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 Kiku Honda Application

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PostSubject: Kiku Honda Application   Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:12 pm


Full Name: Kiku Honda
Age: 22
Birthday: February 11th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Appearance: The only way to describe Kiku? Well… beautiful. He has a slender face and sleek black hair that one might think came out of a shampoo commercial, large brown eyes and skinny body; so much so, in fact, that at first glance, you could, and many have, mistaken him for a girl.

He has a habit of wearing kimonos, having grown up in a traditional Japanese household. He hates having to wear the white coat and scrubs that come with being a doctor, so he will always wear wooden geta to remind him of his homeland. He's short (He's Asian, it comes with the territory) and quiet, so he tends to be underestimated. However, the way he holds himself shows, to anyone paying reali attention, that there's quite some power to that tiny, skinny, body.

Personality: Intelligent, definitely, he finished medical school at eighteen, that's more than intelligent, it's genius. He's extremely polite, (yet again, the traditional Japanese family) and disciplined. He's mastered Kendo and Karate, but it's harder to keep it up outside Japan.

He loves to sketch, paticularily manga, which brings us perfectly to the next point; he is extremely otaku, so much so that whenever he goes back to Japan he brings two suitcases, one with his clothes and other essentials, then the second empty, for him to with douijins, manga and various other magna paraphernalia. He has so much, that soon his medical text books and manga are currently in a space war for the territory of his living room, the fallout of figurines and diagrams of brains spilling in to his bedroom.

Position: Junior resident
Experience: Only a year at residency but several degrees
Expertise: Neuroscience, but he likes working in the hospital A&E to get close to the patients
Other Notes: After completing his medical course at eighteen, he took a post graduate course in Genetic diseases at Harvard and a Neuroscience course at Caimbridge. He decided to study medicine after a bout of annorexia (which insidentally he occasionally still struggles with) and was consequently hospitalised. He woke up in the middle of the night and left the bed to walk around the hospital. He was intrigued and wanted to learn more instantly.

History: When Kiku was born, there were chrysanthemums in bloom in the garden. A symbol, his parents told him. He didn't have many memories of his father from his childhood. He was often away at work until late working at a Tokyo based computer company. By the age of five Kiku was already reading his father's computer programming book. He didn't necessarily understand all of it, but enough. He didn't talk until he was four, and he had trouble interacting with other children, leading his parents to think he was autistic.

At nursery, he would sit by himself, either drawing or reading. He never talked to the other children, and this same pattern continued on to secondary school, read and draw, read and draw. However, when he started secondary school it became evident that he had over average intelligence, and by the time he was twelve, he was doing work designed for seventeen year olds, was fluent in English and had been dubbed the young talent of the year by Shonen Jump magazine.

However, he never got the hang of talking to people, and as a consequence, still hadn't had his first kiss. He'd worked hard and didn't want to dostract himself from his studies.

Other Important Info: None

Roleplay Sample: Kiku, for a brief moment, paused to contemplate a thought that came to him. He was struck by the memory that as a child, he used to hate hospitals; the smell, the sounds, the blood and vomit. He remembered standing in a hospital holding his mother’s hand and walking to his father’s room, clutching a get well soon card in his hand. That was after his father had his first heart attack. Now Kiku seemed to be following in his footsteps, working thirty eight hour shifts.

Then the world came back in to focus as the heart monitor screeched in to his ears, “We’re losing him!” Someone cried and Kiku grabbed the two panels of the defibrillator.

“Charging!” He cried.

They lost him. “Time of death, 3:15 am.” He dropped the paddles and walked off.

He checked the time. It would be a fair time to call Japan, right? He took out his phone and walked to the staff room. He didn’t care about the roaming charge as he took out his phone, “Ah, konnichiwa, okaasan.” He smiled as he sat and took out a pen and jotter pad. Losing a patient was stressful, but he would be alright.


Name: Lauren
Timezone: GMT
MSN/AIM;etc: Liliffe.fangirl.prideshipper (skype) (If you add me, please say you’re from here and give me your character)
You read the rules, right?: Green!
Anything else?: Meow. :3
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Kiku Honda Application   Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:33 am

You are accepted! I like the mental image of his house, with the medical books and manga fighting for space. Kiku is certainly a smart guy, it seems! It'll be nice to have him around. Please make an account with the name Kiku Honda and start posting~! Maybe even play in the chatbox!
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Kiku Honda Application
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