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 Alfred F Jones application

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PostSubject: Alfred F Jones application    Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:19 am


Full Name:Alfred F Jones
Age: 16
Birthday: July 4th
Gender: Male~
Hometown: Washington DC, The US of A

Appearance: A young man with a height of five foot seven, he has strawberry blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He is always seen with a bomber jacket- probably due to his love for aviation. He also wears glasses, and has a weird cowlick sticking out of his head. NO matter how hard he tries, he always fails to make it bend down like all other parts of his hair, and as such he decided to make it his 'unique hero-style cowlick'.

Personality:Alfred is generally a fun-loving boy, very cheerful and energetic- and also very loud, and is always someone to enjoy company, not minding about his personal bubble being invaded. He is also very fond of animals, as he often interacts with them as a child. Quite a scaredy-cat, for he fears ghosts, though he would deny when asked. He also has an undying love for fast food.

He is rather bad at reading the atmosphere, although he actually can, he only prefers not to.He also believes strongly in the existence of aliens, though he doesn't believe in fairies and the like. Even if he is rather loud, his cheerful personality is what makes him the social butterfly. He has a very obvious hero complex- and yes, that means always trying to save someone who (he thinks) is in trouble, resulting in usually a mess and makes him a person who always sticks his nose in other people's business.

Despite the fact that his heroic personality can be rather disturbing at times, it is this same heroic obsession that makes him completely devoted to protecting the person he cares about deeply, believing that 'it is what heroes do', even braving out his fears (and due to his disease, endangering his life) if it means that he can save someone. His optimism often helps brighten up the hospital, and it is also this same aspect that makes him an optimist, dreaming about and believing in happy endings, for that is always how heroic stories end, and he hopes his life will go that way too, despite him having to live with his illness.

Diagnosis: Bruises, slight trauma and minor hemorrhage from hit-and-run, later found to be hemophilic
-When injury happens, blood loss can occur for days
-frequent and large bruises and haematomas from the slightest bruises
Incident: His illness went undetected for a long, long time. Well, until he got involved in a hit-and-run accident trying to push a dog out of the way, resulting in his arms punctured by the glass shards, and minor bruises. Minor, if you aren't a hemophilic, that is. On the operating table, when surgeons tried to staunch the bleeding, they soon discovered that something was wrong. The doctors suspected hemophilia, but they weren't sure until they checked his family medical records and found that his grandfather was hemophilic. As such, he was diagnosed with mild hemophilia.
Other Notes:At the moment, he is being treated for his wound from the hit-and-run, since the hit -and-run accident was what brought him to Axis Memorial in the first place, not his hemophilia, though the hemophilia made his stay longer than it should have.
History: Alfred F Jones was born in Washington DC, USA. An active child, which caused him to go home with large bruises everyday. His parents, however, were extremely busy people, and barely had contact with their son. He was placed in the care of another caretaker who happened to be British. His childhood was spent with the British caretaker, and loves him dearly. He often came home with bruises, though his caretaker suspected nothing, thinking it was normal for such an active child like Alfred. After all, there isn't much you can expect from a caretaker to know such things.

When he was 14, he had a fight with his caretaker. Apparently, Alfred is obsessed with freedom, and he thinks that his caretaker is restraining him too much, when in reality, he just cares too much for Alfred. They fought, and ended up in the caretaker leaving him for good. It was only a few days later did he realize his mistake, but well, it was useless crying over spilled milk, though secretly he hopes to meet him and apologize.

Anyway, Alfred was a star student in his school, and is in love with sports. He soon joined the basketball club, and the bruises he gets increases in amount. Again, he never paid attention- he never knew about those things anyway, and the devil-may-care attitude shrugged it off.

A week back, he was crossing the streets after buying some McDonalds, and saw a dog about to be hit by a car. The hero in him lunged forward without thinking twice- and he got hit by the car. Although no major bleeding happened, glass shards were stuck to his skin, and a big bruise formed on his abdomen. During the surgery to remove the shards on his arms, the doctors found that he bled profusely- too heavy for such a small wound. As such, they suspected hemophilia, and checked his family medical records, and asked a few questions about his life. It was only then did the bruises make sense, and he was diagnosed as a mild hemophilic.

Other Important Info: Nothing particular.

Roleplay Sample:Alfred walked down the halls, obviously dissapointed. On his right hand was a test paper (more like his test paper), clearly graded with an 'F'. Yes, Alfred had failed Math again, and he was on his way to the after-class tutoring.

"God, why do I need Math anyway? Isn't it cool enough that I can write 'hello' and 'boobies' inverted on my scientific calculator?" Alfred whined. "And on top of that, I need tutoring now! This sucks."

When he was walking across the field to his next class, he heard the meow of a cat. He turned his head, searching for where the noise came from.

Meow, meow... The meows were getting louder, and he realised that it came from a tree nearby. Alfred walked up to said tree, and looked upwards. Sure enough, a white cat with brown fur around its neck and strangely equal blue eyes (and a weird piece of hair sticking out from the top, much like his) was stuck at the top of the tree.

Alfred, being a boy with a soft spot for animals, felt a twinge of sympathy for the cat. Test paper forgotten, he wasted no time in climbing the tree, trying to get the kitten to get into his arms which was outstretched towards the feline.

"Come on, it's alright..." Alfred mumbled.

Having dealt with animals as a child, he knew just how to coax the kitten so it wouldn't be scared of him. And whatever he was doing, it was obviously working, for the cat jumped into his arms not long after.

Cat in tow, he made his way down the tree, but when he nearly reached the ground he missed a branch and fell rather unceremoniously on the ground. Thankfully, the cat was still safe.

"Be careful next time." He chided the cat lightly. Said cat rubbed its head on Alfred's palms. Alfred just sighed inwardly, he knew the kitten liked him.

"Sorry pal, no animals allowed in dorm- hey, I can take you with me! But be quiet, alright?" Alfred smiled, half-mischeviously. The kitten meowed happily, seemingly agreeing with Alfred.

"Speaking of dorm...oh shit, I have class!!"

Stuffing the kitten into his bag, making sure it has space to breathe, he hurriedly fast-walked (he couldn't run due to the cat) to class. Sure enough, he was twenty minutes late.

"Mr Jones? Care to explain your tardiness- and the debris in your hair and uniform?"

Oh shit, I forgot to clean up! Must be from the fall! Alfred cursed inwardly.

"Um, I was out during hero duties!" Well, that wasn't a lie. "And I tripped and fell into a pile of leaves, nahahaha!" Alfred smiled confidently, albeit the fact that he was slightly nervous due to the 'baggage' in his schoolbag.

The teacher merely clucked her tongue. "Whatever your hero duties are, clean yourself and sit down."

Alfred did as told, and pulled out his books. He then caught sight of the kitten he had put inside, and it was sleeping.

I just hope the little guy would stay asleep until class is over...


Name: You can simply address me as any derivative of Alfred's name OOC, I don't mind~
Timezone: GMT +7
MSN/AIM;etc:Mm, my MSN is miyo_chan21@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: Um...Blue! Sky-blue!
Anything else?: I've only RPed for half a year, I hope this is good enough!
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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F Jones application    Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:32 am

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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F Jones application    Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:40 pm

A "unique hero-style cowlick" hahaa. I have a piece of hair like that on my head that never grows and sticks up so I will call it that. I really like your application, especially your history! Poor Alfred. You are accepted! Please make an account with the name Alfred F. Jones and start posting or playing in the chatbox~
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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F Jones application    

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Alfred F Jones application
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