girl.

Despite wanting to fall into one of these categories, Elizabeta decided it was better to try to go her own way. She’s realized she’s never go to fit in with the guys or fall into line with the girls. In order to make up for it, she’s become an independent woman, trying to mix elements of both genders into her life. She is desperately trying to be her own person, held back by nothing.

Generally, Elizabeta is a calm and cheerful young woman. She will always try to have a smile on her face, trying to make people’s days a bit brighter. She has a big heart of gold and is a good person to go to if someone needs to talk. Her door is always open and her shoulder is always here for someone to cry on. She’ll act like a big sister or a worried mother, often going out of her way to give any child in her path a sweet treat to brighten their day.

Get on her bad side and she’ll be quick to let you know, especially if she happens to have a frying pan on hand. Her anger is something of myths and those who anger her generally don’t walk away unscratched. She has a big set of lungs and a mean right hook. And then, after she lets her anger out, this Hungarian will act like nothing happened.

Position: Radiologist
Experience: One year.
Expertise: She doesn’t have a specific area of expertise, but absolutely adores giving Ultrasounds.
Other Notes:Nope~


Elizabeta grew up in the city of Tokaj, Hungary with her father and mother. She spent many days running around the parks and play grounds, rough housing with the guys. There were nights when she would come home hair ruffled up and hum all over her clothes. It was times like these where her father would laugh and her mother would chide her, telling her that young girls shouldn’t be getting that dirty. The Hungarian refused to listen to her mother, often running to her father for help because there was no way girls could do anything and guys like them had to stick together.

During her days out in the sun, Elizabeta would get into all sorts of fights, some of them resulting in broken bones. This was something that intrigued her, and soon the young girl was asking all sorts of questions, wanting to know how a bone could break and how something like that could heal. The worst times was when she would break her own bones; while in the hospital she would sit and stare at her X-rays and when left on her own, she’d poke the wounded area, trying to feel what was beneath the skin.

Years slowly passed and Elizabeta began to grow up. Puberty came and with it, a whole bunch of emotions she never knew she had. As her breasts started to grow, she went to her mother, demanding to know what was wrong with her, wondering if she had some sort of disease. It wasn’t until she got her first period that reality sank in; she was never a boy and could never be one. The moment she finally realized this, she had her first and only mental breakdown in front of her mother, the news too much for her to bear.

By the time she was finishing high school, Elizabeta was finally beginning to get used to being a woman. Her mother had given her some barrettes to keep in her hair, the ones she still holds near and dear to her heart today. She slowly began to slip some skirts into her wardrobe, wearing them on only the rarest occasions. When the prom finally rolled around, the Hungarian dressed up in her finest, looking like the stunning young woman she was. The only problem- she couldn’t find a date. None of the boys wanted a girl they didn’t date around them and the girls were too busy spending time with their boyfriends to notice.

After graduating from high school, the Hungarian took her studies over to the United States. Her fascination with broken bones had grown over time, eventually leading her into the field of radiology. College passed quickly, as did her time at medical school and her training. Elizabeta landed at Axis Memorial Hospital one year ago and loves her job and some of the people she works with.

Other Important Info:

~ Elizabeta carries a camera with her. She’s the type of girl to collect things and photography is one of her hobbies. Photo albums take up a large portion of her book shelf. Each one documents a certain time of her life, her precious memories for those who wish to see them.

~ This Hungarian is also fond of homosexual guys making out in front of her. When she sees two guys together, her mind goes into over drive. She can’t help but stare, often getting embarrassed if she gets caught watching.

~ She is also a helpless romantic, who despite her outward appearance, wants a nice young man or woman to sweep her off her feet. She’s had many a night sitting in her bed reading romance novels, placing herself into the heroine’s role.

Roleplay Sample:

Elizabeta smiled at the young girl in front of her. “Don’t worry so much, sweetie,” she said, her bright smile in place. “This isn’t going to hurt. I’m just going to take a picture of your arm so we can see how you broke it.” The Hungarian kneeled down in front of the crying girl and wiped away some tears.

“You want to get better, right?” She readjusted the girl’s vest, trying to make sure all her organs were covered. The last thing she wanted was to screw things up and make the scared patient sicker. “This will help us to come up with a way to heal you.” The Hungarian gave the girl a light hug before standing up and patting her head.

“Now stay still while I take these pictures. I promise, it’s not going to hurt.” She waited a moment for the girl to calm down before taking the pictures with a practiced ease. A moment later and she was done, walking around the machine to hand the girl some candy. “I told you it wasn’t going to hurt, didn’t I? Put your clothes back on and hand me the vest on your way out.”

A breathtaking smile was sent in the girl’s direction. “Don’t worry so much. We’ll have you good as new in no time.”


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You are accepted. Please make an account with the name Elizabeta Héderváry and start posting. I am sure you know how things work around here by now.
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Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary
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