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 Application for the spot of china

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PostSubject: Application for the spot of china   Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:25 pm


Full Name: Yao Wang
Age: 4000
Birthday: October 10
Gender: Male
Hometown: Beijing, China

Appearance: He has dark hair tied back into a ponytail, and is often shown wearing a deep green Chinese military uniform with a red armband .In other instances, he wears a green mandarin jacket with yellow pants, or a red one with white pants.
He has a scar on his back, a reminder of when Japan attacked him when they were younger, and a panda-shaped tattoo above his buttocks.

Personality: One of the apparent oldest nations, he happens to be an extremely superstitious and religious type.
He tries to act as an older brother to the other Asian nations, but fails to be treated as one. He is shown to be a lover of cuisine, and is said to nag if food has a certain pattern of tastes. He always puts his food as his first priority.
China appears to have a love of cute things, particularly cartoon characters and pandas, and he is frequently seen carrying one. He is also very artistic, as he is skilled at not only painting beautiful human beings full-scale, but also on something as small as a strand of hair ,his artistic abilities don't, however, apply across the board, as his anime drawings are quite poor compared to Japan's and Korea's.
Overall he appears to be a cheerful character, though he can occasionally slip into moments of melancholy when reflecting on how much the world has changed in all the years he's been around. He's also been shown to be easily annoyed and prone to snapping, particularly when it comes to Korea.

Position: Doctor
Experience: 7 years
Expertise: specialize as a Obstetrician- Deals with pregnancy and birth
Other Notes: Nope

History: Yao was born in china and served in the Chinese Army for six years as a medic ,taking care of solider. After his years the Military Yao decide to move California, where he finished his medical training, and later got a job at this hospital.
With the years Yao has gotten to meet many people and is very friendly to everyone if staff or patient, and is known as an all around friendly doctor. He had gotten to work as an Obstetrician after helping out in the Pediatrician section of the hospital.
And that’s Dr.Wang’s history.

Other Important Info: No

Role play Sample: Yao walled down the yellow halls of Obstetric area of the hospital, on his way to a C section. The patient was a young woman no older as twenty.
Dr.Wang: *walks in to the room to meet the patient* hello I’m Doctor Yao Wang, I will be doing the C section today, Are you doing good ?, aru
Female Patient: Hello Doctor, I’m fine, when will the C section begin?
Dr.Wang: It will start in a Half an hour, and in about five minutes they will get you ready, don’t worry you’re in good hands, I trust the Doctors and nurses that will be taking care of you, aru
Female Patient: Thank you doctor
During the C Section there where complications and the baby wasn’t breathing, and Yao had safe the infant last minute, by getting it to breathe again, the day after the C section, the women came to thank Yao.
Female Patient: *nocks on Yao’s office door*
Dr.Wang: *looks you from his paper work* come in, aru
Female Patient: *goes into office*
Dr.Wang: Miss you shouldn’t be out of bed, aru
Female Patient: I came here to thank you for safeing my baby*kisses his cheek*
Dr.Wang: *blushes* It’s my job to safe people, it’s no problem, aru
Female Patient: Thank you anyway doctor*leaves*

That was the best I could do, sorry if it’s not good.


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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Application for the spot of china   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:57 pm

I'm very sorry, but I can't accept this yet. You certainly know a lot about China as a character, but this is an AU, meaning it doesn't take place in the actual Hetalia storyline. You have to adapt him to fit into this modern day world, based on his character. I will give you another chance though! You can have one more week to redo this, meaning your application is now due the 26th.

These are the things you need to do to fix it:
★Adapt China into this universe, meaning fixing age, description, history, and such.
★Write in paragraph form. This is a literate roleplay, so the type of roleplaying done isn't in the format you submitted in your roleplay sample. If you need help, look at the accepted applications, or roleplays that are active at the moment. Also, the descriptions should be written this way too.
★Read the rules, I was looking for a specific answer to that last question there about them.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on here and I will be glad to help you. Thanks!
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Application for the spot of china
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