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 Beware of Sponges «Aimee»

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PostSubject: Beware of Sponges «Aimee»   Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:34 pm

Sometimes there are points in one's life when you have too much time on your hands. When you lack anything entertaining to do, and other things are so unappealing. You could go for a walk, but you're too tired. You could socialize, but there is no one around besides an over-worked nurse sneaking a nap when she should be supervising. You could read, but the book you currently are reading is dreadfully boring. Many things to do, but the will to really enjoy them is non-existent.

In short, Leonie was very, very bored.

Were she many years younger, she would have probably been amused by the childrens' puzzles stacked neatly on the table, despite the probability of numerous puzzle pieces being lost.
Had she thought ahead, she would have acquired her laptop through some means, which would be a wonderful thing to cure her internet withdrawals. Lili was more than sure her laptop was being used by someone else, or packed away in a closet to gather dust.

Should just go back to my room, she thought, getting to her feet. If she were to sit here all alone any longer, she might begin to look very strange, and maybe even unapproachable.

The patients' lounge was fairly large compared to a normal room for patients, but it wasn't anything outstanding. There were numerous places to sit, ranging from old couches to plain chairs. You would assume if anyone were to fall asleep in this room of all places, they would choose to sleep on one of the sofas. But as she crossed the room, Lili noticed something that changed that.
On near the opposite wall, a small lump of a figure lay at rest under one of the tables. At first glance, it could have passed as a shadow, but as she approached, she saw what she thought had been shadows was really dark hair that had been tied into bows. Unfortunately, the red bows had become loose, maybe from tossing and turning in her sleep.

Now surely, the right thing to do was to get a nurse, for there might be something wrong with the girl, especially considering she was on the floor.
But getting a nurse, now that didn't sound as interesting as maybe waking the girl herself.

Reaching out, she re-did the red bows in the sleeping girl's hair, thin fingers brushing across her forehead.
There, Lili thought to herself with slight pride, now her hair won't be in her face when she wakes up.

“Miss, may I ask why you're sleeping under a table?”

Okay, probably not the best way to wake someone up..

[ inside joke title is an inside joke title. ]
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PostSubject: Re: Beware of Sponges «Aimee»   Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:08 pm

Being home on warm, sandy beaches and stretched in the dips of the powdery white sand, towel strewn off somewhere else and just enjoying the hot day--winter, summer... no difference aside from a few pointless degrees, she could still rest and roll in along the beach until she made her way to the water edge and would laugh and just let herself shift into the water until she was drifting away, far out in the water that was almost as warm as the air around her....

Such lovely dreams that shook her from her dull reality on a fairly frequent basis--how she loved them, how she loved remembering her family and friends and having a good time, remembering to keep a smile on her face because even in hard times, she loved her life so much...

But she was roused by a gentle voice, and the soft touch of warm skin just faintly brushing against her forehead, and soon Aimee opened her eyes sleepily and stretched a thin arm out. "Wha..? Sleeping under a table...?" she laughed softly and blinked her eyes open a fraction wider to better take in her surroundings--oh, dear! She had fallen asleep beneath the table... hmmm, when did she fall asleep here? Oh! Right, when she was hiding from that big oaf that was so mean to her....

"Hello, I'm Aimee Prideaux! And you?" she asked, immediately deviating the conversation away from her table hidings she shifting out from beneath the wooden object.
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PostSubject: Re: Beware of Sponges «Aimee»   Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:17 pm

As the girl stretched away her dreams, Lili was surprised at how.. thin.. she was. The skin on her arm was taut, and if she didn't know any better, the blond would be afraid the skin was going to snap all together. She gave her a small smile, amused by the girl's laugh. It was a nice laugh, she noted to herself, scooting away from the table in order to make sure she could get out from under the table.

To be honest, Lili was quite surprised that this girl, Aimee, was able to wake up so quickly and be introducing herself already. “Uh, hoi, I'm Leonie Zwingli, nice to meet you.”
Wow, I didn't even mess up and start saying that in German, thought she, almost proud of herself.

“I never knew that under a table was a comfortable place to sleep, but I've never done so,” she giggled, then realized that wasn't funny enough to laugh at really, therefore she probably just made a fool out of herself. “Sorry, that wasn't funny, and sorry for waking you up,” Lili fidgeted, running her hands over the fabric of her old jeans. “T-To be frank, I was just bored, that's why I woke you up.”
The previous pride for being able to get through an English sentence was now gone, replaced with embarrassment.
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PostSubject: Re: Beware of Sponges «Aimee»   

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Beware of Sponges «Aimee»
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