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PostSubject: Matthew//Williams    Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:28 am

H O S P I T A L | | A D V E N T U R E S




"I-I'm Matthew!"



n.a.m.e: Matthew Williams
n.i.c.k.n.a.m.e.s: Matt, Mattie, Madison (teasing), Hey you, Blondie
g.e.n.d.e.r: Male
a.g.e: 17 and a half
b.i.r.t.h.d.a.t.e: July 1st, 1993
h.o.m.e.t.o.w.n: Ottawa, Canada
o.r.e.i.n.t.a.t.i.o.n: Unconfirmed


Quiet and reserved, Matthew is a shy boy. Starting a conversation is difficult for him, as he usually waits for the other to offer salutations first. This is why he struggles with making friends. Matt is also soft-spoken, making him very hard to hear. This annoys people when they try to chat with him, resulting in the conversation ending and Matt being left in the dust. Even when he raises his voice for projection and assertiveness, he is never loud.

Mattie is also pretty sensitive. He takes a lot of comments to heart, even if they are sarcastic and are meant for jokes. He doesn't catch hidden sarcasm well, but is not at a level of total social incompetence. He has some social knowledge from observing people so much, but has difficulties in his own replies. In fact, he's often overlooked. Erm... quite overlooked. Matt is hardly noticed by schoolmates and finds himself at the back, seemingly invisible to them. Unless Matt does something utterly outrageous, no one seems to care.

This lead to a hidden part within the boy. Deep down, he wants acknowledgement and acceptance. He wishes to belong, be noticed and to have friends. He longs quite dearly for this, but has almost accepted the fact that it won't happen. This intense loneliness keeps the boy awake at night. The sadness was so great, that his parents ended up buying him a stuffed bear in an attempt to quell Matt's emotions. This seemed to work, and Matt still sleeps with the old toy. He's embarrassed over the fact that he can't sleep well without it and gets upset when people take it.

Last but not least, Matt is slightly passive aggressive. Most of the time he is trampled over like a doormat, but when the conditions are set, the blond can snap. He doesn't mean to, as the boy hates fighting, but he can get caught up in the moment and lash out. Often enough, Matt will apologize after an unexpected outburst.


e.y.e.//c.o.l.o.r: Ocean Blue, but in certain light they appear violet
h.a.i.r.//c.o.l.o.r: Blond
h.a.i.r.//l.e.n.g.t.h: Longer, shaggier hair that curls
s.k.i.n.//t.o.n.e: Pale
g.l.a.s.s.e.s?: Round
h.e.i.g.h.t: 5'6

Upon first sighting Matt, one can clearly note that he is thin and frail looking. Well, that is partially true. Matt's chronic anemia has lead to his weaker, almost sickly appearance. Coupling that with the fact that he was taking the wrong medication, it is simple to deduce that he is not healthy. He has a pale complexion that does not show any signs of a tan. This is not from a lack of exposure to the sun, but rather, his illness. Regardless, Matt is pretty fair and tends to turn more red than he does brown.

Blond hair couples Matt's fair skin, as the two traits go hand in hand. His hair is rather long for a male, as it flows past his ears in gentle curls. The boy can't be bothered to fix his wavy hair, nor does he care to cut it. It grows at an irregular rate, so cutting it short serves little use. In fact, when embarrassed, Matt can lean forward and allow his hair to fall in his face, providing a cover for those awkward situations. However, Matt has one elusive curl that always seems o disappear when he grabs a pair of scissors. He tired to pull it out once, but it brought tears to his eyes at the slightest yank. So, he leaves it to hang annoyingly in his face.

Due to his fair hair and skin, his brilliant blue eyes pop out as his most distinguishing feature. Deep ocean blue, these orbs are constantly watching to try and catch every detail. However, they're somewhat deficient, thus, Matt needs glasses. Round and circular, these glasses are a tad to large and tend to slide done slightly on Canada's nose, causing him to frequently push them back. This action is so repetitive that the blond doesn't even realize that he does it anymore.

As for clothing, Matt is often seen in simple hoodies, usually favoring the red color, and jeans. He doesn't usually sport a lot of dark colors, as he looks frighteningly pale against deep hues. Aside from red, he wears pale colors that don't make him stand out of a crowd. He is a master of blending, and has nailed exactly how to do it. In a crowd, Matt is as good as invisible. However, he does have a set of clothing for colder temperatures. A long jacket with a furry lining keeps him warm in winter.


Matt was born and raised with his family in Canada. Matt had a close sibling that was close in age to him (only a year younger) that looked strikingly similar to him. This was the start to poor Mattie's problems. His younger brother was a billion times more outgoing than he, and all around a more likable person. His brother was the class king, while Matt was overshadowed. In school, he was never referred to as 'Matt'. Instead, his name was 'So-and-so's brother', In fact, most of his class mates didn't even know his actual name, that was, when they realized that he wasn't his brother.

Matt hated this, but didn't know how to voice his opinion on the manner. He'd often bottle everything inside for weeks, then lash out at his brother, then begin to compile that hatred inside once more. His parents didn't know why Matt was like this, so they took him to a therapist. This improved Matt's moods, but not his situation. He was still constantly outdone by his younger brother at nearly everything, aside from school grades. In that area, Matt flourished.

Believing that his marks were the only things that could get him noticed, Matt poured effort into studying. This help relieve some tension, as he didn't spend all day and night wondering about friendships and relationship. This continued on for many years, until the family moved to California in 2003. Matt was ecstatic. He was given a new start. He could no longer be known as the not-so-popular brother, and could be recognized for who he was. Unfortunately, Matt was just buried by all the other students. He didn't need his brother to overshadow him here; it was just as bad with other students! To add fuel to the fire, this was the year that Matt began to experience difficulties with physical activity.

As the years progressed, so did Matt's anemia. It became chronic and he was soon prescribed iron pills. However, testing was not completed properly. The iron didn't hurt him, but it wasn't nearly as effective as it should have been. The boy put up with iron pills for three more years until the effects of the pills were diminished. Matt was taken in for recent testing, but never got his results back in time. He pushed himself in guy just before he collapsed and was taken to the nearest hospital. [And this is where the story begins]


  • v.e.r.d.i.c.t: Severe Anemia. Matt has a low red blood cell count, a rare type of anemia called Aplastic Anemia
  • s.y.m.p.t.o.m.s:
    • Fatigue
    • Weakness
    • Palpitations (feeling of the heart racing or beating irregularly)
    • Pale skin, cold to the touch
    • Fainting
    • Chest pain

  • i.n.c.i.d.e.n.t: Matthew was taking iron pills for his anemia, but he wasn't aware that his specific case wasn't treatable with this method. He collapsed in gym class with a heart rate of 218 bpm and was rushed to hospital.


'I really don't feel well....' Matt thought to himself as he stuffed his red sweater, denim blue jeans and sneakers into his cloth gym bag. He paused, placing his hand against the wall for support as he took a shaky breath in. The other boys continued to converse, taking no notice. The action that the blond made was a common occurrence. Today was just particularly a nasty one.

Matt held himself that way as the change room began to empty. The bell had rung and gym class was to start. Matt turned and slid onto the bench, a single hand over his chest as the other searched for his pill bottle. He had already taken his iron supplements today, but he was feeling so nauseous at the moment that he felt he needed two more. Matt wasn't addicted or anything, but with the odd shortness of breath and lack of energy, he thought it was better to be safe than sorry.

The blond stumbled into gym late, joining the class as they ran laps around the gymnasium. Focusing on just putting one foot in front of the other, Matt was able to keep up, but barely. True, he wasn't as fit as some of these kids, but surely he could keep up to them for a few warm-up laps. Setting his goals, Matt pushed himself to run just as well as the other boys.

He felt sick, but his mind was set. Staring ahead with azure eyes, the male treaded behind the leader with vigorous tenacity. He wasn't about to lose his spot in the placings.

But as the laps dragged on, Matt really began to feel the fatigue set in. He was tired before, but now his limbs felt as if bricks were attached to them. His breathing became rapid as his vision tunneled slightly. However, the Canadian had vowed to himself that he, despite his regular anemia, would keep up to the big boys. His heart pounded in his ears, almost drowning out the hip-hop crap that was always played during this class. As the gym teacher blew his whistle, Matt needed to find something to hang onto. Nevertheless, he grinned, ear to ear as he panted against the wall. Someone had to have seen him. He ran so well today~! Even the gym teacher had to be impressed.


Matt looked downcast as he realized this. And with the excitement gone, he could finally register the fact that he was quite dizzy. Leaning heavily against the wall, Matt swayed dangerously as his hand shot to his chest. It ached, but not the burning in the lungs that one would experience after a solid run. This was not natural. Something was very wrong. Matt's heart rate wasn't decelerating. He could still feel it racing as his breath did not come back. He wobbled once before his legs caved and he hit the floor.

He heard a voice, perhaps the gym teacher's, shout out as he collapsed. He hit the ground hard, bouncing slightly as he totally and utterly, fainted.


n.a.m.e: Kanna/Kasper (mixture of Kanna and Casper)
t.i.m.e.z.o.n.e: CST / GMT - 6
m.s.n: kahna_@hotmail.com
r.u.l.e.s.//r.e.a.d?: Maybe

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PostSubject: Re: Matthew//Williams    Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:44 am

You are accepted for sure! I really enjoyed reading your application, and quite frankly I absolutely adore it. Plus you put a little cute ghost icon on the bottom, and I collect cute ghosts so you get bonus points with me! Please change your account name to Matthew Williams and feel free to introduce yourself and start posting! Maybe even join us in the chatbox~! We are also celebrating the holidays on here now if you want to play there.
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